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California BBQ Association (CBBQA)
Q-Fest 2009
East Shore RV, Lake Puddingstone
San Dimas California

View from our campsites
over Lake Puddingstone
View from our campsites
over Lake Puddingstone
Jim Sheridan, master
of the Breakfast Grill !!!
Breakfast folks
Breakfast folks Breakfast folks, Brian Kreisler
 getting Biscuits & Gravy
Breakfast folks Breakfast folks, Brent in Center
Breakfast folks Breakfast folks Breakfast folks Breakfast folks
Dave, Deny, & Herschel Breakfast folks Herschel & Karen Brannon Bill, Larry, John
Gary & Ernie
Joe Miles Brent and Alexa.   Kelleigh, &
 Jeanne were from Que'n for
 Kids, Kristie's Foundation /
 Kristie's Place, 714-408-9781
Pam, Ric, & Pete
Relaxing in the bright sunny afternoon Relaxing in the bright sunny afternoon
Relaxing in the bright sunny
Dinner line & folks
Dinner line & folks
Dinner line & folks Dinner line & folks
Dinner line & folks
Darry Smith,
Smitty's Smoke Patrol
Myself helping Dominic cut the
Provided by Vincent & Alexa
Provided by Vincent & Alexa
Dinner folks
Jim Sheridan,
 Alexa & Vincent Dinner folks Frank enjoying dinner
Awards time
Frank Boyer being inducted
 into the CBBQA Hall of Fame
Ric Gilbert being inducted
 into the CBBQA Hall of Fame
Randy Gille being honored
 for his charitable activities
Larry and daughter  being honored for activities Mark & Harry, Slap Yo Daddy
being proclaimed  Rookie
 Team of the year
Team of the year
All Hogs go to Heaven
Team of the year
Smitty's Smoke Patrol
PORK, 1st, Team of the year
Rhythm' & Que
All award winners
All award winners
Attending Hall of Fame members -
Frank Boyer & Ric Gilbert 3rd & 4th from right,
just inducted minutes earlier !!!
All current Hall of Fame members -
Even though Kim Walton was not present at the Q-Fest forgive the
 liberty I took of Photoshop'ing her in next to Brent (her husband), so
 we could have a picture of all "Hall of Fame" members !
Todd Eves & Joe Miles
 relaxing after all
Saturday's activities
Myself and Todd Eves
 relaxing after all
Saturday's activities
Kevin & Rosanne Graf Everybody built a big appetite
 and got  hungry after the big
 dinner, Team "All Hogs go to
 Heaven" served food to keep
 us all from starving !!!
Everybody hanging out at the
 Saturday night campfires till
Everybody hanging out at the
 Saturday night campfires
 till late
Deny & Dave Bart Everybody hanging out at the Saturday night campfires till late
  More pictures by Rick Streiff at@
  More pictures by Harry Soo at@

  California BBQ Association BBQ Association
Awards 2009:
Team of the Year


Rhythm' & Que

  Chicken= All Hogs go to Heaven  
  Ribs= Smitty's Smoke Patrol  
  Pork= Rhythm' & Que  
  Brisket= Smity's Smoke Patrol  

Rookie of the Year :

Slap Yo Daddy  

Hall of Fame Inductees :

Frank Boyer & Ric Gilbert  

A few email messages and comments by participants:

By the way, if anybody wants to add their rendition of the weekend I would be happy to tag it on this document.  Just email to something, lines or paragraphs, and I will put it right in with the rest.

Thom Emery:

Just got home Great event
Dan Is indeed the Man


Harry Soo:
Fantastic Event
Great Potluck
Even the rain held off so we could have a spectacular award ceremony
Congrats to all the Hall of Fame inductees and TOY teams especially RnQ!
We're ecstatic and humbled to receive the 2008 ROY and rub shoulders with all the 2008 TOY greats!
For 2009, we'll work even harder, and then some, for the privilege of standing among the 2009 TOYs!
Here are some pics

Dale Ginos:
What a great time we had. Thanks Dan and Todd for making this happen.
Thank you Dan for all you do for the CBBQA.

Darry Smith:
What fantastic weather we had Saturday!

Thank you Dan for all you do for the CBBQA.

Vincent Carrocci:
Dan, thanks for putting this together again this year. You do a great job keeping it organized and we had a great time. It's a shame we couldn't stay longer but maybe next year we'll be able to.

It was great to see everyone and we're looking forward to another great barbeque year!


Deny Bart:
Wow, what a great time we had at the Q-Fest. Great camping, food and company. It was quite the challenge getting down there on Friday. We left at 7:15 that morning and had good weather until just before the Grapevine. Then it was challenging. I have never driven the motor home while it was snowing. Thank goodness it wasn't really sticking to the ground. It was sure nice to pull in to the campground, which by the way it absolutely beautiful. It was sure nice to finally get to meet people that we have read on the forum. The food on Friday was fantastic as well as the food on Saturday. Jim sure makes a mean breakfast and a very big thank you to him for all his hard work. The awards ceremony was fun to see in person. A very big congratulations to Ric Gilbert and Frank Boyer for making the "Hall of Fame". It was sure fun chauffeuring them down and back. Great stories! A very big congratulations to all the other winners too. The trophies were beautiful. The weather held out for us on the way home today too. Didn't hit rain until about two hours from home. No snow this time, thank goodness.

A very big thank you to Dan Cannon for setting this great weekend up. The campgrounds and scenery were breathtaking. We appreciate all your time and effort for putting this event on and look forward to next year.


Ric Gilbert:
You the man, Dan!!!!
I can't thank you enough for all the effort you put into making this event happen. As usual, you did a masterful job in keeping the event flowing and the rains away. It was great seeing old friends and meeting new ones. And, my trip down and back could not have been more fun thanks to Dave and Deni Bart. Deni drove the 42 foot motor home through a snowstorm on the Grapevine like threading a needle with one hand. Bart, she's a keeper! Congrats to all the TOY winners this year, ya'll really worked hard to get there. And of course, Del and Randy for all they do above and beyond. It is individuals like these two that do so much and ask for nothing in return that make me proud to be a member of the CBBQA. And finally, Frank Boyer for a long deserved recognition of his contributions to our organization. This mans history is deep and he is truly an icon in BBQ history. Congrats Frank you deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. Can't wait to see the pictures Dan. Thanks again man.

Rick Streiff:
Here is a link to the Qfest pictures, added some at the end of the mountains, and planes landing. Can you post it on the CBBQA site so folks can get to it? Right now they are high resolution pictures good for printing. Later I will downsize them. That way folks can print pictures if they want to.

Rick Streiff
Fleet Administrator
Access Services Inc LA

Dan Cannon:

Thanks all for coming out,

We were fortunate and again had great weather and good times. The weather stayed very nice till everybody got home Sunday night I hope. At least for the folks here in Southern California it was great.

Started raining Sunday midnight where I live but I had the trailers set up in there spots and all equipment packed away. What a great weekend and timing. Started snowing Monday on us again and today. In the last 12 days it has rained about 6 inches at my place. I think that is good as they say we are in a draught and I get my water from our self-maintained well. Great that the Rain-God's saw fit to give us great weather for the Q-Fest again this year.

Anyway, just finished up with a whole bunch of pictures and the collection of comments from the weekend. Will post everything and a link tomorrow. As well will start a new Q-Fest, 5-6-7, 2010 Topic allowing everybody to finalize their spots for next year while already reserving the same spots everybody had documented prior to Q-Fest this year. Yes, we have reserved 28 spots for next year, all the same except for we missed B173.

Thanks again for everybody's support and participation from both Todd (who makes it all happen behind the scenes) and myself.


Big thanks go to:
Everybody that brought their filled with firewood, EZ-Ups, tables, & chairs for all to use !!!  We did not use them necessarily as the EZ-Ups were just not needed.  Not hot, not rainy, no problem without them.  Also, thanks to all who brought tables, chairs, and help set them up.  Thanks Ardith for the table cloths!

- Jim Sheridan for providing the "BEST" breakfast we could ever have!

- Steve Madaule, Jim Sheridan, and everybody else,  for bringing tons of wood we all enjoyed.
- Todd Eves for bringing his  pit and contributing the tritip for Friday dinner and Saturday.

- Vincent and Alexa who brought the beautiful, "customized" Q-Fest Cake.  That was a first!

- And EVERYBODY  I did not mention hat brought all your fantastic potluck entree's for all to enjoy

- AND, especially to all that tossed the "possibility of rain to the wind" and participated and toiled over hot fires and stoves to help all of us have some magic & special foods to try !!!

And most especially to everybody who assisted and contributed  in their own special way that helped to make the event overall so enjoyable.  Please forgive me for not mentioning more names but everybody in attendance saw and know who they were!
Thanks for everybody's participation in all aspects for making this work so well every year!

Q-Fest, 5-6-7-2010

Yes, we are as we speak planning and making commitments and reservations for next year!  We have to plan this far in advance to get the premium spots and day-parking availability at East Shore RV.  Thus we reserve the dates a year in advance and plan early.  If for some reason the CBBQA has a scheduling conflict with this day (heaven forbid) we will always turn it into an "independent-of-any-organization" BBQ Enthusiast Weekend Campout called a "BBQ Bivouac" which uses the same model as a Q-Fest as we have successfully done in years past.  That takes the pressure off of any unforeseen scheduling conflicts in a yet uncharted 2010 planning for the CBBQA board, and, our scramble to obtain reservations well enough in advance to get the best.


Q-Fest, February 5-6-7 2010, RV spot assignments listed below < Map of spots > :

B156 = 44' =
B158 = 55' =
B161 = 59' =
B164 = 42' =
B166 = 38' =
B170 = 53' = =
B172 = 79' =          = Tim & Diana McDonald (2)
B174 = 54' =          = Thom Emery & family Thom & Kyle's BBQ
B175 = 54' =          = Hershel & Karen Brannen (2) "The Beast" & Professional Cookers, Inc.
B176 = 47' =          = Dave & Esy Rusko (2) Sluggish Lugs
B177 = 48' = =
B178 = 42' = =
B179 = 43' =          = Dave & Deny Bart (2) Bart's Blazin'Q
B180 = 41' =          = Rick & Karen Streiff (2) BBQbyDan
B181 = 31' =          = Dale & Tammy Ginos (2) When Pigs Fly
B182 = 33' = P/T = Todd & Tana Eves(2) Out of this World BBQ
B183 = 51' =          = Brent & Kim Walton (2) QN4U
B184 = 46' = P/T = Dan & Barbara Cannon (2) BBQbyDan
B185 = 56' =          = Toni & Ron Hoch (2) All Hogs go to Heaven
B186 = 48' = P/T = Hayward & Eva Harris (2) The Rib Doctor
B187 = 43' =          = Steve & Vince Madaule (2) All Hogs go to Heaven
B188 = 52' = P/T = Brian Kreisler & family (4) Blast Off BBQ
B189 = 46' =         =
B190 = 47' = P/T = Bill Keyes & family Tropical Heat
B191 = 43' =          =
B192 = 44' = P/T = Larry & Debbie Schroeder Rib Tickler BBQ
B193 = 47' =          =
B194 = 37' = P/T = Gary Balbach (1)

If anybody listed above wishes to change with an available spot, or does not want to reserve the spot I left you in for 2009, just private email me at and I will immediately change or remove you.  If anybody want any spot above for next year just email me in the same way.


Thanks again for everybody for making this such a great weekend and hope to see you all soon.




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