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Collapsible Chafer Stands, Chafing Dish Wind Guards, Chafing Dish Skirts, Chafer Safety Barrier, Induction and Butane Cooker Guards, Sterno, Gel Fuel and Canned Fuel reduction and savings. They work on all standard full size chafers including roll top chafing dishes and are the most environmentally friendly. Wrap-N-Guards will pay for themselves through canned fuel savings in very little time.  
Email:  Kevin Graf @

Gilroy Rock n' Ribs Home Page
Ric Gilbert email:  []

Brent & Kim Walton.  Team QN4U.  Specializing in winning BBQ State Championships, BBQ Sauces,
and Forschner Cutlery Products

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Captain BBQ open his new BBQ Store & Website!  Click here!!!

Todd Eves provides rubs, sauces, seasonings, and expert catering!

Follows Camp, Azusa California, Home of 3 yearly BBQ State Championship Competitions!


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The Arizona BBQ Association

California BBQ Association

Memphis in May

The American Royal

World BBQ Association

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BBQ Smoking Pits by Dave Klose

Search for anything BBQ

Follows Camp

BBQ'n Fools, Tom B. Grant & Jeni F., Curt

3 Men w/ Nothing Better To Do

Excellent  Site, Good info on WSM's

Camp Chef Outdoor Cookers, High & Low Pressure Stoves, great for Catering

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Chef Paul Prudhomme Seasonings

Allied Kenco, Sausage Materials

Smoke 'n Fire on the Internet.  Good BBQ website with lots of good information and articles. 

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Tom Chilton & Phillip, Cooking Team

The BBQ Forum Message Board

Hearth, Patio, & BBQ Association

Kansas City BBQ Society Kansas City BBQ Society






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