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California BBQ Association (CBBQA)
Q-Fest 2008
East Shore RV, Lake Puddingstone
San Dimas California

View from our campsites over Lake Puddingstone, an airport, and the IHRA Drag Strip
View from our campsites Breakfast folks
Breakfast folks
Breakfast folks Gary Maines
Dr. Don & Todd Eves Kim & Don Bean
Charles Miles- Sug Shack Shuji Sakai pizza seminar Shuji Sakai pizza seminar Dinner line
Dinner line Dinner line Dinner line Dinner line
The dinner folks
The dinner folks The dinner folks Thom presenting the "Most Improved" plaque to Larry
  for his Brisket
Thom Emery presenting Rookie Team of the Year (ROY) plaque to Alexia & Vinceent Brent Walton, Gene Goycochea, Kim Walton, Dan Cannon.  Gene & myself inducted Brent Walton & Kim Walton (independently) into the
California BBQ Hall of Fame
Dr. Don's Sister & Husband Brent Walton and myself (Dan Cannon)
Kim, Don, & Stacey
Kelley, Kathlean, Brent, & Kim Eva & Tana, & ?
?, Ben, ?, Dr. Don Iverson

  Brent & Steve
  California BBQ Association BBQ Association
Awards 2008:
Team of the Year


BLQUE Cuttin Edge QN

  Rookie of the Year : Rhythm n Que  
  Hall of Fame Inductees : Brent Walton & Kim Walton

A few email messages and comments by participants:

By the way, if anybody wants to add their rendition of the weekend I would be happy to tag it on this document.  Just email to something, lines or paragraphs, and I will put it right in with the rest.

Darry Smith:
Congrats go out to Kim Walton and Brent Walton for becoming our newest CBBQA Hall of Fame members.
Also Larry Hill for capturing the "Most Improved Team of the Year" in 2007.
Ben Lobenstein walked away with the First Presidential Service Award for 2007 for his hard work and dedication for the Association.

  What happened to Frank Boyer's #1 Tri-Tip Award for 2007, didn't hear a mention. Will this be sent out to Frank?

Bill Keys:
It sure was great seeing everyone again. It was a picture perfect day at the lake. I wish I could of spent more time, did not get a chance to hang with everyone.
And the food was awesome as usual.
Congrats to all the winners of TOY. Sorry I could not stay for the awards presentation.
See ya all soon.

Vincent Carrocci:
Good times.

Good people.

Good food.

Loooooong day of driving.

Jay Benedict:
Congrats to Kim and Brent. You guys deserve it!!!!

Congrats to all the TOY teams also. Atta boy Larry!!

Ben's award is very worked your butt off dude!

Sorry we missed all the fun....the CBBQA is a class act for sure. y of driving.

Brian Kreisler:
As always had a great time. Nice to meet new people, and catch up with the ones you know. Not always a lot of time at comps to sit around and shoot the breeze with fellow competitors.

Shu, The pizza seminar was great. Can't wait to try that BBQ pizza on my Weber.

Dan Cannon, Thanks again for setting this up. This is one fun and relaxing event.

Thanks to all that helped with all the contributions, Food, wood, Drinks, tables, cooking Etc.

Congrats to all the winners.

Can't wait until next year!!


Stephan Franklin:
Had a great time at Q-fest. Sorry to here about Neil's accident, but he is doing fine and that is what counts.

Dan, thanks for putting this together and congrats to the award recipients.

Brian, thanks for letting me bunk with you in the travel trailer. My best friend flew out from Michigan and he had a blast as well. 79 degrees warmer


Shuji Sakai
I had a great time, as always. Met some terrific new folks, and laughed allot with some old friends.

Some of you wanted the pizza dough recipe from my demo, so I've posted that in the Recipes \ Anything Butt area. Moderators, please move it if belongs elsewhere.

Dan Cannon:

Again, this Q-Fest had the most interest, maybe the highest attendance, and best participation, by all CBBQA members from the north and south.   The weather was perfect, best we have had in Los Angeles in months. 
The foods were again GREAT!  Everybody did a great and turned in some very tasty entree's.   The Friday night dinner, as usual,  was really great with a lot of involvement and variation.  Thanks to Todd Eves for donating all the Tritip used on both Friday night and Saturday afternoon and BBQ Joe Miles and Dr. Don for cooking the Tritip Friday evening!    At least this year I did not run out of Sausage gravy for breakfast.  I used 9 lbs of ground pork butt, 2 pounds of butter, two pounds of flour, and 2 gallons of milk. and lots of seasonings! 
We did in fact have our 24 hour a day fire going through from Friday arrival to Sunday departure.  As an fyi, I was the last person to leave at 12:45.  Hey, what happened to all the enthusiasm for a nice Sunday morning reflection and feel good breakfast or something in the fire pit area?

This is again the most participated in and attended Q-Fest we have had yet. What defines best to me is lots of participation and enthusiasm at all levels.  Everybody participated and made easy work and cleanup. Many hands do make little work.


Big thanks go to:
Everybody that brought their trucks filled with firewood, EZ-Ups, tables, & chairs for all to use !!!


- Glen Stanley for bringing a trailer filled to the top with wood plus a pallet of Sparkeltts water and sports drinks.
- Steve Madaule for bringing about 1/2 cord as well.
- Todd Eves for bringing his warming pit and contributing the tritip for Friday dinner and Saturday.
- Shuji Sakai for the Grilled Pizza seminar

- Kelly & Kathlean for the write-up  and photographic newsletter seminar. 
-Joe Miles for bringing his pit and doing the Friday night dinner along with Dr. Don Iverson.

- Kim Walton for organizing and managing the Pot Luck distribution for Saturday dinner and especially for collecting the monies
- All who brought and let us use their Ez-Ups, tables, and whatever equipment.

- AND, especially to all that brought and toiled over hot fires and stoves to help all of us have some magic & special foods to try !!!

As an fyi, the participants and volunteers that were scheduled to do the whole hog and knife sharpening seminars had to cancel their participation for those seminars due to personal reasons.

And most especially to everybody who assisted and contributed  in their own special way that helped to make the event overall so enjoyable.  Please forgive me for not mentioning more names but everybody in attendance saw and know who they were!
Thanks for everybody's participation in all aspects for making this work so well every year!

Q-Fest, 13-14-15-2009 (can you believe it is being planned as I type!) 

Yes, we are as we speak planning and making commitments and reservations for next year!  As a caveat, we have to plan this far in advance to get the premium spots and day-parking availability at East Shore RV.  Thus we reserve the dates a year in advance and plan early.  If for some reason the CBBQA has a scheduling conflict with this day (heaven forbid) we will always turn it into an "independent-of-any-organization" BBQ Enthusiast Weekend Campout called a "BBQ Bivouac" which uses the same model as a Q-Fest as we have successfully done in years past.  That takes the pressure off of any unforeseen scheduling conflicts in a yet uncharted 2009 planning for the CBBQA board, and, our scramble to obtain reservations well enough in advance to get the best.


We have already reserved the same spots plus 2 more, for a total of 25 for the same weekend next year. mark your calendars as it will be February 13-14-15-2009 !!!  Spots already reserved  for the, February 13-14-15 2009, Q-Fest are:


B170 =        =
B171 =        =
B172 =        =
B173 =        =
B174 =        =
B175 = 54' =
B176 = 47' =
B177 = 48' =             Gary Balbach (1)
B178 = 42' =
B179 = 43' =             John & Sharon Scott (2) Papa's Smokehouse BBQ
B180 = 41' =             Joe Miles & Patty (3) BBQ Joe Miles - Master Judge
B181 = 31' =             Dale & Tammy Ginos (2) When Pigs Fly
B182 = 33' = P/T = Todd & Tana Eves(2) Out of this World BBQ
B183 = 51' =             Brent & Kim Walton (2) QN4U
B184 = 46' = P/T = Dan & Barbara Cannon (2) BBQbyDan
B185 = 56' =            Toni & Ron Hoch (2) All Hogs go to Heaven
B186 = 48' = P/T = Hayward & Eva Harris (2) The Rib Doctor
B187 = 43' =             Steve & Vince Madaule (2) All Hogs go to Heaven
B188 = 52' = P/T = Brian Kreisler & family (4) Blast Off BBQ
B189 = 46' =
B190 = 47' = P/T =
B191 = 43' =
B192 = 44' = P/T =
B193 = 47' =
B194 = 37' = P/T =

If anybody listed above does not want to reserve the spot I left you in for 2009 just private email me at and I will immediately remove you.  If anybody want any spot above for next year just email me in the same way.


Thanks again for everybody for making this such a great weekend and hope to see you all soon.




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