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California BBQ Association (CBBQA)
Q-Fest 2007
East Shore RV, Lake Puddingstone
San Dimas California

Steve Madaule & Joe Miles Linda Burke & Barbara Cannon Sharen Scott & Thom Emery
Jay Benedict & Ben Lobenstein
Steve Madaule & Brent Walton Bentley Meredith, Barry & Dixie Morrison
Brent, Monica, Kim, & Kenny Kim, Don & Stacey Bean, Kenny
Kevin & Glen Stanley Brent, Kim, & Glen Brent, Todd, Kelly Kim, me (Dan), & Glen
Me, Steve, & Brent playing Dr. Don Seminar Dr. Don Iverson Jim Sheridan,
The breakfast line
The breakfast line The breakfast line Dixie, Barry, & Todd Eves
Thom Emery & Brent Walton Bentley doing his Atomic Popper Seminar
Bentley doing his Atomic Popper Seminar Bentley doing his Atomic Popper Seminar
Todd Eves preparing for Sausage Seminar Pam Gram & Todd Eves Todd putting just ground & seasoned pork into hog casing
Sectioning off casings
Saturday potluck serving line
Saturday potluck serving line Saturday potluck serving line Saturday potluck serving line
Pam Gram & daughter leaving the serving line Kim, Brent, Steve, Don, & Vince enjoying their Saturday dinner Gene, Dan Daniels, Kathleen, & Don Enjoying the view while dining. It was a warm and beautiful Saturday
Thom Emery presiding over the annual CBBQA membership meeting
Team of the Year and miscellaneous trophies ready to be handed out Ric Gilbert, Ric's Righteous Ribs,  being awarded Team of the Year award for CHICKEN Brent & Kim Walton - QN4U, Monica & Jay Benedict - Otis & the Bird, being awarded
OVERALL Team of the Year award.  They tied!!!
Brent & Kim being awarded Team of the Year award for
All Hogs Go To Heaven
Ron, Steve, Vince, Tony, Ted, & Ardith, being awarded Team of the Year award for PORK RIBS
Dan Cannon (me),
aka BBQbyDan,
accepting an award and the honor of being an inaugural inductee into the
California BBQ Association
"Hall of Fame"
    It was indeed a great surprise and honor that I will relish from this day forward.
Gene Goycochea,
Out of this World BBQ, accepting an award and the honor of being an inaugural inductee into the
California BBQ Association
"Hall of Fame".

Gene and I have cooked many events over the last decade. During our first few years our teams always were adjacent to each other.
  California BBQ Association BBQ Association Team of the Year awards 2006:


Otis & the Bird & QN4U (tied)
Ric's Righteous Ribs
All Hogs go to Heaven

 Ric Gilbert displaying "The Stacker" in action.  It was the prize that Pam Gram won in the drawing.

A few email messages and comments by participants:

By the way, if anybody wants to add their rendition of the weekend I would be happy to tag it on this document.  Just email to something, lines or paragraphs, and I will put it right in with the rest.

Russell Jones:
I'd  like to thank everyone who worked so hard to make this Q-Fest happen!! I had the best time and look forward to the next time for all to get together.  Let's now wait a year for the love of Barbecue,
Bon Appetite

Bentley Meredith:
Q-fest was a good time! Thanks to everyone for making it happen. (Glad no one died from the bacon) Got to talk a little shop, a little business and as always horse around. Learned a few things, get that nasty stink gland out of the butts, did not even know they existed. Will use some tips Kenny gave me for chicken and the dreaded brisket.
Congratulations to All Hogs, Ric, Jay and Monica and Brent and Kim on there ToY awards. Happy to see Dan and Gene in the first class for the new Hall of Fame.
Special thanks to Glen for the drinks; no getting thirsty that weekend. Also to Joseph for the Dinner, you are the man Joe! Also a special thanks to Russell, All Hogs and Glen for the firewood! Man...I would really like to have cut loose on that fire...but people would have had to sit at the Pomona Fairgrounds!
P.S. All the food was great, but whoever made the Tamales...they kicked it up! Good eats!

Brian Kreisler:
What a great time we had. My son said the Tri tip put mine to shame. I think his exact quote was "made mine taste like dirt". He loves his tri tip. My wife and I enjoyed all the food. The seminar with Dr Don on Friday was fun and informative. The Dutch oven seminar also was great, Learned some great tips. My wife won the Dutch Oven and has me seasoning it right now. Sausage making also fantastic. Great to place faces with names from the forum. It was also great to meet so many nice people and find out what they do. Also thanks to all the great BBQ cooks wow you put out some great BBQ. Last but not least I Don't remember his name but that was a fantastic breakfast. I was glad we were not eating again until 2:00.

Anyhow don't want to take up any more space.

Thanks to everyone again, you made it so much fun. Can't wait until next year.

Brian, Melanie and Brandon Kreisler

P.S. Don't want to forget Dan, thanks for all the work you did to set this thing up.

Bill Freiberger:
What a great Q-fest! Dan did a great job putting it all together.
Everyone was nice, the food was great and I won a slicing knife. Who could ask for anything more? We need to do more than one of these a year!!!

Stephan Franklin:
Hi everyone;

I am glad that I talked to Neil and drove down from Ventura for this event! I felt very much at home and took an opportunity to join the association.

You folks are nice and very helpful! Nice seminars and great eats! My black and white Jack Russell (mixed) seemed to have a blast as well. See you all soon.


BBQ Joe Miles:
Wow, I am sore as hell but worth every ouch that is what a Q-fest is for me but worth it I feel.  That I am cooking for my big family it should  be easier for me when I get my hip done two more months away.  but all in all it was one of the best.  A lot of new people Todd had bun with my stuffed pig. (you will have to ask Todd about that one).  And, the Tritip on Friday came out great.  Beans you to, would have to thank Bentley for helping me with the beans trimming the Tritip.  You were a big help and the people who unloaded and loaded the trailer thank you from my heart.  It is Sunday at 11:30 and I just started moving around and getting ready to tackle the trailer and rest.  It was good seeing you all and see you at the Autry,



Hey Glen Stanley,

I was wondering if that fantastic Jambalaya recipe is a secret or if I can get it? My wife has been bugging me since yesterday. She said that it was the best she has ever had.
Brian Kreisler
Funny, I wasn't real happy with the way it turned out. We had to cook it on Thursday and re-heat it at the event. All the stirring I had to do in order to keep it from burning on the bottom caused the rice to become a bit too mushy. I also toned down the spice/heat a bit since not everyone likes spicy. I used 1/2 normal linguisa sausage and 1/2 hot linguisa sausage. I prefer it a bit hotter.
I'm not smart enough to figure out how to attach a link to the recipe, so you will have to get it from the web-site yourself.
Go to and do a search for "Kicked Up Jambalaya". I would normally use andouille sausage or all hot linguisa, and twice the amount of spice. I use 1/2 cayenne and 1/2 chipotle instead of just the cayenne.

I am feeling kind of guilty that my ABT seminar was so weak. If you will give a seminar on "Fatties" next year I will provide the ingredients. I bet we can even talk Todd into bring his grinder. BTW, had one of the brats and they were great Todd and Dan!

Maybe next year we can work together and do a one together. ABT's, fatties, armadillo eggs and pig candy. It will be an appetizer seminar!

Dan Cannon:

This Q-Fest had the most interest, highest attendance, and best participation, by all CBBQA members and BBQ Teams ever.  The weather was perfect! It was predicted to rain and did not. Albeit true it rained Sunday morning a bit but then cleared out.
The foods were GREAT!  Everybody did their best and turned in some fantastic entries'.  The Friday night dinner was also excellent.  So much food and variety to choose from, BBQ Joe's Tritip, two different beans, potato salad, garlic bread, salsa and chips, the list goes on.  As an FYI, this is the first time ever that both my "sausage gravy & biscuits & dirty rice pan (same 24 quart brazier) came back after the breakfast and dinner meals empty!  Saturday was even better yet in that literally everybody turned in something that was special to them.
Pretty much all the RV'ers arrived on Friday. Brent and Kim Walton of QN4U with Kenny from Tuscaloosa Alabama were already there and set up along with others in RV's. The remaining day-timers arrived on Saturday for the day. As I mentioned before, Friday and Saturday were perfect weather.  Yes, Sunday morning there were rain showers that went away pretty much after 10:00.
We had the largest, most ash build-up, and longest lasting fire I have ever witnessed thanks to the generous contribution of Glen Stanley & his donor, Steve Madaule, and others.  This is the best Q-Fest we have had yet. What defines best to me is lots of participation and enthusiasm at all levels.  Everybody participated and made easy work and cleanup. Many hands do make little work. We have already reserved the same spots plus 4 more, for a total of 20 for the same weekend next year. mark your calendars as it will be February 8-9-10-2008!
Big thanks go to:
Glen Stanley for bringing a trailer filled to the top with wood plus a pallet of Sparkeltts water and sports drinks.
Steve Madaule for bringing about 1/2 cord as well.
Todd Eves for bringing his pit and sausage making machine and doing the seminar.
Dr. Don Iverson, Bentley Meredith, & Dale & Tammy Ginos / Larry & Debbie Schroeder for their great seminars.
Joe Miles for bringing his pit and doing the Friday night dinner meats and Bentley for helping him with the beans.

Jim Sheridan for bringing his breakfast rig out and giving everybody the a great order-from-the-grill
Kim Walton for organizing and managing the Pot Luck distribution for Saturday dinner
All who brought and let us used their Ez-Ups, tables, and whatever equipment.
John Jackson, contributed his invention, "The Stoker" for the raffle.  Pam Gram drew AND won this item.
And most especially to everybody who assisted and contributed  in their own special way that helped to make the event overall so special.
Believe it or not the planning has already started for next year. As I said earlier, mark you calendars and let make next year even better!
Thanks for everybody's participation in all aspects for making this work so well every year!

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