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Imperial Beach California
Contact Gene Goycochea, the promoter and contest coordinator at 619-429-1234 for information.


"Surf & Turf" 2005 BBQ Contest Results
13 Competition BBQ Teams
12 KCBS Certified BBQ Judges


Grand Champion:

  Sug's Shack
Charles Miles & crew
(looking for a picture of Charles to post?)

Reserve Champion:

   Burbank's Bad Boys Randy Gille & crew
1st -- Pit Stop BBQ
2nd -- Auntie Shoe's Bodacious BBQ
3rd -- Burbank's Bad Boys

1st -- Burbank's Bad Boys
2nd -- Sug's Shack
3rd -- Let There be Smoke

1st -- Famous Shamus BBQ
2nd -- Auntie Shoe's Bodacious BBQ
3rd -- Sug's Shack   
1st -- Smoke-A-Licious BBQ Team
2nd -- Acton BBQ Company
3rd -- Burbank's Bad Boys
1st -- Pit Stop BBQ
2nd -- Acton BBQ Company
3rd -- Auntie Shoe's Bodacious BBQ


Email from Gene Goycochea, contest organizer and promoter:

Hello everyone, I just wanted to thank all who attended Surf & Turf, the event raised good money for charity, in addition to what we (the event) raised, CBBQA also raised money that will be sent to the Charity (Boys & Girls Club ) in the form of a check, the samples booth was run by Jeni and Grant Ford (always helping) it raised about 650.00 in addition to the over 10,000.00 that was raised by the event. I would like to thank the teams, judges Eva and Hayward Harris for repping and doing a great job!!! also we had the assistance in the food venue of a couple of our great judges who always help when asked.... we also had Christie Gille  of  Burbank Bad Boys BBQ who gave up her entire day to assist in the selling of food for our cause... she and Randy are always there to make it happen...
Again, thanks to all a small but wonderful event for our community

Email from Pam Gram (1st Chicken and Seafood):

We just got home. The contest was a blast. I fixed a tempura shrimp, but added Bruce's Sweet Potato Pancake Mix to the batter. I then served it with a smoked green tomatillo and jalapeno sauce and a smoked red pepper with chipotle sauce. :0

Hi Eva!

THANKS to YOU and HAYWARD! You did a great job Reping as usual! We really had fun and got to visit with some familiar faces and meet some great new ones!

I can't speak for Auntie Shoe's, but I would love to do Seafood at a QFEST!

Thanks to everyone!
Pam Gram/Pete Weaver
The Pit Stop

Email from Eva Harris (Eva & Hayward were the KCBS Contest Representatives):
Hi Gene & Teams,
It was a great contest, the pay out was pretty good, nice weather and at one point all the judges was certified until we had a last minute entry to show up. The 6 judges that was not certified, Hayward spent a lot of time with them and place 2 at each table they did great.
The Contest had a local TV station to air the contest. The Sea Coast Inn has a new Manager.
Next Year Surf & Turf will once again have the whole Hotel like old time, and we had the parking lot and the Teams can stay until Sunday.  It going   to be great, so thank Gene for getting this taken care off, it means you were paying attention to our complaints.
I would like to thank all the teams for a great contest without you it wouldn't be a contest.
We need to have a seafood Q'FEST so the Pit Stop & Auntie Shoes Bodacious can cook for us.
Grant & Jeni worked so very hard helping out everyone, thank you so very much.
It was great seeing David Klose their helping out once again, thanks David.
Eva Harris

Email from the Burbank Badboys (Reserve Champions):

Congrats to Charles, Adrian and Alex of Shug's Shack for Grand Champion - great team, great BBQ!  Thanks to the Harrises for all your hard work -- Hayward, your jokes on stage were lots of fun!  Thanks Gene, and all the IB volunteers who made us all feel welcome.  Thanks to Grant and Jenny for running the CBBQA Sample Booth!  Thanks to all the other teams for the great times! 
Burbank Bad Boys BBQ


Email from Grant Ford (President of the CBBQA):

Hello all,
I just got back from the trade show at the Orange County Fair Grounds,
Yes a big thank you to Eva, Hayward, and Gene, a wonderful event, lots of fun and good times again with the CBBQA family and our fellow Barbecuer's. Yes, it was great to see new and old faces at our historical Surf and Turf, David Klose being one of them. Thank for helping Gene and CBBQA, David.
CBBQA other than what Gene did, raised about $650 for the Boys and Girls Club from the CBBQA info/sample booth. Gene supplied the majority of the Shredded Pork and Jose Escoto of Ole Hickory Pits was kind enough to offer the wonderful brisket and ribs out of the Ole Hickory he was showing at the event, nice unit. Many of the teams offered ribs, chicken, brisket and pork to the sample booth, thanks for your support, the Boys and Girls Club thank you, too.
I thank God, for Jeni, she is just wonderful with the people and with supporting me and CBBQA, give her a hug next time you see her, she really is the 1st Lady of CBBQA.
I just love watching all the teams smoking and taking such care with the pre-preparation of the products they present to the Judges. You are all great competitors and BBQ lovers. When it was announced that Sug's Shack, that's Charlie's team, had taken Grand Champion, I recalled one of his first events. Del King introduced Charlie to me to help him out a little. Well I did help him out, but this Grand Championship Award, is totally his, I was glad to be a little part of his history in the making, Congratulations Sug's Shack!
I would like to make a point that Randy Gille has been making his way up the ranks of the Championship BBQ'ers, Placing in Boulder City and taking Reserve Champion at Imperial Beach. Once Randy dials in that Pork Shoulder, look-out all! He and his team Burbank's Bad Boys and the abyss will be making their mark on BBQ Row.
And Thank You Judges for your support of Surf and Turf, CBBQA and KCBS, not only to your help with the contest, but many of you are involved in helping CBBQA as an organization, and I just want to thank you for that also.
Grant Ford,
CBBQA President 

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