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California BBQ Association (CBBQA)
Q-Fest 2012
East Shore RV, Lake Puddingstone
San Dimas California

< Q-Fest, 2012 Work-Sheet >






...................... Provided by Matt Dalton

TRITIP................ Provided by Bristol Farms                  via Todd & Tanna Eves
                       Prepared and cooked by BBQ                    Joe Miles

BEEF SAUSAGE.......... Del King
BEANS................. BBQ Joe Miles
GREEN SALAD .......... Dale & Tammy Ginos
GARLIC BREAD.......... Dan & Barbara Cannon

PISTACHIO SALAD....... Ardith & Ted Richardson

PASTA SALAD........... Adam Hollman

???................... Diana McDonald
DESSERT ITEM.......... Bill Keys, Tropical Heat


SAUSAGE GRAVY & ROLLS. Dan & Barbara Cannon
CORN BEEF HASH........ Jack Lester



EGGS, ANY TYPE........

EGGS.................. Ardith & Ted Richardson
CHORIZO & EGGS........ Adam Hollman



BRAKFAST MEATS........ Steve Madaule
FRESH FRUIT...........
BAGELS................ Diana McDonald
FRESH STRAWBERRIES.... Dale & Tammy Ginos

Kittie & Jack
Dale & Debbie
Dale got a Surprise
Birthday Cake also !!!
Brent & BBQ Joe Miles
I was surprised with a 60th
Birthday Cake!
Thanks Steve & Ardith
Todd & Brent Claran & John Romochuk
Came from Kansas City MO
They definitely earn the longest travel to a Q-Fest award !!!
Friday night dinner... IT WAS FANTASTIC !!!    
Saturday Breakfast Saturday Breakfast
  Saturday Breakfast


BEEF TRITIP........... Todd & Tana Eves,
                       Out of this World BBQ,
                       Prepared by Steve & Joe
PORK CHOPS............ Steve Madaule
BEEF SAUSAGE.......... Del King
CHEESE BURGERS........ Laurence Hill
FRIED CHICKEN......... Dale Ginos
BEANS................. BBQ Joe Miles 
MACARONI & CHEESE..... Jack Lester
BBQ BEANS............. Kelleigh Strobel
DIRTY RICE............ Dan & Barbara Cannon
POTATO SALAD.......... Ardith & Ted Richardson
JALAPENO CORN BREAD .. Joe & Gina Golden

JELL-O SALAD.......... Dale & Tammy Ginos
PORK TAMALES.......... Bill Key.........
PASTA SALAD........... Adam Hollman

CHILI................. Steve Madaule

     Saturday Dinner
      Saturday Dinner


  Awards Ceremony
  Slap yo' Daddy, 1st place, Team of the YEAR 2011
Laurence Hill inducted into the
California BBQ Association Hall of Fame - 2011
Induction rained out - official presentation to take place at a later date...
Congratulations Larry !!!
All current Hall of Fame members
Even though all were not present at the Q-Fest forgive the
 liberty I took of Photoshop'ing in, so
 we could have a picture of all "Hall of Fame" members !
Laurence, Kelly, Kathleen, Gene, Brent, Kim, Frank, Ric, Dan, Randy, & Ben



  California BBQ Association BBQ Association Awards
   Team Of the Year 2011 (TOY) Overall
- below...

1-        Slap Yo Daddy BBQ, Harry Soo
2-        All Sauced Up 258 , Dave Malone
3-        Left Coast Q, Matt Dalton
4-        Huminie's Hogalicious BBQ, Adam Hollman
5-        Woodhouse BBQ, John Anderson
T6-     Butcher's Daughter BBQ .Donna Fong
T6-     Brazen BBQ, John Bracamonte
T8-     BLQUE Cutting Edge Q’N Laurence Hill
T8-     The Rub Co, Ryan Chester
10-      Who's Smokin' Now, Raymond Porter
11-      Master of Disaster BBQ, Andy Soto
12-      Big B's Down & Dirty BBQ, Bill Souza
13-      Rock's Bar-B-Que, John Jackson
14-      Big Daddy Q'n Crew,Tony Presgraves
15-      Four Q BBQ, Sylvie Curry
16-      Smoke Slayers, Chad Quarrey ~ San Jose, CA
T17-   All Hogs go to Heaven, Steve Madaule
T17-  Too Ashamed to Name, Scott Hares
19-     Smokin' Yankees, Chris Juencke
20-     Smitty's Smoke Patrol,

  Team Of the Year 2011 (TOY) Categories - below...
1.  Left Coast Q
2.   All Sauced Up
3.   Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ
4.   Big Daddy's Q'n Crew
5.   All Hogs Go to Heaven
6.   Huminie's Hogalicious BBQ
7.   Butcher's Daughter BBQ
7.  Woodhouse Barbecue
9.  Smoke Slayers
10. Who's Smokin Now
11.Master of Disaster
11. Meat Inc.
11. BLQUE Cuttin Edge QN
14. The Rub Co.
14. Four Q BBQ
16. Brazen BBQ
17. T&J's Backyard BBQ
17. Smokin' Yankees BBQ
19. Rolling Bones
20. Smitty's Smoke Patrol
1    All Sauced Up
2.   Brazen BBQ
3.   Huminie's Hogalicious BBQ
4.   Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ
5.   Woodhouse Barbecue
6.   Left Coast Q
7.   BLQUE Cuttin Edge QN
8.   Who's Smokin Now
9.   All Hogs Go to Heaven
10. Master of Disaster
11. Tropical Heat
12. Knock UR Sox Off BBQ
13. Smokin' Yankees BBQ
13. Butcher's Daughter BBQ
15. The Rub Co.
16. Rock's BarBQue
16. Big B's Down & Dirty BBQ
18. T&J's Backyard BBQ
19. Smoke Slayers
20. MEAT Inc.
1.   Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ
2.   Butcher's Daughter BBQ [r]
3.   Huminie's Hogalicious BBQ [r]
4.  Left Coast Q
4.   Who's Smokin Now [r]
6.   Brazen BBQ
7.   All Hogs Go to Heaven
8.   BLQUE Cuttin Edge QN
9.   Smoke Slayers
10. Tropical Heat
11. Woodhouse Barbecue [r]
11. All Sauced Up
13. Smitty's Smoke Patrol
14. Four Q BBQ
15. Big B's Down & Dirty BBQ
16. Smokey Luv BBQ
17. Rock's BarBQue
18. When Pigs Fly BBQ.
19. Big Daddy's Q'n Crew
20. Smokin' Yankees BBQ
1,   All Sauced Up
2,   Left Coast Q
3,   Brazen BBQ
4.   Woodhouse Barbecue [r]
5,   Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ
6.   Huminie's Hogalicious BBQ [r]
7.   Master of Disaster
8,   Who's Smokin Now [r]
9,   Butcher's Daughter BBQ [r]
10, Chillin 'N' Grillin [r]
11. The Rub Co.
12, Rusty Barrell BBQ
14, Too Ashamed To Name
14, Rock's BarBQue
15 ???
16, Smitty's Smoke Patrol
17. Four Q BBQ
18. When Pigs Fly BBQ
19, Smokin' Yankees BBQ
20. Smokey Luv BBQ

 Rookie Team Of the Year 2011 (ROY) is:
Huminie's Hogalicious BBQ !!!
Congratulations !!!

The below was written by Donna Fong, very nice narrative of how the weekend went.  Thanks Donna, VERY NICE !!!

California BBQ Association Q-Fest 2012
East Shore RV, Lake Puddingstone
San Dimas California
Each year, the CBBQA hosts a weekend long celebration in southern California for all of its members throughout the state. The party is held at the East Shore RV park next to Lake Puddingstone in San Dimas, California. The lake itself covers 220 acres and is popular with boaters and fishermen alike. The park that surrounds it has equestrian facilities, an 18 hole golf course, hot tubs and a water theme park to boot. The RV park sits comfortably on top of hill, overlooking San Gabriel Valley. California’s own BBQ Hall of Fame member, Dan Cannon, organizes this event like clockwork.
Friday night welcomed members with a carne asada taco bar, tri-tip, beef sausage and multiple forms of salads. On Saturday morning, we awoke to Dan’s famous sausage gravy and rolls, accompanied by corn beef hash, pancakes, potatoes, eggs, chorizo, and fruit. Then for Saturday afternoon dinner members feasted on even more food! All of this was potluck and considering some of California’s best cooks were around, nobody was complaining. And neither was Kelleigh Strobel who received a $2000 charitable donation from the CBBQA to the Kristie’s foundation which provides end-of-life care for children and support for their families.
Ten members of the California Hall of Fame elected their newest member, 2011 CBBQA President, Larry Hill. Larry is well known for his charitable contributions to the community and as one of the best solo pitmasters around. He regularly contributes to the success of other teams locally and in big national competitions like the American Royal.
Congratulations go out to Adam Hollman of Huminie's Hogalicious BBQ from Gilroy, for his hard earned title of 2011 Rookie Team of the Year. This was probably one of the toughest rookie races in the west with four of the top ten spots in California occupied by rookies. Adam’s talent and endurance throughout the race was an amazing sight to behold throughout the year. Not to be surpassed, pitmaster, Harry Soo of Slap Yo’ Daddy BBQ made a repeat appearance as California’s top Team of the Year for a second year in a row. Harry continues to lead the pack with his modest smoker and his less is more approach to BBQ. Congratulations to all of the teams who competed this year, trophies or no trophies. Thank you for sharing what you love with all of us and keep smoking!

< Q-Fest, 2012 Work-Sheet >
The below comments were cut & pasted from the BBQ forum

Jerry Aguilar - from the  forum:
Good to see everyone at Q-fest yesterday. Congratulations again to all that received awards, those were some very nice trophies!
Too bad for the rain at the end of awards, I was hoping to stay longer, oh well still had a great time. Good eats too!

Matthew Fish - from the  forum
Yesterday was a blast. It was nice to hang out for a while before the rain hit. It was too much for the family with Marianne in a cast. I
would of loved to stay longer but it did not look like it wanted to end while we were in the car. Thanks for all the fun and the grub was
great. I dont think there was anything that wasnt great at that table. I am kinda partial to the beans, but that fried chicken was off the
hook too. Thanks everyone had a great time. See everyone at NBBQA or at Santa Anita.

Andrew Soto - from the  forum:
Had a blast at Q-Fest, it was great to see the BBQ family in a relaxed setting. Congratulations to all the teams who received an award this
The food was awesome and plentiful, many thanks to all who cooked such great dishes!
Too bad the rain shortened the awards ceremony

Butch Richardson - from the  forum:
I had a great time this weekend meeting lot's of new people and putting faces to names. The food was great but I was not surprised
considering who was there. Looking forward to see you all again in the future.
The awards were almost finished and the gods decided to turn on the rain. some peeps went for shelter some stayed and stoked the fire and got  wet, stayed warn and were so close to the fire created their own steam fog. Guessing from comments I heard things will have to be posted and caught up on later.

Adam Holloman - from the  forum:
My whole family had a really great time at Q-Fest! Well worth the drive as we had a ton of fun! Thanks to everyone who played a part in
making this such a wonderful event!!!

Friday was an absolutely beautiful day. Warm and sunny. Saturday was a bit chilly with some drizzle in the morning, but it stayed dry for
both meals. It wasn't until Harry was receiving the perpetual ToY award that the skies really opened up. It was a shame because if it had
held off for 5 or 10 more minutes everything would have been done. We missed out on the Hall of Fame award(s) etc as everyone scrambled for shelter from the rain.  And those who came for the day ran to their cars and most were gone when it stopped about 45 minutes  later. We were dry and warm in our trailer though!

Thanks to everybody  for coming out,

What a GREAT weekend & Q-Fest for 2012.  Thanks to all that made it out.  As I say every year...Thanks again for everybody's support and participation. 


Friday evening Potluck was the best yet!!!.  Everybody turned in such GREAT submissions.  I enjoyed EVERYTHING a bunch.  Thanks to all the  folks for providing an entrées and making everything so special !!! 


A BIG thanks to " All Hogs go to Heaven" (Steve & Ardith especially), for a SURPRISE  birthday cake presented for my 60th  birthday in January !!!   What a great treat... THANKS A BUNCH Team All Hogs go to Heaven  !!!


Big thanks go to:


- Rusty Barrel (Tim & Diana McDonald)  for bringing a half-cord of wood both this year and last (we went through it all)

- All Hogs Go To Heaven (Steve Madaule) for bringing a truck full of wood both this year and last (we went through it all)
Without the wood we would all be miserable as the fire was going from Friday evening through Sunday morning, event the rain could not put it out !!! Thanks a bunch !!!   

AND... Everybody that brought EVERYTHING... without everybody's participation it would not work !!!
EVERYBODY did such an excellent job in spreading out all the work and making it so easy to do this year.   As I always say, "Many hands make little work", and this year proved that ESPECIALLY !!!

ESPECIALLY, lets all thank the McDonalds for bringing that BIG batch of Firewood that cam in so handy !!!
Thanks again to everybody's participation !!!


Next years Q-FEST will be... February 8-9-10-2013.  We have spots B170 - B194.  All the same spots are reserved again.  All who showed up this year will be automatically reassigned to their same spot unless they want another available spot for 2012.


Dan Cannon


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