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JULY 4 - 6, 2002


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CRK proudly supported by the companies listed above

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Dan & Rick getting 7th Place in Ribs at Surf & Turf, I.B. 2002

Robert Santoro getting 1st Place in Brisket from Chef Jamie of Foot TV

John Ross giving World BBQ Awards to winners, I.B., 2002

Gene's BBQ Catering Rig selling BBQ dinner plates

Gene's New Catering TPD trailer w/ Ole Hickory Pit mounted in rear

 Copymax10.jpg (36772 bytes)

Copymax-13.jpg (47598 bytes) Copymax-stove.jpg (31260 bytes) Copymaxfridge.jpg (51252 bytes) Copyrickwaynefrankdan.jpg (36399 bytes)
Kieth Faimie's MAX cooking vehicle used by CRK's BBQ Team Kieth Faimie's MAX cooking vehicle used by CRK's BBQ Team MAX roll-out Wolf Stove that rolls out of unit MAX rear view with Fridge & Flash Oven built into unit CRK Team, Rick, Wayne, Frank, & Dan in front of MAX
Copycarolyn-rick.jpg (52276 bytes) Copyrickwaynefrank.jpg (38600 bytes)

Copyfrank.jpg (27191 bytes)

Copyfrank1.jpg (16415 bytes)

Copyfrankrickpie.jpg (28958 bytes)
Friends, Carolyn, Rick, & Roland at CRK Cook Site Rick, Wayne, and Frank in front of MAX Frank is shaking hands with his bird!

Frank getting down to business!

Rick and Frank preparing the Apple Pie Desert entry
Copyfrankrickpie.jpg (28958 bytes) Copyickpies.jpg (34785 bytes) Copyrickfrank1.jpg (45711 bytes) Copywayne.jpg (36236 bytes) Copyroland-rick.jpg (31992 bytes)
Frank and Rick preparing the Pie Desert entry. took 6th place Pie entry in preparation phase, took 6 place Rick and Frank putting pies together Wayne, helping and an acting team member of Coyote Road Kill Roland Cook and Rick Streiff
Copybillie.jpg (17192 bytes) Copybillie-dean.jpg (34297 bytes) Copybillie-gina.jpg (46592 bytes) Copygina-billie1.jpg (27975 bytes) Copyroland-gina.jpg (39148 bytes)
Bill Brugeama Bill & Dean of Lakeside Catering Bill Brugeama with his sister Gina Hayes Bill Brugeama with his sister Gina Hayes Gina and Roland
Copygina-rick.jpg (33283 bytes) Copyscott-hubie.jpg (33384 bytes) Copyrolf.jpg (33574 bytes) Copymypit.jpg (33705 bytes) Copypigpit.jpg (41030 bytes)
Gina & Rick Scott, Scott's father, and Hube, of 3 Men with Noting Better to Do Rolf Zubler, President of the World BBQ Association CRK Smoker  Dave whole animal rotisserie
Copycowpit.jpg (37179 bytes) Copysteer_girls.jpg (73215 bytes) smokeusa.jpg (45952 bytes) steer1_sm.jpg (37656 bytes) steer2_sm.jpg (45622 bytes)
Dave Klose whole animal rotisserie (very large) Dave Klose's Steer Pit. Gene Goycochea Sr.. & the L.A. Laker Cheerleaders, at I.B., 2002  Smoke USA, Grand Champions, Surf & Turf Dave Klose whole animal rotisserie (very large) Dave Klose whole animal rotisserie (very large)
steer3_sm.jpg (23540 bytes) steer4_sm.jpg (25912 bytes) steer5_sm.jpg (23142 bytes) todd1_sm.jpg (27869 bytes)
Dave Klose whole animal rotisserie (very large) Dave Klose whole animal rotisserie (very large) Dave Klose whole animal rotisserie (very large) Todd Eves & the Laker Girls

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