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California BBQ Association (CBBQA)
Q-Fest 2014
East Shore RV, Lake Puddingstone
San Dimas California

< Q-Fest, 2013 Work-Sheet >



CHILI ................ Tim & Diana McDonald
CHILI VERDE .......... Andy Allen

BEANS................. Jack Lester

SHEPPARD'S PIE ....... Jack Lester

CORN CASSEROLE ....... Abel Tirre & Anna
GARLIC BREAD.......... Dan & Barbara Cannon

PISTACHIO SALAD ...... Ted & Ardith
DESSERT ITEM.......... Dale & Tammy Ginos

CHEESECAKE ........... Kimberly Moore

COFFEE BAR & PIE ..... Stephen Franklin


SAUSAGE GRAVY & ROLLS. Dan & Barbara Cannon
CORN BEEF HASH........ Jack Lester

CHILI VERDE .......... Andy Allen

EGGS, 9 DOZEN ........ Ardith & Ted Richardson
Steve Madaule

BACON................. Steve Madaule

SAUSAGE............... Steve Madaule
Abel Tirre & Anna
DANISH................ Tim & Diana McDonald
MUFFINS............... Kimberly Moore
STRAWBERRIES ......... Dale & Tammy Ginos

Hayward & Eva Harris Linda Burke & Joe Miles Joe Miles
Tim Wong and crew abill Freiburger, Bill Keys,
Melanie, Linda, & Donna
Pam, Steve, Tammy, & dale

Tim and Diana McDonald contributing a truck load of wood !!!  Thanks Tim & Diana !!!
  Breakfast is served !
  Breakfast is served !
Dinner, served at 14:00



BEANS & CORNBREAD .... Tim & Diana McDonald

SMOKED WHOLE TURKEY .. Dale & Tammy Ginos

CHICKEN WINGS ........ Eva & Hayward Harris
TAMALES .............. Bill Keyes


  à LA PRESSE ...... ... Abel Tirre & Anna

GREEN SALAD............. Kimberly Moore




  SHOOTS ............... Harry Soo
DIRTY RICE.............. Dan & Barbara Cannon

FRUIT SALAD ............ Ted & Ardith Richardson
MACARONI SALAD.......... Jack Lester

TAMALES................. Bill Keyes
DINNER ROLLS............ Eva & Hayward Harris

SOUTHWEST SALAD ........ Thom Emery

CHILI................. Steve Madaule
SPAGHETTI & CHEESE.... Ardith & ted
PRIME RIB ............ ???

  Awards Ceremony
Award Winners !!!
Dan Cannon awarding  to Ardith and Ted the Brent Walton Memorial Award !
A heartfelt “Thanks” from All Hogs go to Heaven after receiving such prestigious awards at the QFEST. What an honor to be inducted into the Hall of Fame with such an elite group of individuals. Also receiving the Brent Walton Memorial Award touched our hearts. We are honored and humbled to receive this recognition. Thanks to you all.
Bill, Dan, & Kelly awarding inducting  Steve Madaule
into the California BBQ Hall of Fame, 2013 !
Tim Wong receiving Presidents Award
  Donna Fong receiving Presidents Award

Q-Fest 2014
Submitted by Steve Wilson

California BBQ Association ?February 7, 8, 9?East Shore RV, Lake Puddingstone ?San Dimas, California

When invited to a barbecue most are excited to head to a party that is going to serve up some great food hot off the grill, have a few beverages and a great time with family and friends. CBBQA members and friends experience great BBQ throughout the year but a special event that we affectionately call Q-Fest is the opportunity to enjoy great BBQ and friends outside a competition setting while celebrating team accomplishments and honoring those that have made exceptional contributions to and for the CBBQA.

On Friday, February 7th the party began at the East Shore RV Park inside Frank. G. Bonelli Regional Park in San Dimas, CA. Bill Keyes, (Tropical Heat) and I were the first ones to arrive and had made plans to also attend the NHRA Winternational Drag Races just a few miles away from the Q-Fest site. By the time we returned the party was well underway with two bonfires blazing and about 50 folks from our BBQuemunity all set up.

Kevin and Debbie O’Grady (Royal Smokin Hot BBQ) had their margarita machine working and offered all a choice of leaded or unleaded margaritas. Our host for the 17th consecutive year, Dan Cannon (BBQ By Dan), announced that dinner would be served. Dale and Tammy Ginos (When Pigs Fly) had set up tables in their camp to host the Friday night Dinner buffet. There were many items to choose from while taking a sample of each resulted in a very full plate. The creativeness of our members in the kitchen must be commended. A dessert table was set up with more amazing treats.

After dinner, everyone made their way back to the bonfires. Tim McDonald (Rusty Barrel BBQ) and family supplied a pickup truck full of firewood to keep the fire pits burning for the whole weekend. Most folks attending spent the remainder of the evening socializing, talking, laughing and enjoying the company of friends.

One of the biggest highlights of Q-Fest is skunk sightings at night. Stories are told by anyone who has attended a Q-Fest of skunks searching for scraps throughout the campsites. One story was told about Moe Lyons, (Left Coast Q) staying up all night while cooking a whole hog. It was told that he had to climb on top of their table as he watched 33 skunks or one skunk 33 times invade his campsite.

Soon it was time for some rest and people began to retire to their motor homes, trailer and tents. My wife and I slept under our canopy. I can be a light sleeper and was awakened 4 different times throughout the night, twice by skunks, once by a raccoon and lastly by my wife having to use the restroom. During her absence I spotted, some sort of cat streak across my gaze. It was too fast and not enough light to determine exactly what it was, but it managed to keep the skunks away for the rest of the night.

Saturday is the big day for Q-Fest. Steve Madaule (All Hogs Go To Heaven) and John Bracamonte, (Brazen BBQ) did a great job cooking bacon and eggs for breakfast. In fact they cooked so much bacon, Steve’s pit erupted with a grease fire hot enough to curl the paint off the top of his smoker. Breakfast had many highlights with biscuits and gravy receiving many accolades.

Many day camper people began to arrive Saturday morning. The crowd had more than doubled. At 2pm it was time to eat again. This meal doesn’t get the distinction of being called lunch. Oh no, this extravaganza is called 'early dinner'. With everyone submitting a dish or more, there were many more choices as compared to Friday night dinner. I decided on a new strategy for this meal. There was no way one could sample everything as there was just too many food choices displayed. My strategy was to go light and save myself for the dinner planned for later that evening. The food was incredible. Beef loin, pork loin, chicken, turkey, lasagna, 3 different Mac & Cheeses, salads, desserts and so much more. There were 5 or six tables set up for the buffet, I think I made it to the end of the second table when my plate reached maximum capacity.

Todd Eaves, (O.T.W. BBQ) was sitting across from me eating this huge chocolate cake which he gave rave reviews. I had to try it. I go over to the dessert section of the buffet and cut off a small wedge of chocolate cake. I hear Steph Franklin , (Simply Marvelous BBQ) say 'Oh Steve, don’t leave without trying Jamie’s raspberry bars'. I had to try them also.

Soon it was time for the CBBQA 2013 ToY and Roy Awards. Our President, Steph Franklin along with a few of the 2013 BOD members presented the awards.

Andy Allen (Rooftop BBQ) did a fabulous job in procuring the awards for the 2013 winners. The ToY and RoY awards were colorful flame trophies. Clear acrylic flames of varying sizes etched with the team names were awarded to top finishers in each category. Beautiful plaques also etched with team names were awarded to the remaining top 10 teams. Medals were awarded to the top 20 overall.

Rookie of the Year- Son of Smoke, Zak Galiste
Team of the Year- Left Coast Q, Matt Dalton

1st Place Chicken- Simply Marvelous, Steph Franklin
1st Place Ribs-Left Coast Q, Matt Dalton
1st Place Pork- Steve Madaule, All Hogs Go To heaven
1st Place Brisket-Jason Miranda, Zzyzx BBQ
Hall of Fame Inductee-Steve Madaule, All Hogs Go To heaven

Judge of the Year-Tracy Allen

Brent Walton Award-Ardith and Ted Richardson, All Hogs Go To Heaven

President’s Award- Donna Fong, Butchers Daughter and Tim Wong, Dead Pig Walking

Two President’s Service awards were given for outstanding service to our organization. Donna Fong was the first recipient. She is a wonderful compassionate person donating time and energy working for the betterment of the association. Donna’s influence and rational thinking were a welcome addition to the 2013 BOD where she served as Vice President.

The second Presidential Service award was given to Tim Wong. Tim was probably a major factor in raising money for CBBQA sponsored children’s charities through his organization of the backyard class, the CBBQA Competition class and he was instrumental on the website as a global administrator.

Also awarded was the Judge of the year award. Tracy Allen was the first recipient of this award for her dedication in the judging tent as a MCJ , teacher and mentor and volunteer to the association as coordinator of business memberships. Tracy was able to accept her award via Skype while she was at work Saturday.

The CBBQA also welcomed a new member to the Hall of Fame. Steve Madaule was honored for his years of service to the association and his commitment to California BBQ. A friend to everyone, a mentor to most and just a whole lot of fun to be around.

The most touching award was given to Ted and Ardith Richardson. Ted and Ardith received the Brent Walton Award. I never had the opportunity to meet Brent, but the stories of this great man and how he lived for BBQ in California are shared by Ted and Ardith. If you are ever fortunate enough to be parked near the Richardson’s you need to take the time to chat with them. Just wonderful people that consistently exemplify the good in people and what BBQ is all about.

Saturday night dinner included a prime rib smoked by Kevin O’Grady which was awesome. I also had chili which was excellent.

In closing, a special thank you to Dan Cannon for organizing this event and for his dedication to assuring Q-Fest is a success. Dan announced he will again host Q-Fest 2015. He noted that due to management changes at the RV Park it will be necessary to reserve your spot, commit and pay, by January 1st, 2015 to guarantee your requested space at Q-Fest 2015.

Submitted by Steve Wilson


  California BBQ Association - 2013,

Kim Walton presented to, and standing with recipients Ted & Ardith Richardson.
 received the inaugural  2013 Brent Walton Memorial Award !
Inscribed as follows:
This award is presented to you
because your peers believe that you
best represent the great qualities
that made Brent who he was.
You have demonstrated excellence in competition,
a devotion to community service, and a tireless
energy for spreading the love of
barbeque to any and all.
We are grateful for your continued
presence in our barbeque family.

California BBQ Association - 2013,

Presented to recipient Donna Fong and Tim Wong
Inscribed as follows:
In recognition of your efforts in leading
content creation for the CBBQA web site,
spearheading the creation of the BBQ
Sauce review committee, and donating
your time to curriculum development
and delivery for the inaugural
California BBQ Institute
classes. We are grateful for your
dedicated Service.
     California BBQ Association Q-Fest 2013

7-8-9-February 2014

East Shore RV, Lake Puddingstone

San Dimas, California


Steve Madaule inducted into the
California BBQ Association Hall of Fame - 2013
  • All current Hall of Fame members - short Steve Madaule
    Even though all were not present at the Q-Fest forgive the
     liberty I took of Photoshop'ing in, so
     we could have a picture of all "Hall of Fame" members !
    I still have to add Steve Madaule and will do so and post asap!

 Rookie Team Of the Year 2013 (ROY) is:
Rookie of the Year- Son of Smoke, Zak Galiste      Congratulations !!!

Thanks to everybody  for coming out,

What a GREAT weekend & Q-Fest for 2014.  Thanks to all that made it out.  As I say every year...Thanks again for everybody's support and participation. 


All the Potlucks were just FANTASTIC... Great !!!!.  Everybody turned in such GREAT submissions.  I enjoyed EVERYTHING a bunch.  Thanks to all the  folks for providing an entrées and making everything so special !!! 



Big thanks go to:


- Rusty Barrel (Tim & Diana McDonald), again, 2014,  for bringing a half-cord of wood both this years and past (we went through it all).  Tim & Diana KEEP US ALL WARM !!!  THANKS A BUNCH
Without the wood we would all be miserable as the fire was going from Friday evening through Sunday morning, event the rain could not put it out !!! Thanks a bunch !!!        

AND... Everybody that brought EVERYTHING... without everybody's participation it would not work !!!
EVERYBODY did such an excellent job in spreading out all the work and making it so easy to do this year.   As I always say, "Many hands make little work", and this year, 2014, proved that ESPECIALLY TRUE!!!  Thanks to everybody that contributed something, food, seminar, setup, strike, whatever... It all did and does help !!!

ESPECIALLY, lets all thank the McDonalds for bringing that BIG batch of Firewood that cam in so handy and kept us all warm !!!   Thanks again to everybody's participation !!!

Next years Q-FEST will be... February 6-7-8-2015.  We have spots B170 - B194.  All the same spots are reserved again.  All who showed up this year will be automatically reassigned to their same spot unless they want another available spot for 2014.


Thanks to everybody for the loyal and continued support.  Without your attendance and participation this event and tradition could not happen.


Dan Cannon


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