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California BBQ Association (CBBQA)
Q-Fest 2015
East Shore RV, Lake Puddingstone
San Dimas California

< Q-Fest, 2015 Work-Sheet >
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& the very 1st Q-Fest here in Southern California...
 < Q-Fest, 1998, Pictures >
LOL, yes I have pictures of Q-Fests from 2002, 2001, 2000, & 1999
but have put them together to post.  Yes, on my list of things to do !!!



TRITIP................ Jason Radcliffe



^--- JAMBALAYA ....... Paul & Tami Richardson
PORK TENDERLOIN ...... Bill Keyes

CHILI ................ Renea Teasdale & Steve
BEANS................. Steve & Merrialyce
MACARONI & CHEESE....  Mike Brady
Shaun & Theresa Guyot
GREEN SALAD .......... Josh & Lynda Heveron

GARLIC BREAD.......... Dan Cannon

COLESLAW.............. Steve & Pam Wilson


 ^--- COBBLER........ Dale & Tammy Ginos

COFFEE ............... Steff Franklin


CORN BEEF HASH........ Jack Lester


 _ PANCAKES........... Paul & Tami Richardson

CHILI VERDE ..........


SAUSAGE............... Steve & Pam Wilson

BAGELS, LOX, CHEESE... Chris Endicott
DONUTS................ Chris Endicott

FRESH STRAWBERRIES ... Dale & Tammy Ginos

FRESH FRUIT .......... Renea Teasdale & Steve Newhouse
FRUIT & YOGURT PARFAIT Josh & Lynda Heveron
COFFEE................ Paul & Tami

COFFEE ............... Steff Franklin

Hayward & Eva Harris Linda Burke & Joe Miles Joe Miles
Tim Wong and crew abill Freiburger, Bill Keys,
Melanie, Linda, & Donna
Pam, Steve, Tammy, & dale
Friday 6:00 pm CBBQA Member Potluck Dinner 
Tim and Diana McDonald contributing a truck load of wood !!!  Thanks Tim & Diana !!!
Breakfast is served !
Breakfast is served !
Thanks Michael Wheeler (aka Monkey) & Bryan Rice for
bringing and cooking the Whole Hog for Saturday Dinner

2:00 pm CBBQA Member Potluck Dinner
2:00 pm CBBQA Member Potluck Dinner
  Steph - Beef Rib Seminar
Dinner at the Campsite !!!
Donna & Larry in Front What a GREAT BOUNCY for the kids !!! Thanks KIM !!!
What a GREAT BOUNCY for the kids !!! Thanks KIM !!!

Donna Fong facilitated (above & below) and brought all the
GREAT Apron & Face Painting materials, and did, along with Lupe, the Face Painting  !!!




WHOLE HOG ............ 80lb, by Michael Wheeler & Bran from Twisted Brisket
BRATWURST ............ Steve & Pam Wilson 


CHICKEN WINGS ........ Renea Teasdale & Steve


               BEEF .. Bob & Maryann Bass

Creole Style Hot -

 _ Links.............. Shaun & Theresa Guyot

SALSA & CHIPS........... Thom Emery
COLESLAW................ Harry Soo

POTATOES, SCALLOPED..... Steve & Pam Wilson
DIRTY RICE.............. Dan Cannon
POTATO SALAD............ Scott Chernack

GERMAN POTATO SALAD .... Bob & Maryann Bass
CORN BREAD ............. Harry Soo

MACARONI SALAD.......... Mike Brady


 ^---................... Sylve Currie

 ^-- Pork, x48 ......... Allen Seamans

 ^--- CHEESE............ Paul & Tami 
ATOMIC POPPERS.......... Steve & Merrialyce A.
COUSCOUS SALAD.......... Donna Fong & Miranda

DINNER ROLLS............ Josh & Lynda Heveron

SALAD .................. Josh & Lynda Heveron

LEMMON CAKE.........., Mike Brady

 ^---.........BROWNIES Chris Visconti & Wife


SPAGHETTI, 5lbs....Paul & Tami Richardson

Awards Ceremony
It only rained 5 minutes at the Awards Ceremony !!!
Of course it rains at Awards often !!! What are the odds of that in
Southern California !!!
Awards Kelly & Kathleen receiving the Brent Walton Award for Excellence
Stephan Franklin -, Team of the Year Donna Fong, the 2014 CBBQA Hall of Fame Inductee


Overall 2014 TOY Team Rankings were as follows:
1. Simply Marvelous BBQ
2. Burnin and Lootin
3. All Hogs Sauced Up
5. Porterhouse BBQ
6. Woodhouse BBQ
7. Big B's Down and Dirty
8. Big Poppa Smokers
9. Porketeers
10. Lady of Q
11. Jet Coatings - "Monkey Style"
12. Ridge Route Boys
13. Son of Smoke
14. Knock Ur Sox Off
15. Vicious Smoke
16. Left Coast Q
17. Wild Willy's Smokin Hot BBQ
18. Smoqued California BBQ
19. Rooftop BBQ
20. Pork Daddy's BBQ

1. Burnin and Lootin
2. Porterhouse BBQ
3. Big Poppa Smokers
5. Ridge Route Boys
6. Bowling over Pigs
7. Pirates of the Pig
8. Son of Smoke
9. Porketeers
10. Vicious Smoke
1. Simply Marvelous BBQ
2. All Hogs Sauced Up
3. Burnin and Lootin
5. Knock Ur Sox Off
6. Porketeers
7. Ridge Route Boys
8. Big Poppa Smokers
9. Left Coast Q
10. Pit Crew of SoCal
1. Simply Marvelous BBQ
2. Big Poppa Smokers
3. Porterhouse BBQ
4. All Hogs Sauced Up
5. WoodHouse BBQ
6. Pit Crew of SoCal
7. Ridge Route Boys
8. Burnin and Lootin
9. Tropical Heat
10. Lady of Q
1. Left Coast Q
2. Burning and Lootin
3. Porketeers
4. Jet Coatings - "Monkey Style"
6. Woodhouse BBQ
7. Smoqued California BBQ
8. Lady of Q
9. Big B's Down and Dirty
10. Ridge Route Boys

California BBQ Association - 2014
Presented to:
 Kelly & Kathleen McIntosh
This award is presented to you
because your peers believe that you
best represent the great qualities
that made Brent who he was.
You have demonstrated excellence in competition,
a devotion to community service, and a tireless
energy for spreading the love of
barbeque to any and all.
We are grateful for your continued
presence in our barbeque family.

California BBQ Association - 2014
Presented to:
Kimberly Moore
Sterling Ball
Tim Wong
Jerry Aguilar

In recognition of your efforts in leading
content creation for the CBBQA web site,
spearheading the creation of the BBQ
Sauce review committee, and donating
your time to curriculum development
and delivery for the inaugural
California BBQ Institute
classes. We are grateful for your
dedicated Service.


Donna Fong inducted into the
California BBQ Association Hall of Fame - for 2014
Her picture will be Photo-Shopped into the string soon !!!

  • All current Hall of Fame members - short Donna Fong
    Even though all were not present at the Q-Fest forgive the
     liberty I took of Photoshop'ing in, so
     we could have a picture of all "Hall of Fame" members !
    I still have to add Donna Fong and will do so and post asap!

Rookie Team Of the Year 2014 (ROY):
Rookie Team of the Year is  - Allen Seamans and his crew of Pork Daddy’s BBQ from Sacramento 
Congratulations Allen !!!

Judge of the Year award

Presented it to CBJ, CBBQA treasurer and class instructor, Robert Bass


18th Annual Q Fest
February 6, 7, 8, 2015 East Shore RV, Lake Puddingstone 
 San Dimas, California
By Donna Fong

This year's Q Fest brought a little bit more nostalgia than usual. If you've never been to Lake Puddingstone, it is a very pretty setting with a green valley below and grey mountains that rise majestically above it in the distance. This time of year, you don't have to worry about being too hot, which I often do when in southern California. Usually there’s a bit of rain here and there and that was certainly the case this year.

Dan Cannon again organized the 3 day event which starts at noon on a Friday and ends around noon on Sunday. Most of those who camp overnight have a trailer or RV of some sort. The rest of us locals drive in and out each day. Friday night there was a 7pm potluck dinner featuring tri-tip, hot links, jambalaya, chili, mac-n-cheese and much more. On Saturday, there was a 9am breakfast which generally kept everyone full through the 2pm early dinner. Between breakfast and lunch, Matt Dalton gave a class on chicken satay. Stephan Franklin held a demo on smoking beef ribs. Lupe and I ran a kids activity center where the children decorated aprons and got their face painted, or they painted themselves. It was pretty loose. There was also a bouncy house that was very popular.

The star of the show for the 2pm potluck dinner was the roasted locally raised whole hog, brought in by Michael Wheeler (aka Monkey) and cooked by Bryan Rice. The pig was gorgeous and tasty. Everyone contributed to the long table of food. I, for one, was more than glad to make a complicated salad, rather than a complicated chicken thigh. Some rain fell right after our potluck was over and during the beginning of the awards ceremony which quickly followed. Most of us ducked under a canopy if there was space. Luckily, someone was fast to react and put up another canopy to cover a few more heads. Pitmasters can put up a tent really fast.

Kelly and Kathleen sorted through all of the trophies with Stephan Franklin, our outgoing president. The 2014 Board is responsible for the 2014 ToY trophies. Then Stephan welcomed our members and their families. He thanked the outgoing board and welcomed the new one coming in. Stephan awarded Butchers daughter the Team of the Year trophy in dessert. He also handed out his Presidential service awards to Kim Moore, Tim Wong, Jerry Aguilar and Sterling Ball. His voice quivered a bit when he talked about each of these people and how they supported him. You knew at once how important they were to him personally.

Stephan regained his composure and awarded the top 10 ToY winners for chicken. Dale Ginos announced the top 10 ToY winners for ribs. Kim Moore announced for pork and Matt Dalton announced for brisket. 1st places went to Burnin and Lootin for chicken, Simply Marvelous for ribs and pork, and Left Coast Q for brisket.

The hard earned Rookie of the Year trophy was awarded to Allen Seamans and his crew of Pork Daddy's BBQ from Sacramento. The ToY trophy was handed over from last year’s winner, Matt Dalton of Left Coast Q to Stephan Franklin of Simply Marvelous.

I announced the Judge of the Year award and happily presented it to CBJ, CBBQA treasurer and class instructor, Robert Bass.

The Hall of Fame award was announced by Kathleen McIntosh, while the other Hall of Famers present stood by her side (Larry Hill, Kelly McIntosh, Dan Cannon and Bill Keyes). Surprised by the induction, I accepted the award and humbly thanked the group for their vote of confidence, not really knowing what to say.

At the end of the awards ceremony, Kim Moore, the 2015 CBBQA president, began awarding the winners of the raffle. Kim happily announced that the CBBQA had sold $1000 worth of raffle tickets. Well done Kim! There were some nice baskets and several free entries to local contests (Norco and Havasu Landing). By the end of it, we were convinced that Monkey either bought a ton of raffle tickets or he should really go out and start buying California lottery tickets because he won several of the prizes!

Although I'm fairly certain most of us didn’t work off enough calories to justify it, there was a 2nd dinner that was hosted by Tami and Paul Richardson that evening. A nice spaghetti feed. A campfire with wood donated by CBBQA members, most notably Diana and Tim McDonald, was enjoyed throughout QFest.

If you've never been to a QFest, I highly encourage you to come out and see what it is all about. Though the awards are given out there each year, it is much more than just that. It is a gathering of members who are connected to the organization through one of many facets. Many who come have been with the organization from the beginning. Some don't participate in contests but are still connected to BBQ. I think that's great and doesn't get emphasized enough.

And a good amount of credit should go to Kim for coming up with the idea of a Kids Zone. Our children and families who support our BBQ habit are so deserving of our attention and gratitude. It was a splendid way to give them back what they have given to us all year long.

Many thanks go out to all of our members who made this QFest one of most well attended celebrations in recent memory. It was a huge success!


Thanks to everybody  for coming out,

What a GREAT weekend & Q-Fest for 2015.  Thanks to all that made it out.  As I say every year...Thanks again for everybody's support and participation. 


All the Potlucks were just FANTASTIC... Great !!!!.  Everybody turned in such GREAT submissions.  I enjoyed EVERYTHING a bunch.  Thanks to all the  folks for providing an entrées and making everything so special !!! 


Big thanks go to:


  All who brought Fire Wood to KEEP US ALL WARM !!!  THANKS A BUNCH
- Firewood (for campfires) . Tim & Diana McDonald, bring a bunch, EVERY YEAR, THANKS !!!
- Firewood (for campfires) . Steve Wilson
- Firewood (for campfires) . Paul & Tami Richardson, wood and Fire pit !!!
- Firewood (for campfires) . Scott Chernack
- Firewood (for Campfires) . Donated by Patty & Renea, from the WoodShed

Without the wood we would all be miserable as the fire was going from Friday evening through Sunday morning, event the rain could not put it out !!! Thanks a bunch !!!   

Hope I have everybody's names who brought wood above, if I missed you sorry but thanks a bunch !!!

AND... Everybody that brought EVERYTHING... without everybody's participation it would not work !!!
EVERYBODY did such an excellent job in spreading out all the work and making it so easy to do this year.   As I always say, "Many hands make little work", and this year, 2015, proved that ESPECIALLY TRUE!!!  Thanks to everybody that contributed something, food, seminar, setup, strike, whatever... It all did and does help !!!

Next years Q-FEST will be... February 5-6-7-2016.  We have spots B170 - B194.  All the same spots are reserved again.  All who showed up this year will be automatically reassigned to their same spot unless they want another available spot for 2015.


Thanks to everybody for the loyal and continued support.  Without your attendance and participation this event and tradition could not happen.


Dan Cannon

From Kimberly Moore at the  forum:

I would like to say thank you to all who came out Rain or Shine we always seem to come together in the spirit of friendship, family, and fun. I hope everyone enjoyed our new Kid Zone, and the addition of the raffle. Thank you to Donna and Lupe for being our face painters you ladies did an exceptional job and I know everyone appreciated it. As I said at the end of the awards we are open to communication from our members any suggestions, ideas, or maybe something you feel we can do better is always welcomed. We are almost 400 members strong and I believe it's because of our great association whom we call our family. We invite people with open arms and lots of drinks :wink: Again, we have some fantastic things happening in 2015 Backyarders, Classes, Charity Dinner, and tons of volunteer opportunities. There are some things in the works and hopefully if all goes well they will come to pass.

Congratulations to Donna Fong on being accepted into the CBBQA Hall of Fame, and to all the award recipients on all of your accomplishments in 2014. We hope that 2015 is a wonderful year for everyone and may all your BBQ dreams come true. Good Luck to all our teams going out for Rookie of the Year.

Lastly, I would like to send a huge THANK YOU to Dan Cannon on keeping the tradition of QFest alive after 16 years.

Again, thank you to all who attended and we'll see you in 2 weeks!

From Fred Bland at the  forum:

Kim, such a great time. Already looking forward to next year. Thank you very much.

From Tim W at the  forum:

Javier had a great time at Qfest this year. Thanks to Dan for organizing and to Kim for getting the raffle and kid zone going this year. Seemed like the biggest attendance out of the three years I've gone. It's always fun hanging out with the BBQ family and it was great seeing many of the newer members out there this year.

Congrats to all the teams who received recognition for their hard work throughout the year, to Bob Bass for receiving the Certified BBQ Judge of the Year Award, to the McIntosh's for receiving the Brent Walton Award, to Jerry, Kim, and Sterling for receiving the Presidential Service Award, and to Donna Fong for being inducted into the CBBQA Hall of Fame.

As an aside, I'm going to need Monkey to buy me some lottery tickets..

From Jason R at the  forum:
WOW. What a fun time. It was fun to hang out with everyone in a relaxed non comp environment. Always fun to see friends and meet new ones. Everyone's food was amazing. Congrats to all the winners.


From Paul Richardson at the  forum:
What a great time at the BBQ family reunion!
Huge thanks to Dan for putting it together and building the biggest campfire I've ever seen.
Seems the kids zone was a hit (great job Kim). Congrats to all who received awards, huge respect for all of you.
The food was more than amazing.....culinary craziness.

From Donna Fong at the  forum:
Thank you Dan for organizing QFEST year after year. This year had an outstanding attendance. Congratulations to Steph for taking team of the year and to Allen for ROY. I enjoyed the potluck items. The pig was a real treat. Congratulations for a great year and to Kim for coming up with the idea of face painting. Next time, we will allocate more time. And thank you to the Hall of Famers, all of whom I have admired for many years. I count myself lucky to be associated with such a fine group of leaders. I never expected to receive such an honor.

From Stephan Franklin at the  forum:

What an awesome weekend of fun, family, food and libations. This was just an awesome wrap up to my past role with our organization.
I said it during elections and I will say it again regarding our 2015 BoD and officers, "We are in good shape folks!"

From Bryan Rice at the  forum:

QFest was Great. As a First year attendee, I could not have asked for more! Great to hang out with the other teams, without having to worry about timelines and turn-ins! Thanks to all who made it happen! See you all in a couple of weeks at the GPII, then a few weeks later at Smoqued for the charity dinner!


From Dan Cannon at the  forum:

Hey everybody that attended the Q-Fest !!!
Thanks a bunch for coming. You all made this the best event ever.
Thanks to Donna and Kim for doing face & apron painting and the kids jumper. This really put it over the top.
Something we needed and added a new great dimension to the event we've never had before.
Thanks to everybody that brought soooo much firewood. It kept us warm all weekend and gave a great place to hang out.
Trust me, it sooooo much better to have too much than too little. Yes, we have had too little in the past and its not pretty.
Thanks to everybody that brought such GREAT food entrees !!! They were the absolute best !!!
Everybody out did themselves and made the potlucks the best we've ever had.
Again, thanks to you, the attendees, for making this the best ever !
And, yes, I have reserved the spots for next year !!! Mark your calendar and start getting ready.   

From Kimberly Moore at the  forum:
It was so much fun! And I do hope people enjoyed the change. I'm excited to work on it again and do it next year for our Nor Cal members! Trophies, raffles, bounce house and much much more!!

From Bryan Wood at the  forum:

Great event--the entire family had a great time! Ditto thanks to all involved in organizing the event! Also a huge thank you to the outgoing 2014 BoD; a tall high five to all the year's ToY winners; a HUGE congrats to Donna Fong on HoF; a hat tip to the "Presidential Service Award" recipients; a thumbs-up for the Rice and Monkey camps for the hog; and props to all the fabulous cooks who contributed to one helluva potluck buffet!!

Only downside for me = it was a terrible place to be on a diet! (I cracked)


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