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QN4U Competition BBQ Class - South
Brent & Kim Walton
Canyon RV, Anaheim, California
March 7-8-9, 2008, Friday / Saturday / Sunday

QN4U BBQ Attendee, "Koom-bi-ya", class photo !!!

  Class in session, 16:00, Friday afternoon
  Kim & Brent Walton
  Participants judging their fellow teams in a "real and actual" KCBS type judging environment
  Hershel & Karen Brannen...
Everybody waiting for the awards about to be called out
Todd, Madonna, and Steve
  1st in Chicken
Larry & Debbie Schroeder
1st in Ribs
 Greg & Madonna Bowlay
1st in Butt
Hayward & Eva Harris
1st in Brisket

Dave Vindiola
Wayne Taylor
Raou Alexandru
Kevin Hall

1st Overall

Dave Vindiola
Wayne Taylor
Raou Alexandru
Kevin Hall

Joe Ditomasso Vincent Carrocci John Richardson, Joe DiTomasso, Brent Walton, & Vincent Carrocci
Hershel & Karen Brannen Sharon & John Scott
That wood was gone before we finally went to bed!!!
   Vincent Carrocci & Alexa Fairbairn's boys



Dave Vindiola
Wayne Taylor
Raou Alexandru
Kevin Hall

- 1st Place Overall
1st - Larry Schroeder
2nd - John Richardson & Joe DiTomasso
3rd - Vincent Carrocci & Alexa Fairbairn
1st - Greg & Madonna Bowlay
2nd - Smokalicious
3rd - John Richardson & Joe DiTomasso
1st - Hayward & Eva Harris
2nd - Bill Keyes
3rd - Smokalicious
1st - Smokalicious
2nd - Larry Schroeder
3rd - Dale & Tammy Ginos

Posted to, the forum message area by Gary Notley

BEST investment ever. Worth every penny.
It was like BBQ camp for grown ups.

Posted to, the forum message area by Ben Lobenstein

Having cooked with them in competition recently and helping out at the North Class, I can say they sure don't hold much (if anything) back at the class.

Posted to, the forum message area by Glen Stanley

I think they've gone crazy !!!!
They are certainly leveling the playing field, and making things a bit harder on themselves by giving up so much of what they have learned from years of competing.
The information we got from Brent & Kim was not just little tips and tricks. It was information that will take our BBQ to the next level. I feel like I've just jumped 5 years ahead in my knowledge of what it takes to win in competition BBQ.
Heck, if the class would have ended Friday night, I would have gotten my moneys worth. By yesterday afternoon my head was spinning with all the information they packed into it.
Now I just have to figure out a way to retain it all, and put it to good use.
Can you say Wishland ..............
Thanks QN4U for an awesome experience

Posted to, the forum message area by Steve Madaule

 They said too much.....just too much

Posted to, the forum message area by Tim Hoffman

When I took it in Az. Kim and Brent were (and still are ) awesome ! They held little back, and boy has it made a difference for us here, two years off of learning.

Posted to, the forum message area by Dale Ginos
Just got home. What an awesome weekend. By far the best money I've ever spent on BBQ. So much knowledge, so so much. Brent and Kim added years back to my life by saving me a lot of stress and anxiety at competitions.
Now I have to sort through all my notes and pictures and put the plan into action.
What a class, what a class.
Thanks again Brent and Kim.

Posted to, the forum message area by Gary Notley
I cant thank Brent and Kim enough. Im looking through all my notes and pictures, and am amazed at everything they taught us. I know I will put it to great use.
The level of competitors has gone up HUUUUGE this year, from new teams and seasoned pros were at this event, and man oh man is this gonna be a great year for competition BBQ in California. What an amazing weekend. Congrats to all those who took home trophies. I cant wait to take this class again, to pick up anything I missed out on.
Thank you a million times over Brent and Kim, it was an amazing class you put on.
OH YEAH.....a big thanks to Glen Stanley for all the water and Poweraide. It was really appreciated.


Posted to, the forum message area by Dave Vindeola
Just got time to sit down after cleaning up. Thank you Brent and Kim and everyone involved in organizing this. We had a great time, talked with people we hardly get time to say hello to at a competition and got some real nuggets to add to our cooking fun. Thanks was money and time well spent. Kudos to the Walton's for their efforts to grow our fine sport.


Posted to, the forum message area by Bill Keyes
Yes, as everyone has said, Brent and Kim put on a great class, and makes everyone feel as part of the family. Thanks for all you guys did.
And Congrats to David Vindiola and team for taking home the overall trophy.
It was good to see some old friends, and put faces to many of the new names I see on this forum.
As already stated, with as many people that has taken the classes, it is going to be an interesting year in Cal BBQ comps, and in the years ahead as well.
Come on, Wishland.

Posted to, the forum message area by Dan Daniels
What a treasure Brent and Kim are to the BBQ community. I had a great time at the class and I know my bbqing level has been hitched up several notches. Thanks QN4U!

Posted to, the forum message area by Vincent Carrocci
All I remember about the class was that there were trees, cabins and the sound of a freeway. Anything else that happened there has been absorbed and is now a part of my DNA which is, of course, beyond any recollection.

Posted to, the forum message area by Dan Cannon
Ditto (as I always say) to everything everybody said above. All is true. Brent & Kim did a great job and I learned a lot.  It was a great weekend and everything went perfectly.

Saturday evening was especially great.  All that stayed the night had a great time around the camp fire and chit-chatted into the evening.  It is a great social event and opportunity to get to know the folks that we are BBQ'ing next to every week in a different and relaxed way.  Special thanks to Glen Stanley who brought down Sparkletts bottled water and sports drinks as well as left-over wood from the Q-Fest! This allowed us to have a great fire into the late evening. Yes Glen, we used it all!!!

Remember folks that not only at these types of events but also at contests a great time is had by all the evening after the contest or BBQ event.  Many of us plan on staying overnight and especially enjoy the campouts after the BBQ events.

Thanks again to Brent & Kim, QN4U, for the great class.

Also, a special congratulations to Glen and Kyle Stanley for their "Smoky Angel Spirit Award" award.  I just became aware of it in the Smoking Times section of the newsletter upon getting home from class yesterday.  Nobody deserves it more.  Both Glen and Kyle are a tremendous help at every event I have ever attended.  Nobody works harder or more continuously!


Posted to, the forum message area by Brent & Kim Walton
Made it home safe and sound. great weekend you guys! Hope every one got some nuggets they can put to use. Appreciate all the kind words, I can't begin to tell you how good that makes us feel. Canyon RV Park was another great setting for BBQ. Thanks to Joe Miles and Todd Eves and Dan Cannon, Steve Madaule for helping us with the judging portion of the class. Thanks Glen for bringing the firewood and water, PowerAde. Thanks to all who participated, that's what makes it a success. Good to meet the new ones (BBQers) and always fun to hang out with those that have been around awhile. Now that classes are done north and south let the battles begin, looking forward to a great BBQ season.
Brent & Kim / QN4U


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