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Q-Fest, East Shore RV Park, 6-7-8-February-2004
First there are the pictures, then below that the member's email renditions

Smokin' John & Flaming Linda Burke Claudia Cortez, Linda & John Burke Ken & Claudia Cortez
Pam Gram & Pete Weaver, BBQ Team "The Pit Stop" Bill Wight & Monica Hallberg Kip Hallberg

Don Grissom, Derek Muller, & Bill Wight Dan Cannon & Todd Eves messing around with breakfast gravy
Todd, Mark, and Hayward
Slicing the Tritip for Friday nights dinner
Pork sliced in strips prior to grinding Pork after grinding
Todd preparing & washing the medium sized hog casings
Me, mixing my seasnoning blend into the just ground butt Preparing to put the washed casing on the horn, blades removed
Todd and Pam stuffing the casing Todd giving lessons on how to hold & stuff casings Todd doing his magic with twisting & linking the stuffed casings
Brent Walton Brent Walton's CHAIRS! Jan & Jim Sheridan's Famous Breakfast Rig

Jim Sheridan taking orders for breakfast at the grill
Jim cooking up some bacon, literally in minutes Breakfast being served
Tom Chilton and Philip doing the Cornbread making seminar
Rick, Dan, and Jim's campsite setup People never quit coming for breakfast
Barb Cannon, Rene Tackett, & Gary Maines
The Potluck line The Potluck line
The Potluck line The Potluck line The Fire Pit where it all happened late at night
Smokin' John & Flaming Linda Burke Bentley Meredith relaxing after the big Potluck Dinner Pam Gram & Pete Weaver,  BBQ Team "The Pit Stop"
The following is email sent to the CBBQA group reference to the Q-Fest we just had this last weekend.  I will insert the messages in their basic order of reception:
Thomas Chilton []

Hey Carl,
The Q-Fest was great!  Sorry you couldn't make it.  The weather was perfect again.  There was a ton of great food, some new faces, old friends, and a good time was had by all who attended.  Dan Cannon and Bill Wight deserve our thanks and praise.  Raymond won the team of the year award.  Grant did a good job MC'ing the awards ceremony. 
Tom Chilton
Eva Harris <>


HI Dan, Bill,
Just wanted to thank you for the best qfest ever held. I would like to thank our new members Jim & Jan for the outstanding breakfast. They have truly the best breakfast set up on their smoker, it was like being in a breakfast cafe.  Order your eggs the way you want then, French toast, pan cakes you name it.
For the members that didn't come you missed it, great weather, we had about 85 guest on sat.
Tom's corn bread class was outstanding, Dan class was outstanding.
Hayward was very out-going this weekend when he wasn't working, he had a great time didn't want to leave today.

Eva Harris
Grant Ford <>
Eva and All,
Well said, Eva, It was a great qfest! Lots of members helping here and helping there.
Kaye and Jake W. become members this weekend I hope that they will join us more in the future. They were the couple that help Jeni and I at the first 29 Palms event, more good folks joining CBBQA.
Great Food, Great Friends and a Great Time!
Grant, just enjoy fool'n around!
Thomas Chilton []

I wrote up some impressions I had of the Q-Fest.  For the second year in a row, the weather was perfect in San Dimas for the Southern California Q-Fest.
The festivities got underway Friday night with the Bristol Farms-supplied tri-tip dinner and Dan Cannon and Todd Eves giving a presentation on how to make sausage. Todd brought a professional-grade Butcher Boy grinder/stuffer, which allowed him to make sausage at the rate of sev0eral feet per second (at least it seemed that fast). Several types of sausage were made, including: breakfast, Italian, and habanera. What wasn't tasted after the class was served the next day at the potluck.
Saturday got underway with a breakfast extravaganza supplied by Dan Cannon and Jim & Jan Sheridan (with a custom built rig that included full sized griddle, grill, smoker, steam tables, burners - it was really a professional kitchen on wheels). Biscuits and sausage gravy, pancakes, French toast, breakfast casserole, eggs cooked to order, bacon, sausage - let's just say that nobody left the breakfast hungry.
After relaxing a bit after breakfast, the first Saturday class got underway. Rick Stidham from Coleman Processors talked to us about the history of the beef industry, mad cow disease and the safeguards in place to safeguard against it, grading of beef, and answered questions about all different topics related to beef processing.
Next, people either went back to cooking or attended the Cornbread Class, where we made maple syrup cornbread, 7-up cornbread, spoon bread, hush puppies, and Southern style cornbread. The participants in this class had a lot to contribute to our knowledge of cornbread, and people enjoyed themselves working together to make the different types of cornbread.
There was a lot of relaxing, socializing, visiting, and cooking going on throughout the day. At this Q-fest, several teams and individuals brought their cookers along: Dueling Bubbas (Don Grissom) had their Good-One trailer, Coyote Road Kill (Dan Cannon) had the Ole Hickory, Out of This World Products (Todd Ewes) had his Southern Yankee, Bentley Meredith had his Traeger, Tom Chilton had his FE-100, Dan Drogichen brought his highly customized WSM, and there were probably more I didn't get around to see.
The highlight of the Q-Fest was the Saturday afternoon feast. It's impossible to describe how good the food was. There were several types of ribs, including Don Grissom's wild boar ribs. There was pulled pork, there was brisket, tri-tip, sausage, chicken; there was a table of different salads, a table of desserts, and side dishes galore. Even taking a tiny bit of each offering, there wasn't room on the plate to sample each thing.
After more relaxing and socializing, the Team of the Year awards were presented. Everybody Loves Raymond was the team of the year.
Overall, this was one of the best Q-Fests we've had. The weather was perfect, the people were friendly, the food was great, the atmosphere was relaxed, and there were many first-time attendees there. We can truly say: A good time was had by all who attended.
Don Grissom []
Henry J.,
You missed a good one, the weather and the organization of the Q-Fest couldn't have been better. Dan Cannon and all those that assisted did a grand job.
As to the ToY stuff, Tom Brohamer will be 'da man for the full results and write-up. I'm unaware of the details other than Raymond and Pam won the Overall. Was jammed up cleaning up the rig when the announcements were made.
As to the Wild Boar ribs. Again will have to plead ignorance. They served not only the best ever Q-Fest or contest breakfast but the best breakfast I've had anywhere (including restaurants) in years and I over did it. End result I skipped the Pot Luck and never tasted the Boar. They looked pretty. Heard some folks say they were O.K.. Ended up cooking 30 racks.
Dan Cannon []

I just want to second what everybody has said about the weekend and and add a few things:
- First off there was far too much work for any one person to do to make this possible for everybody. And as the old adage goes "Many hands make little work", that was truly the case here. Many people contributed their time and efforts and made this event VERY successful and I want to thank them all. As in:
- Todd Eves for hauling his equipment out (BBQ pit, Sausage grinder/stuffer) and for contributing at no cost the seasonings for the sausage seminar links and breakfast sausage. It took two trips from Todd's house both upon arrival and departure to get two trailers and all the equipment to and from the park to his home. Also, for running around town using his own time and gas to pick up the Bristol Farms contributed tritip for both the Friday night dinner and Saturday lunch.

- Without Todd Eves' help on the sausage making seminar it would have been a lot tougher for me. His equipment, exceptional skills (from years of being a butcher), and seasonings made everything GREAT. His new "Breakfast Sausage" seasoning is what really added to the sausage gravy as well.
- Bill Wight for doing all the bill collecting, keeping track of the monies, and managing the peoples arrival reference to spot placement & management, and finally he and Todd for managing which spots to turn-in so we would not be charged.
- Our new members, Jim and Jan Sheridan of "Country Inn Catering", 760-788-4951, Ramona CA, who provided us with one of the best, most tasteful, and most professionally presented, breakfast spread and layouts I have ever experienced. Both Saturday and Sunday mornings. They really just took on all the responsibilities of the breakfast tasks altogether and did an exceptional job. They TRULY took breakfast to "another level". Another task I could mark off my list and not worry about.
- Tom and Phillip Chilton for cooking all the breakfast biscuits. And, especially for bringing all the fixings, color write-ups, provisions, and equipment to provide a Corn Bread Making seminar that was fantastic. Got to try my first Hush Puppies, they were great!
Rick Stidman of Coleman's Meat Processing for taking the time to prepare a presentation and for taking his families personal time to appear and talk to our group. Rick has sponsored all the OBBQFOT events and has unselfishly given a lot of meat products for our Military BBQ events and the troops just returning from combat environments.
- Pam Gram and Pete Weaver for helping to prepare the serving tables and area and being there to help in all areas where some more hands and management helped a lot to get everything setup for each of the upcoming events
- Especially Grant & Jeni Ford for always throwing themselves in 100% to get the Potluck serving setup and work tasks accomplished. They really took hold of the serving area and helped to set up the chafers, receive the entries, and manage the whole area of food distribution.
- With the efforts of Grant, Jeni, Pam, and Pete I was able to mark that area of responsibility off my list altogether, not worry about it, and go on to other concerns. Like getting the RV park bill paid and all the parking and cooking spots coordinated. Thanks to Todd and his powers of persuasion we were able to coordinate the cancellation of spots with East Shore quite successfully.
- Grant & Jeni Ford for handling the after-dinner Awards meeting and "Team of the Year" awards.
- And especially to everybody that helped move equipment, put up and take down Ez-Ups, setup / cleanup, and generally help set up and move all the food, equipment, and hardware to provide the facilitation required to make everything happen.
Many other members came up and offered to help anywhere they could and it made life a lot easier on everybody. Thanks to everybody that did that! I REALLLLLY appreciated it! I am sure I should have mentioned more names but can't think of them at this moment. In any case I want to thank everybody that helped and contributed to the success of this event.
The weather was the BEST, no wind, sunny, warm (t-shirt type), great view of park, lake, and snow on the mountains. All the RV'ers stayed through still Sunday and we had a great time Saturday evening till late celebrating the successes of the weekend.
Again, thanks to all that attended, contributed, helped, and made it a great experience for everybody.
In a subsequent message I add the following:
Don't want to forget to also thank all the folks that took the time and expense to bring their pits (trailered, small & large).

Sometimes we end up with so much food that it is hard to find a place to cook it all and if it were not for the available pit space these units provide we would not be able to handle all the food. Thanks to the following folks for bringing their pits and cooking public and extra foods on your units as it turned up:

Tom Chilton, a Fast-Eddy
Don Grissom, a Good-One
Bentley Meredith, a Traeger
Todd Eves, an Austin National
Rick Streiff, an Ole Hickory
Jim & Jan Sheridan, Breakfast/Grill/Smoking home built
Dan Drogichen, WSM

As well as a big thanks for all the effort and hard work put in by everybody for all the potluck entries cooked and prepared and all the hard work it took to make them in an outside environment with an RV, standalone, or whatever type of a cooking or preparation device that was brought for the weekend.

I put down all I can remember or think I saw. Sorry if I missed somebody.

Every attendee (too many to mention) put in an effort and produced a product and result. Without the individual distinctive efforts put in by each and every attendee in one form or another these events would not work.

It can take 4 months to plan and reserve resources for these events. Anybody want to offer to organize and handle the next? Be nice to be thinking of when and where another Q-Fest could be held to supplement cook-off event activities.
Guess volunteers and the new board and take on that issue.

Dan C.

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