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CBBQA Winter Q-Fest
By Bill Wight,


Winter Q-Fest -- January 24-26, 2003 at San Dimas - East Shore RV park

PhotoThe cbbqa will hold its Winter Q-Fest and annual business meeting on the weekend of January 25, 2003 at the East Shore RV Park (on Lake Puddingstone) in San Dimas.  This is a nice site for a family weekend and barbecue festival, with trees and lawns, plenty of room for overnight camping (RVs and tents), hot showers and clean restrooms. 

Tom Chilton, (661) 478-3274 (evenings) is the Q-Fest Event Coordinator.

QFest contribution by Bristol Farms

Bristol Farms -- an extraordinary food store -- has once again made a major contribution to the Association.  Bristol Farms is an official sponsor of the Association's competition teams, Out of This World and Dueling Bubbas

Out of This World and Dueling Bubbas both compete with Bristol Farms' beef, pork and chicken, and together these two teams won every barbecue category in the 2001 Team of the Year contest.

In order to assist the Association in its mission of helping needy children, Bristol Farms has made a major contribution to the Association by providing all the tri-tip for the Friday dinner and all the tri-tip for the barbecue at the Saturday picnic.

The Association will invite several Bristol Farms representatives and their families and friends to the QFest. 

The Association urges its members to show their appreciation by telling their friends about Bristol Farms.

.Bristol Farms - An Extraordinary Food Store

Weekend activities

This Winter Q-Fest will feature:

  • Tri-tip dinner on Friday night, with contribution by Bristol Farms
  • Q-Fest picnic on Saturday afternoon, with a contribution by Bristol Farms
  • Learn how to barbecue by helping on one of the pits
  • Seminars on topics of interest to members
  • Entertainment and other fun

There is no cost to members and their immediate families for food, seminars and entertainment.  Their only costs will be for the campgrounds ($40 flat fee for Friday and/or Saturday nights for RV's and trailers and $10 for tenters plus a parking of $5 for each additional vehicle. 

Non-member guests are welcome to attend the Q-Fest seminars for free and will be charged a parking fee of $5 per vehicle and a food fee of $8 per adult and $4 per child over 5 to cover the cost of the food for the Friday dinner and/or Saturday picnic.

Location and directions

The Winter Q-Fest will be held at the PhotoEast Shore RV Park at Lake Puddingstone, near San Dimas.  This is the same location as several previous Q-Fests.

The Association has reserved thirteen RV sites for the Q-Fest.  These sites are in the upper section above the lake, called section "A" and beginning with A-92, A-93, A-94, A-95, A-96, A-97,
A-98, A-99, A-100, A-101, A-102, A-105 and A-106.  The RV Park is very large, so write down and remember to come to space A-97.  Look for Gene's Big BBQ Rig with the Simple Green Logo on the side. 

The address for the event is:

East Shore RV Park
1440 Camper View Road
San Dimas, California 91773

NOTE:  Please do not call the Eastshore RV Park for reservations!  The Association has reserved RV spaces and received special rates, so make your reservations with Todd Eves the event Wagon Master, or Tom Chilton, (661) 478-3274 (evenings)  the Q-Fest Event Coordinator.

Here are the directions from Interstate 10, driving east past the 57/210 or west past Claremont/Pomona:

  • Exit Fairplex Drive (Exit number 44A), and, at the bottom of the off-ramp, turn North onto Fairplex Drive, and drive 0.7 miles.
  • Turn left (West) at Via Verde, and drive 0.6 miles.
  • Turn right (North) at Campers View Road, and drive 0.3 miles.
  • Enter the RV Park at the guard shack (do not stop at guard shack) and follow the signs to Unit "A" and space A-97.

Schedule of events

Friday schedule

Members and friends will begin arriving at noon on Friday.  The preliminary schedule for Friday evening is the following:

  • 6:00 PM -- Welcome and dinner preparation
  • 7:00 PM -- Tri-tip dinner, with salsa, cooked by volunteers
    (NOTE:  Members and nonmembers, their families and friends are invited to the dinner as well as the Saturday picnic:  there is no charge for members and families and a reasonable charge for nonmembers and families, but RSVPs are required for all.)
  • 8:00-11:00 PM -- Seminar to be decided
  • 9:00 PM -- Bonfire ghost stories -- bring the kids!
    (Volunteer story-tellers -- a la Garrison Keeler -- are needed.  Talented speakers are asked to email the event coordinator - to be announced)
Saturday schedule

The preliminary schedule for Saturday is the following:

  • 7:00 AM -- Coffee and donuts
  • 9:00 AM -- Seminar to be scheduled
  • 10:00 AM -- Mid-morning snack and picnic area preparation
  • 11:00 AM -- Seminar to be scheduled
  • 1:00 PM -- Q-Fest Picnic
  • 2:00 PM -- Annual meeting and elections


[to be scheduled]


QFests are not intended to make a profit for the Association, but they cannot result in a significant loss.  Therefore, guests are asked to bring side dishes and to help with the QFest -- they must contact the organizers to coordinate what they will be bringing and what help they will give during the QFest.  In this case, members and their immediate families will not be charged for the Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast and picnic, seminars and other events.  Nonmembers will be asked to make a contribution to defray the costs of dinner and the picnic.

The cost for camping and parking for all guests are as follows:

  • For RVs, $40.00 per night, flat fee (Friday and/or Saturday night) and $5 per extra vehicle
  • For tents. $10.00 per night, flat fee (Friday and/or Saturday night) and $5 per extra vehicle
  • For parking (on Saturday by those who do not stay Friday night), $5.00 per vehicle.

Do not pay the gatekeeper -- the cbbqa representative, will handle the collection and payment of fees.  These fees have been allocated so that the Association will have no net profit or loss for the campground venue. 

Volunteers needed

Members and friends are asked to confirm their attendance to volunteer to help cook, to bring a side dish, or to help with the setup and cleanup.  RVers and campers must call to confirm, so that there is enough space reserved for all.

Reservations required

A list of everyone who has confirmed their attendance and a list of what each person is bringing is on a related checklist page

Anyone who plans to attend should email Tom Chilton or call (661) 478-3274 (evenings) to confirm your attendance, to bring a side dish, and to volunteer to help.

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