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Wildomar Barbeque Bash
Wildomar California
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Wildomar barbeque bash attracts thousands
The event featured 46 barbeque teams from across the state, each competing for the “best-in-category” crown.

By Toni McAllister, SWRNN,

Saturday, April 17, 2010 print page email share this comment bookmark text size vote nowBuzz up!

Beef, chicken, pork — it was a meat-lover’s nirvana in Wildomar Saturday afternoon as more than 5,000 people turned out to sample barbeque during the first-ever Ultimate BBQ Showdown East vs. West event.

Lavious Watkins (front) and Dimas Cervantez, both of Wildomar, cook up the goods during the Ultimate BBQ Showdown in Wildomar. The two were on hand representing Boy Scout Troop 332 of Wildomar, just one of 46 barbeque teams competing during Saturday's event. (Toni McAllister/SWRNN)
Held at Marna O’ Brien Park, the down-home experience was organized by the Rotary Club of Wildomar. The event featured 46 barbeque teams from across the state, each competing for the “best-in-category” crown.

Prizes are being handed out Saturday evening for best chicken, best pork spare ribs, best beef ribs, best brisket, best pork butt, best tri-tip and best overall.

The event is sanctioned by the International Barbeque Cookers Association; “best” winners will advance to state championships, according to Ultimate BBQ organizers.

Local resident Mariko Bombard and her 2-year-old daughter Kaiya were on hand Saturday afternoon to sample the sizzling fare.

“It’s great, but I wish there was more … more barbeque!” Bombard said as she tore a saucy hunk of shredded meat into bite-sizes pieces for Kaiya. “We’re having a good time.”

The two sat with friends, out of the way of elbow-to-elbow passersby who were looking to get their fill of barbeque and other goodies. More than 100 vendors set up shop at the event, selling everything from kettle corn to beer and barbeque sauce.

Rotary Club of Wildomar Vice President Henry Silvestre was also at Saturday’s event. Looking out over the sea of people at Marna O’Brien Park, he said he was happy with the turnout.

“We’re expecting nearly 8,000 people before the day is over,” he said.

The event ends at 6 p.m. on Saturday.

Silvestre was the Ultimate BBQ’s main organizer, and the experience has been a first in many ways. Along with being the first big barbeque shindig, it’s also the first large-scale event the Rotary Club of Wildomar has ever sponsored. The club formed in March 2009, just eight months after the city incorporated.

“We started working on this event in November,” he said. “We’ve worked every week since.”

All proceeds from the Ultimate BBQ will go back into the community, Silvestre said, noting that the club will have to vote on how funds will be dispersed.

The club’s first priority, however, will be to provide shelters over Wildomar city bus stops, Silvestre said.

“We have a lot of people here who ride the bus. It gets very hot in the summer, and it rains in the winter,” he said. “We want to make sure we provide shelter.”

Other projects that might get funding from Ultimate BBQ proceeds include local scholarships and youth programs, Silvestre said.

Toni McAllister is SWRNN’s lifestyles editor. She can be reached at  or 951-234-0704. Follow her on Twitter at SWRNNaelife.

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