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held at East Shore RV Park,
13-14-15-February, 2009

planning has now started !!!


It is that time of the year to again announce the Q-Fest for 2009.  It will be held February 13-14-15th (Friday afternoon through Sunday morning) at Lake Puddingstone, East Shore RV.   This is a yearly CBBQA event and will be similar to previous Q-Fests.
Links with information for Q-fest 2008 are below:
< Q-Fest, 2009, Worksheet >
< Q-Fest, 2009, Information Sheet >
In a nutshell the concept is:
- BBQ folks get together to relax (no stress from a contest), camp out, and get to socialize and know each other more
- Everybody brings a pot-luck entry for the meal they would like to participate in (I hope all the meals).  Friday-dinner, Saturday-breakfast, Saturday-late-lunch/dinner, Sunday-breakfast.
- Everybody participates in multiple ways (what suits each person best).  As in:
      - Brings some Ezie ups, chairs, tables for all to use
      - Brings their BBQ Pit (pits are NOT provided) if needed
      - Cooks & plates their favorite pot-luck submissions
      - Helps setup, serve, break down, & police up
      - Contributes resources for all (campfire wood, ?)
Remember, many hands make little work.  In other words, when everybody gets involved, helps a little bit, contributes something or other, we end up with a fantastic event, a great time had by all, with very little effort or strain put on any one, or small group, of enthusiastic volunteers.
I really hope everybody can attend and hope to see the biggest turn out yet!!! 
Please peruse the links below and then just email me to enter your requests on the
< Q-Fest, 2009, Worksheet >

Below are some links to previous years write-ups and pictures
< Q-Fest, 2008, Pictures >:
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Links with information for Q-fest 2008 are below:
< Q-Fest, 2009, Worksheet >
< Q-Fest, 2009, Information Sheet >

Dan Cannon


6-January-2009 -- Update !!!

Guess we are close enough to start mentioning a few of the important items that are good reminders, that make the event more enjoyable, and start getting the Q-Fest back into everybody’s thoughts.

FIREWOOD - One of the most important items we can have at the event is firewood. We typically burn a fire, sometimes 2, up to 24 hours a day from the Friday arrival through departure after a later breakfast Sunday morning. We have been spoiled the last two years as Glen Stanley has brought a trailer full of wood and many cases of contributed (by Sparkletts) Sparkletts water and Sports drinks. Glen is unable to attend this year! So, we all need to try and bring a BUNCH of wood. Better to bring too much and take some home than not have enough. Trust me, Friday evening and after the Saturday dinner, meeting, and breakdown Saturday evening, everybody is ready to rest, chit-chat, and enjoy a fire till late.

DRINKS - As mentioned earlier. Glen Stanley has brought many cases of contributed (by Sparkletts) Sparkletts water and Sports drinks for the last two years and now we need to ensure we all bring what we need for ourselves.

EZIE Ups & TABLES & CHAIRS - We typically use about 4 EZIE ups for the primary Saturday serving area and 6-8 tables. There is some, but not that much, seating and shade at the park. Think about bringing some equipment (tables, chairs, whatever). Especially chairs. If you want to sit somewhere you will probably need your own chair. We may not need everything, or use it all, but at least we might really need it and it hurts not to have an option

WEATHER - It is guaranteed to be sunny and hot per !!! But, sometimes is wrong !!! Some of our best Q-Fests over the last 12 years have been in the rain! Folks get closer and communicate more. Interesting how that happens. Anyway, prepare just in case. There are people that won't attend an event based upon a weather forecast. Trust me, it can be predicted to rain and it won't. A recent example would be the Sunburst BBQ Contest. Happens all the time. Perfect weather. Some cancelled due to a prediction. Over the years it is better to just attend and grin and bear it. Trust me, it always works out for the better. Nobody has spent more time in a tent while it is raining on them than Brent and Kim and they still love it!

POTLUCKS - Please be prepared to bring your entree, for each potluck, totally ready to be served/dished from a serving line. That is seasoned, sliced, brought to the serving table in a container (either disposable pans or whatever), and a serving utensil of some type (disposable preferred). That way we can all make little work for all participants. Friday evening is simpler than Saturday in that the attendance and potluck entries are less. We can use existing concrete / wooden tables or a few additional tables or chairs provided by attendees.

MEATS - We are only eating what we bring. No food items are being supplied by the CBBQA. Nobody other than the participants of the potlucks are cooking, assisting, or providing food items. So, what you see on the < Q-Fest, 2009, Worksheet > is what we get.

BBQ PITS & FOOD COOKING - There are no communal pits. Everybody that offers to bring something needs to be able to cook it with their own equipment, woods, fuels, seasonings, and labors. Then present it prepped, sliced, and ready to serve in disposable (or not) pans or pots.

ARRIVAL - Feel free to arrive and park in the spot assigned on the < Q-Fest, 2009, Worksheet > . Folks already present are always ready to assist and help. Typically folks arrive sometime after noon Friday through the evening and or Saturday morning. Feel free to manage everything about your arrival, stay, and exit (except reservations, payment, or exact location sometimes). Tenter’s are welcome to set up sites between our assigned and reserved spots. Folks parking for the day or for a shorter period of time can park in the pull-thru lane at the exit point of our pull-thru spots (the advantage of getting many pull-thru's). The exit lane is all ours for parking. Remember that a vehicle cannot park all 4 wheels on the grass. Only two wheels and not in the road or blocking traffic! The park rangers get testy about that.

RESERVATION FEES - A CBBQA representative, if present at the time, helps with spot placement and collects all monies for the spots as folks arrive and issues badges. Do not pay for your spot to the park. This way we can get the best options to fit everybody in somewhere, receive all discounts that apply, and reserve a year in advance based upon our great relationship with the park.

CBBQA - Will provide badges, disposable plates, packaged disposable cutlery, napkins, a limited amount of foil pans (please provide your own). Please bring your own chairs, drinks, and whatever. It is truly a communal activity. Many hands make little work.

SEMINARS - Typically we have multiple seminars going on. So far there are NONE scheduled. In other words nobody has offered and finalized a scheduled time and topic with me. All it takes is somebody that can stand up for 45 minutes to an hour and exchange some good skills or knowledge to the others. Any volunteers? Larry, did you mention somebody?

HANG OUT WITH EACH OTHER - Please don't hesitate to mosey around, introduce yourself, and enter other campsites and start talking. We did not come here to stick to ourselves and be shy. Most everybody knows each other and makes their way from location to location. Please don't hesitate to do the same. This is a social event!


Friday afternoon folks arrive, 17:00 we might have a seminar of some type, 18:00 folks start making their potluck, 19:30-20:00 entrées are brought over to the serving area (any extra lighting is nice) and we have dinner, after dinner seminar if someone volunteers, hang out with friends and around the fire, and enjoy the social atmosphere and people that you never get to talk to because you are usually adhering to a contest or event schedule.

Saturday morning breakfast - is typically served about 08:30 - 08:35. Entrées are brought over and good to go just prior. After breakfast seminars if someone volunteers

JIM SHERIDAN - - will be in attendance with his Breakfast grill and BBQ Smoking Trailer !!! This is one special treat. If you have never tasted his wonderful breakfast or dinner entrées then you are in for a treat. If you have you then know what you have to look forward to !!!

Saturday after breakfast and until the dinner potluck at 14:00 folks either attend seminars, prep and prepare foods, visit, or just get ready for a great meal.

Saturday 14:00 Dinner - We REALLLLLLY need 3 or 4 folks to volunteer to help set up the serving area (Ezie ups, tables, table cloths) and receive the food entree items as folks bring them over. In general just lead and organize the potluck dinner setup. This is by far the most important group of people for the weekend and help make the entire weekend very special! Any volunteers???

Saturday CBBQA annual general meeting - 15:30, general business, awards, and the new board is introduced

Saturday 16:30 we (everybody helps) pack everything up. As in, tables, chairs, foods, Ezie ups, whatever. Not to leave but just to get everything organized for a relaxing evening, munching left-over’s or whatever, around the fire, and commenting on what a great weekend it was.

Sunday morning folks get up, if we can organize it we have a communal breakfast, folks start drifting out from 10:00 through noon. I believe that we are supposed to be out a bit before noon. In the old days it was noon. Usually not a biggie as the park pretty much empties out from the weekend RV'ers. Some might stay through till Monday.

Hope that helps and reminds the experienced and hope it comforts and relaxes the less experienced. Don't hesitate to go to the < Q-Fest, 2009, Worksheet > for daily updates and a complete listing of all attendees participation and reservation information.

Don’t hesitate to make contact or ask questions.



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