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Viejas, Smokin in the Park
A California State BBQ Championship
October 17-18, 2008
Alpine California



< BBqbyDan Index of Past BBQ Events & Write-ups >

1st - Rhythm n' Que  - Grand Champion                        
2nd - Sug's Shack BBQ - Reserve Champion    

3rd - Smitty's Smoke Patrol
4th - Blakes BBQ
5th - Slap Yo Daddy BBQ
6th - Otis and the Bird
7th - The Pit Stop BBQ, LLC
8th - QN4U
9th - Totally Que-Less BBQ
10th - BBQbyDan

Chicken 1st - BLQUE Cutting Edge QN
2nd - Rib Tickler BBQ
3rd - Otis and the Bird
4th - 7 Kinds of Smoke
5th - Backstreet Barbeque
6th - Four King Q
7th - Smitty's Smoke Patro
8th - Team Braz-B-Que
9th - Rhythm 'n Que
10th - Tropical Heat BBQ

Ribs 1st - The Pit Stop, LLC
2nd - Smitty's Smoke Patrol
3rd - Sug's Shack BBQ
4th - Big O's BBQ
5th - Four King Q
6th - Totally Que-Less BBQ Tea
7th - BBQ Bullies
8th - Rhythm 'n Que
9th - Auntie Shoes Bodacious BBQ
10th - BBQbyDan

Pork 1st - Blakes BBQ
2nd - All Hogs go to Heaven
3rd - QN4U
4th - Tops BBQ
5th - Sug's Shack BBQ
6th - 155 South Bar-B-Q
7th - Notley Que
8th - Backstreet Barbeque
9th - Smokin' Steve's Pit BBQ
10th - Slap Yo Daddy BBQ

Brisket 1st - Rhythm n' Que
2nd - The Rib Doctor
3rd - Slap Yo Daddy BBQ
4th - Otis and the
5th - Dragon Smoke BBQ
6th - BBQbyDan
7th Papa's Smokehouse BBQ
8th - Sug's Shack BBQ
9th - Blakes BBQ
10 - All Sauced Up

Grand Champion    -
Reserve Champion  -

 Rhythm n' Que
 Sug's Shack BBQ

Pork Ribs
Viejas, Smokin' in the Park
A California State BBQ Championship
October 17-18, 2008
Alpine California


Again, this year, the BIGGEST and one of the BEST, BBQ Cook-Offs  in California. We are treated so by Nancy, Debbie, Peter, and all the staff at Viejas Outlet Center, again, for the 4th year straight. 
Thanks to all the organizers and Viejas personnel who made it so nice this (and past) year(s).

I could again just sit her and say the same things over and over again as in all my previous write-ups.  So, will just jot down a few bullet items:

  • Congratulations to Rhythm n' Que, Grand Champion & Sug's Shack BBQ, Reserve Champion

  • The venue is the best.  We are given great spots in a great area next to the out let center.  Provided with water, Ice, and dump facilitations for grey water and Ice.  On a strictly positive note, and as a wish list item,  I bet all the teams and staff would love to have a Porta-Potti or two in the immediate vicinity of our team placements for next year maybe.

  • Some hung around Saturday night at the RV parking lot and had some great visiting, pizza, and relaxation after the great event.  Everybody should consider hanging around for the Saturday (after the awards) ceremonies that occur after most events.
    QN4U, Rhythm 'n Que, BBQbyDan, Tropical Heat, Papa's BBQ, and All Hogs go to Heaven hung around and had pizza (traditionally provided by the Grand or Reserve Champions), a bit of an adult beverage, and good social times till about midnight.


GRAND Champions,  Rhythm n' Que

Reserve Champions, Sug's Shack BBQ



Bill, Dan & Brent
Steve Madule & Brent Walton
Charles Myles
Sug's Shack BBQ
The Pit Stop LLC
1st in RIBS !!!
Big O's BBQ
Al & Mary
Four Q BBQ
Robert, Sylvie Curry, Neil Strawder
155 South Bar-B-Q
       Bram & partner
When Pigs Fly BBQ
Tammy & Dale Ginos
All Sauced UP
3rd Place OVERALL !!!
Smitty's Smoke Patrol
The Bruggema clan & friends Dragon Smoke BBQ
BBQbyDan rig Bill Keyes & Dan Daniels
Tropical Heat BBQ
Otis & the Bird
Monica, Otis (dog), Jay, & Kim

Gary Notley
Notley Que
Hi-I-Que Papa's Smokehouse BBQ
John & Sharon Scott
Bill & brother Sam Bruggema

Smokin Hogs Tops BBQ Phil Carter & partner
QN4U, Brent & Kim
Louis & ? Street to the east
:Street to the west
Late night gang Remove Brent & Steve in the middle and you have the
& 1st in Brisket
Late night gang

< BBqbyDan Index of Past BBQ Events & Write-ups >

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