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BBQbyDan / Coyote Road Kill competes in the:




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TEAM BBQbyDan /  Coyote Road Kill at 

BBQbyDan / Coyote Road Kill Takes 9th in the Surf & Turf State
 and 19th in the World BBQ Championships 





Wednesday was a fairly busy day at Imperial B (I.B.) considering it was the day before the first BBQ event, "The Surf & Turf State Championship" was due to start Thursday.  Rick Streiff  my cooking partner had arrived in Imperial Beach by 07:00 Wednesday  morning.  He had to pick up the Keith Famie Cooking vehicle, named MAX, from the dealership where our sponsor GM Mobility had arranged to have MAX delivered.  The dealership was located in San Diego so there was a bit of logistics and travel that had to be done.  Also, Gene Goycochea had told us that BBQ people and teams were arriving several days prior to Rick's arrival so there were bodies hanging around to assist.  Rick simply  asked the first available body to drop him off at the dealership where he picked up MAX and drove back to the Seacoast Hotel parking lot.  The dealership had detailed and prepped the vehicle for us so it was looking very sharp.   MAX is a customized cooking vehicle.  It has a built in Wolf 6 burner Stove that slides out on a large bearing surface, a Flash Oven, a Refrigerator, 2 built in DVD & TV LCD screens built into the side  and rear windows, and a 5000 watt  AC Generator built into the engine fan belt system and  compartment.  This is quite the vehicle for use in cooking!


I was arriving later in the day.  Frank Dopp, and Wayne Seale, the other team members, were arriving late the Thursday or Friday  so Rick was on his own most of the Wednesday.  Having left Woodland Hills (above  Los Angeles) a bit after noon on Wednesday I did not arrive until about 16:30.  There were a lot of BBQ people, rigs, and hardware on the street and in the Seacoast parking lot., much more than upon my normal early arrival.  This indicating that we would have a lot of competitors from all over the states and the world.  


Dean, Gina, and Bill from Lakeside were the next to arrive by 18:30.  This allowed them to find a spot in the RV lot across the street and get situated for the entire event and get their rig nicely located.  We all had a nice relaxing time in the Seacoast parking lot chit-chatting and meeting  Rolf Zubler and his wife, the President of the world Barbecue Association, and many other competitors from around the world that were just hanging out.




Upon arrival we located in the Seacoast parking lot in a temporary spot.  We needed to have MAX on the street for public viewing and the street would not be closed until the following evening.  We partially unloaded and took two WSM's (Weber Smoky Mountain Smokers) out to cook the Judging Class food on.  I have done the judging class food cooking for every Surf & Turf since they began 3 years ago.  Usually John & Lynn Ross help me with this task as John teaches the class and Lynn prepares the class trays for the class the next day.  I had Dean, Gina, Rick, and Roland all helping in preparations, trimming, and placement of meats in the cookers for overnight (they need 15 hours).   So, preparations went very fast (many hands make little work).   We had all the meats trimmed, seasoned, and in the cookers by 21:00 (09:00 p.m.).  This can be a slightly beneficial activity in that it will get you warmed up for the REAL event happening the next day.  Dave Klose and Rick were the last to go to bed after sitting up and talking till late in the evening.


I got up early and re-filled the WSM's with fuel and water.  Dave Klose loaned us a customers new pit  to cook the class chicken in as we did not have the real estate in my WSM's.  Got that pit lit, the bird in, and pretty much turned all the finished meats over to Lynn Ross and Roland Cook to prepare and tray for the judging class by noon Thursday.  Everything turned out great I was told.  




The next morning we had to identify on the street a good spot to place MAX for public perusal.  This needed to be a spot where the public and press could easily see and enjoy the vehicle.  We chose to park in the street, along the curve, directly across from the Seacoast parking lot (a bit to the south).  This put us adjacent to the RV lot Gene had available and let us have easy access to both my cooking van and Rick's RV.  It took Rick a bit of time to figure out how the various systems on MAX worked but we finally got everything unload, setup, and functional.  We were now ready to start cooking, but the primary purpose of MAX was the World BBQ Cook-Off where the equipment on MAX would really be of big assistance.  The Surf & Turf Cook-Off starting Thursday was primarily traditional BBQ and required the use of the trailered BBQ Smoking pit that I brought down from my home in Agua Dulce.




The Surf & Turf State BBQ Championship contest preparation started about noon on Thursday.  We had to set up the kitchen, setup the BBQ pit, trim and prep all the meats (brisket, pork, ribs, & chicken), and any other task that needed to be done prior to putting the meats on.  


The event really starts with the BBQ dinner provided by the judges for the cooks the night before awards.  They traditionally cook up some Tritip, BBQ Beans, Garlic bread, and Pasta & Potato salads. For this event we had Carnie Asada, Beans, Flour Tortillas, and Potato Salad.  Dinner started about 19:00 and went through till 20:00 at which time the cooks meeting commenced.


After the cooks meeting we typically put our Butts and Briskets on the WSM's (WSM's go unattended for up to 8 hours).  This allows us to sleep versus watching an offset BBQ pit throughout the night.  Then early the next morning the Ribs go in the pit, followed by the Chicken.  If there is a 5 category it will usually be turned in at 11:30 and will be a quick cooking item that goes on by 10:00.  Today it was seafood.  We turned in Sea Bass provided and prepared by Frank Dopp.  Everything went well, got everything turned in, and got accustomed to the close contact of people from the street.




Well the awards ceremony is certainly what we all are waiting for.  It commences at typically 15:00 (last turn-in is at 13:30 typically).  We (all the teams) are typically all beat.  You wonder if this will be the time you get skunked or win Grand Champion.  Anyway, we could have done better but felt pretty good about our product.  We ended up getting 9th overall out of 29 teams and got 7th in Ribs and 7th in Pork.  So, our other scores could not have been much below 10th place.  All our scores were good except the Brisket.   All in all it was a FUN, EXCITING, and ENJOYABLE event.  Can't say it was not a lot of work, but heck, no pain, no gain!!!




The World event started out much more calmly than a typical KCBS event for me  in that there was not a specific type of meat that was required for turn-in under any specific category.  In other words with the BEEF, PORK, CHICKEN, SEAFOOD, and DESERT categories you could turn in any cut or type of those specified entries.  So, for beef we chose Prime Rib roast, bone-out, with a side of Mashed Potatoes with garlic and horseradish.  For Pork we chose  Pork Tenderloin and smoked White Corn. For Seafood we chose Sea Bass, breaded and pan fried,  with a Dashy Sauce.  For Desert we chose  Apple Pies, miniature, made in a ramekin, topped with home-made, thick, whipped cream and a lemon zest. HEY, they all turned out VERY GOOD.  In fact we thought we had 1st in Desert, Beef, and Seafood.  Oh well, we did get 6th in Desert,, and 3rd in Booth.  Did not take place any place else.  Well, next time. 


Anyway, the preparations for all the above mentioned items was fairly quick and easy.  In other words we did not have any long-haul meats (as in Brisket or Butt), not even Ribs which require an early morning preparation  Frank, I (Dan), Rick, and Wayne worked together like we had been in training.  Everything went very smooth.  When it came to presentations time  Rick's whole family pitched in.  Karen, Jessica, and her friend all helped get the trays ready, do taste judging among our own entries to see which should go in, and the do the final turn-ins.  So, all in all the World was pretty easy compared to a normal event other than the fact that the side dishes were mandatory, would be tasted for additional scoring, and took longer to make.


The World BBQ contest scoring was so different and intense that it literally took the promoters until 19:00 to tabulate the scores even though the last turn-in was at 13:45.  We then took that opportunity to disassemble the entire site, put everything away, get everything cleaned, load all vehicles, and by 17:00 we were all sitting by our fully loaded vehicles ready to go home.  Actually we were staying that night and were going to move into the vacated Seacoast Inn parking spaces after the 19:00 World BBQ Awards Ceremony was complete and some teams left.


The World Awards presentation was probably the BEST awards ceremony that I have ever been to.  They had more  70 awards to hand out.  Everything from "Best Booths, Most Fun, Best Dressed, and Best Entertainment" in addition to the normal awards for the individual food entries from 7th up and the Reserve and Grand Champions.  Coyote Road Kill got 3rd in "Best Booth" and 19th overall.  It was one of the most exciting and emotional Awards Ceremonies that I have ever attended to be sure.  John Ross and Rolf Zubler read the awards for an hour and a half.  It ended at 20:30.  Many teams and people had the joy of going up to get awards and prizes.





Overall BBQbyDan / Coyote Road Kill did the following:


SURF & TURF State BBQ Championship 

WORLD BBQ Championship

Seafood 12th Seafood 225
Chicken 13th Chicken 212
Ribs 7th Pork 229
Pork 7th Beef 214
Brisket 17th Desert



                               9th Overall

                                  19th Overall   1130



As usual there is a GREAT get together of teams and participants after the awards ceremony.  The teams  that like to celebrate the good times, camaraderie, competition, and getting together again.  We all usually just grab our favorite beverage and travel from camp to camp.  Maybe 50% of the teams will be gone within an hour after the awards ceremony, 50% will stay.  Rick and I always stay as that is part of the whole thing.  If that kind of fun could not be had then the pay-back of the whole event might be in question for me.   Anyway, we all hung out till late and then turned-in.  Rick and I were one of the very few and fortunate teams that had COMPLETELY packed and was ready to pull-out prior to party time!




The Sunday morning of an event weekend is usually a very busy state of affairs.  Everybody is trying to find something to eat, get all packed up, and  then get off the premises that the event was held at so the owners can put it back to use for its intended purposes (hotel parking lot, or whatever).  As a rule Rick and I will get up and start packing by 07:00 and be ready to pull out 3 1/2 hours later.  But, since we had 4 rooms at the Seacoast for Saturday night we could take all day in this instance.   That is one thing that makes events held at campsites or other open areas a little easier.  If one is cooking on the street one has to be off site (the street) right after the awards ceremony as a rule.  We all got home Sunday afternoon safe and sound and had a great (working) vacation???


Dan Cannon, Team Captain, Coyote Road Kill


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