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4th Annual Pork and Brew
Rio Rancho, New Mexico March 31, 2007
48 Teams


Grand Champion   
Reserve Grand Champion   

J and J Redneck
Carcass Cookers


It Ain’t Prime
Over the Fence
Oink Country Cookers
1. Three Smokin Holes BBQ
2. Otis and the Bird
3. Over the Fence BBQ
4. The Hog Pound
5. Lucky’s have BBQ will Travel
Pork Ribs
1. J and J Redneck
2. Carcass Cookers
3. Over the Fence BBQ
4. Totally Que-Less BBQ
5. OMI


1. J and J Redneck
2. Texas Rib Rangers
3. Carcass Cookers
4. Three Smokin Holes BBQ
5. Meat and Bones BBQ
1. It Ain’t Prime
2. J and Redneck
3. Oink Country Cookers
4. Taste Buds BBQ
5. I Que for you
The Rio Rancho Observer   Thursday, April 5, 2007


Ask any one of the championship barbecuers who competed during the fourth annual Pork & Brew in Rio Rancho over the weekend the three main ingredients for their recipe and you'll get the usual stock reply:

"Secret's in the sauce."

Ain't no way they're telling. But that's OK, because there was plenty of good barbecue sauce to go around during the event, which drew more than 50 vendors from across the country. There was enough food, fun and entertainment for everyone who attended. (It helped, of course, that the winds weren't as bad as they were last year.)

According to the Rio Rancho Convention and Visitors Bureau, the event unofficially drew 31,000 people, with 26,000 coming on Saturday. That attendance number tops last year's total of 20,000, as well as the record attendance from 2005, estimated at 25,000.

During last year's event, vendors ran out of food by 3 p.m. the second day. To make up for that, they brought more food this year. Former world champions Texas Rib Roasters alone brought 3,000 pounds of food.

The Rio Rancho event earns judges' appreciation each year by allowing them to take food home, an accommodation many barbecue contests do not afford. During the event, some judges took to reminiscing about their worst experiences - some remembered eating food that was like tearing the rubber off a retread tire - and the best events. The consensus for the favorite event seemed to be the Big Pig Jig in Vienna, Ga., which is next scheduled for October.

Not all of the food vendors were at the Pork & Brew to compete. When Pigs Fly, a team that calls Rio Rancho home, pledged to use money raised by food sales to help a Mexico church build a new roof.

Copyright © 2007 Rio Rancho Observer

The Rio Rancho Observer   Thursday, April 5, 2007

City, Rotary open BBQ pavilion at Haynes Park


Barbecue season brings out the cook in everyone, and nowhere was that more evident than at last weekend's Pork & Brew. More than a few people could be overheard talking about their own recipes while tasting those of the professionals.

For those who would like to try their hand at the culinary arts, particularly those that require a grill, Rio Rancho now has a barbecue haven: Haynes Park.

On Tuesday afternoon, the city and the Rotary Club of Rio Rancho cut the ribbon on a new $350,000 barbecue pavilion at the park.

The process began three years ago, when Arturo Boniello met with Rotary officials to discuss what was to be the organization's centennial project, celebrating Rotary's 100th birthday in 2005.

The structure's completion was particularly moving to Boniello, who had to fight at times to procure the funds.

"For myself and my family, this is the best time of our life in Rio Rancho," he said.

The local Rotary is planning to show off its newly completed project June 10, when it will invite the community to a cookout at the pavilion, which holds 96 chairs and 12 tables.

Those chairs and tables are available for use by the city, as is the grill. A $200 fee secures the pavilion for two hours, with additional hours available for $50. That fee included use of and gas for all three grills, tables and chairs, and use of the sound system. To reserve the pavilion, call Joel Mahoney at 891-7810.

Because many will likely be intimidated by such a large setup while others may be looking to perfect their technique for next year's Pork & Brew, the city's Cultural Enrichment Department is offering a class - Grilling 101 - to teach people the finer points of the open flame using the Rotary BBQ Pavilion at Haynes Park.

There are eight classes between June 6 and Aug. 1, which cover the basics of chicken, pork, and sausage to the complexities of Hawaiian style seafood, grilled fajitas, and slow-smoked foods. Classes cost $12 each or $80 for all eight. Registration for the summer programs begins April 9.

This was not the first community project for the Rotary Club of Rio Rancho, which began in 1974 and now boasts 75 members. The organization also built Haven House, a shelter for domestic violence victims; and sponsored the Rio Rancho Soap Box Derby, Storehouse West, St. Felix Pantry and Special Olympics.
Copyright © 2007 Rio Rancho Observer

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