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BBQ Catering, Event, & Food Pictures

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BBQ Catering, Dean, Gina, & Family

BBQ Catering, Dean, Gina, and Family

BBQ Catering, Dean, Gina, and family

BBQ Catering, Dean, Gina, and Family

CRK Catering a private party CRK Catering a private  Party
danpit001.jpg (46715 bytes)

RickPit003.jpg (52932 bytes)

DanPit005.jpg (53667 bytes) LakesideRibs001.jpg (54961 bytes) LakesideDean003.jpg (53244 bytes) Henrita.jpg (49763 bytes)

CRK cooking chicken at catered event 

Rick of CRK checking Chicken at event Dan smoking  chicken at party Lakeside,  smoking  ribs at BBQ Cook-off Lakeside Caterers Smoking pork  ribs Smoking John does a whole hog
RickPit004.jpg (60716 bytes)

100-0029_IMG.jpg (122864 bytes)

103-0302_IMG.jpg (105092 bytes) Ribs1.jpg (54959 bytes)

Chicken1.jpg (38528 bytes)

LakesideRibs001.jpg (54961 bytes)
Smoking chicken for Lakeside Catering Smoking brisket & pork butt overnight  Dean, Gina,  sausage seminar at Q-Fest Pork ribs on small BBQ Smoker Chicken on small BBQ Smoker Lakeside doing Ribs at Contest
Brisket001.jpg (55093 bytes)

Copy of 103-0303_IMG.jpg (109370 bytes)

Copy of 103-0332_IMG.jpg (111779 bytes) IMG_0218.jpg (157072 bytes) Setup005.jpg (56719 bytes) SheeponPit4.jpg (59710 bytes)
Brisket being sliced for serving

Sausage Seminar, making from scratch

Gene Goycochea's BBQ Pit at Q-Fest

Don Grissom at American Royl

Catering event menu & plate setup

3-Men doing a whole lamb on a big spit



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