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California BBQ Association (CBBQA)
Q-Fest 2010
East Shore RV, Lake Puddingstone
San Dimas California

 Todd & Jim  
Linda & Brian
   Kim & Brent Walton
Todd & Brent Dave, Bent, & Deny
  Brent, Linda, & Todd
Dave, Larry, Deny, & Dale
Randy Gille & Brent Walton Frank Padilla
     Saturday Dinner
      Saturday Dinner
     Awards Ceremony
Rib Tickler BBQ  Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ
Brazen BBQ

Rhythm' & Que
Alexa & Vincent
Many award winners

Randy Gille inducted into the
California BBQ Association Hall of Fame
by Laurence Hill
All current Hall of Fame members -
Even though all were not present at the Q-Fest forgive the
 liberty I took of Photoshop'ing in, so
 we could have a picture of all "Hall of Fame" members !
Gene, Brent, Kim, Frank, Ric, Dan, & Randy

More pictures by Rick Streiff at@
  California BBQ Association BBQ Association Awards
Team of the Year


Rhythm' & Que

  Chicken= Rhythm' & Que  
  Ribs= Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ  
  Pork= All Hogs go to Heaven  
  Brisket= Rhythm' & Que  

Rookie of the Year :

Brazen BBQ  

Hall of Fame Inductee :

Randy Gille  

Thanks all for coming out,

Yes, it was a tough weekend.  Thanks to all that made it out.  Thanks again for everybody's support and participation from both Todd (who makes it all happen behind the scenes) and myself.


It did rain off-and-on most Friday and Saturday.  However, we were all troopers and persevered.  Friday evening Potluck was great.  Everybody turned in such GREAT submissions.  I enjoyed EVERYTHING a bunch.  Thanks to Dale and Tammy for letting us set up under their trailer awning and have some light.  Thanks to Frank Padilla and others for supplying tables and other required setup hardware.  Thanks to BBQ Joe Miles for cooking the Friday Tritip that Todd Eves contributed.  Thanks Jim Sheridan for bringing your breakfast and Smoking trailer to also assist folks get the final things heated up and ready for dinner.


Sorry to all that had expected biscuits and gravy for breakfast!  I woke up under-the-weather and was physically unable to literally do much of anything except lay in bead and go to the bathroom,  the rest of my time there.  I forced myself to get up, mingle, a bit, take pictures, and make the Dirty-Rice submission for dinner.


Anyway, it was a great event, I appreciate all that came out and participated, made it special and hope that next years will be even better yet.  I will say that it is about every 10 years that we encounter weather that makes it tougher (like last weekend) and hope we are now due sun and heat at the next 10 Q-Fests.  We have already reserved all the spaces so next year is already a go... AND, you all need to start making your plans!


Big thanks go to:
Everybody that brought  EZ-Ups, tables, & chairs for all to use !!!  Especially thanks to Brent & Kim Walton for taking the bull-by-the-horns and playing a big part in getting the dinner buffet setup going.  I was doing the Dirty Rice, behind the curve of feeling poorly, and greatly appreciated all who stepped up and helped.  Especially Frank Padilla who helped with a lot of little and big stuff .  We all thank Frank for bringing the yellow canopy that helped a bunch with dinner also (not to mention the magic act).  Also, don't forget Todd who brought and setup his two 20' EZ-Ups.


Once more, thanks to:
-  Brent & Kim, and all, for helping setup the dinner buffet
- Jim Sheridan for providing the "BEST" breakfast we could ever have!
- Todd Eves for bringing his  Ezie-Ups and contributing the tritip for Friday dinner and Saturday.

- And EVERYBODY  I did not mention that brought all your fantastic potluck entree's for all to enjoy

And most especially to everybody I did not mention who assisted and contributed  in their own special way that helped to make the event overall so enjoyable.  Please forgive me for not mentioning more names but everybody in attendance saw and know who they were!
Thanks for everybody's participation in all aspects for making this work so well every year!

Q-Fest, 11,12,13-2011 (the weekend after Super Bowl)

Yes, we are as we speak planning and making commitments and reservations for next year!  We have to plan this far in advance to get the premium spots and day-parking availability at East Shore RV.  Thus we reserve the dates a year in advance and plan early.  If for some reason the CBBQA has a scheduling conflict with this day (heaven forbid) we will always turn it into an "independent-of-any-organization" BBQ Enthusiast Weekend Campout called a "BBQ Bivouac" which uses the same model as a Q-Fest as we have successfully done in years past. 


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