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Twentynine Palms Marine Base, 9-10-December-2004
Cooks & Volunteers Contributing & Cooking
for Marines & Their Families
4,500 Marines & Families were FED day 1, Friday.   250  day 2, Saturday ...  
Pictures & Email Comments by Attendees...
(sorry I did not get more pictures the first day)

Dan, Carl, and Tom grilling on Tom's big Weber Ranch Kettle Randy & Ron manning the Pasadena Bad Boys BBQ Pit Myself (Dan Cannon) running 1500 lbs of Brisket through a Buffalo Chopper
Brent Walton, QN4U, cooking up Turkey's in his big rotisserie smoker
Turkey's in Brent's Pit Del King, the organizer and Project Manager of this whole thing The next day we took these rigs over to the commissary area and did 400 folks
Grilling and smoking for the troops in the serving line
The Marines in line waiting for their BBQ The Serving line area The Serving line area
The Serving line area
Marines in line Marines in line Marines competing in their sporting events of the day
Marines competing in their sporting events of the day
Happy faces with food Happy faces waiting for food Some of the Thursday,
all-night, cooks.  1500 pounds of Brisket was cooked by the above crew (and others not pictured) ...
?, Ron, Dan, Carl, ?
Carl Kaun asleep at the grill, while on duty
Thursday night
Ricks needs a break Marines & Family Del King & Brent Walton, BBQ4U
Saturday afternoon
Myself & an Elf
Saturday Afternoon.  She was serving and helping the kids
My rig, cooked about 35 Briskets Thursday night and 75 Tritips Saturday morning
Del's Duce-&-A-Half
Marines & Family
Rick Stidham (contributed an Air Hockey, Ping Pong, and Foose Ball Table to the Marine Families) and Rick serving again
Rick Stidham, Owner, Coleman's Meats (contributed all Tritip for the 400+ folks), and Rick Streiff serving

  The following are email excerpts from attendees  of this event...

By Tom Chilton, copied from posted email...
I went out to 29 Palms to help with Del’s cook on Thursday night – Friday. I didn’t know it, but they’re also doing a cook for the families today that some of the cooks stayed to do. I didn’t take any pictures because I didn’t think to. Hopefully, someone else will post some. People that were there: Dan Cannon, Rick Streiff and wife, Brent Walton, Carl Kaun, Del King with his cool military truck with a smoker attached, Manuel and his brother-in-law with a homemade trailer grill, Dan Drogichen & Ann Hoeppner, Jim Richardson and his wife, Randy Gille and some friends, Peter Wyckoff from Two Trees Products (also donated a bunch of charcoal, wood, and salsa – their brand is Best of the West mesquite charcoal, sold at Smart and Final and Vallarta markets), Young Marines from Tustin. Hopefully I’m not forgetting anybody. We cooked briskets, hamburgers, and hot dogs. Dan Cannon ran the briskets through his new (used) buffalo chopper (one pass only) and it came out great.
Anybody know why they’re called buffalo choppers?
Randy Gille did hamburgers and hot dogs on his grills. Carl Kaun, Dan Drogichen, and I also did some on my relatively new Weber Ranch Kettle. Note to self – Ranch kettle loaded with mesquite charcoal gets HOT. That smell of burning hair was the hair on my right arm and Carl’s eyebrows burning off.
Of course, seeing the Marines enjoy the food. Several came up to thank us personally. One Marine said he was from Arkansas and hasn’t had food that good in three years. One great quote can’t be repeated here, but had to do with the food being sexually exciting.
Dan Cannon’s new trailer. Like everything he does, it’s thought out to the last detail and beautifully executed.
I cooked chicken and didn’t set the pit on fire.
Brent Walton has a catalog for his new business as a seller of Forschner knives and accessories. My offer of life-time sharpening to anyone who buys a knife from him still stands.
The back of Brent’s pit makes a great heater. It was the gathering place on a chilly Thursday night.
Also of course, it’s always fun to get together with other BBQ’ers and cook and BS.
Tom Chilton

By Del King, copied from posted email...
Mike Fishbeck out of San Diego also came and brought his mobile grill and went to work on the hot dogs and hamburgers.
Manuel that had the larger enclosed grill had never tried to cook brisket or any slow meat on it before. We put him to work cooking brisket. Showed him how to put the fire at one end and 10 Brisket at the other and control the temp at 225. They had planned on dropping off their grill and going to the motel that they had already paid for. But when we needed them to cook they stayed and learned. We have made such an impression on some of the Marines out there with the quality of food that we cook one Marine ended up buying Carl's pit.
These events can not be done with out the great support of the members of the CBBQA. I spoke with the Base Commanding Officer. The General asked that I tell everyone that the support for his men from our group is well know through out the base and all the Marines and Sailors look forward to anytime we come out to show our support for them. It is one of the best moral boosters his men receive.

By Del King, copied from posted email...

The events went great.
Day 1: We had expected 6,000 Marines but due to one Commanding Officer's attempt to punish his people (he pulled them out of the event) our total number of Marines fed was 4,500 Marines.
Everything went great when we hit a bump everyone just pulled together and just kept going. We had one group from the Tustin young Marines that had brought out their enclose grill. They had never attempted to cook our way of cooking low and slow. So when it became necessary to use their grill everyone stepped up to the plate and lent them a hand all night helping them learn to cook under fire.
The meat was provided by General Motors, we served 1,500 pounds of chopped brisket and 160 pounds of chicken. To make up for not having enough meat to go around the base provided hamburgers and hot dogs. The BBQ n Fools rub and sauce was provided by AMVETS. The charcoal and some wood provided by Two Trees Products.
When we were finished serving and cleaning up one Marine came by looking for BBQnFools. He stated that he was about to retire and that he had had their sauce from the past events and really wanted to get some more before he left for back east. He told me that it is some of the best sauce that he has ever had. I went to my truck and pulled out a gallon and gave it to
him. Showed him the web site address when he could order more as he needed it.
The General in charge of the base stopped by but the food had already been put up. But we had a few briskets left over due to the fact that the one unit did not make it so I handed a nice brisket to Carl and asked him to slice some for the General. Since the General was hungry and really wanted to sample our product. We sent the whole brisket (trimmed to perfection by Carl) with the General. He thanks all the members of the CBBQA that support these efforts.
This one Marine that has eaten our food a couple of this is so hooked on it he bought Carl's pit and now is in need of lessons on how to cook low and slow. He said we don't come out enough to fill his needs for good Brisket.
Day 2: The following day a few of us stayed to cook for the families of the Marines that are in Iraq right now. Dan Cannon, Rick Streiff and his wife, Brent Walton and myself. This day we cooked Tri Tip and Turkey. The Tri Tip was provided by Coleman's. The turkey was provided by Grant Ford and Albertsons. Rub provided by Todd Eves Out of this World BBQ Products.
Coleman's made this event extra special donating an air hockey game, a ping pong table and a foose ball table for the youth and teen center.
When it was time to serve Rick from Coleman's and I started serving and were relieved by Rick S and his wife.
We ended up feeding about 250 people at this event and had some food left over. We started sending to go pans home. As one lady took some meat she asked if it would last in the freezer. She wanted to save some for her husband. I told her it would and ask where her husband was. She stated Iraq. I told her not to worry that when he came home we would be back and cook some fresh BBQ for him. Another lady took some meat and could not get over the great taste. She wanted to know all the details how to cook it what spices to use and everything. As I explained it to her and gave her some meat to take home she was very grateful.   I remember  that I had half a bottle of Out of this Worlds rub left, I went and got it and gave it to her. Now she was even more excited. She stated that to get meat to take home was special but to get some of the spices (rub) was even better.
All in all both events were great. They can not be done with out the support of the members of CBBQA.

By Del King, copied from posted email...
As you read this thank you letter from the Marines you will note that the Thanks the CBBQA this is meant for the members that come out and support our efforts. Even though the association does not actively support OBBQFOT'S I have never told the base this and let the credit go to them in hopes this will aid certain board members in their effort for the 501C3.
> Subject: Combat Center Challenge Thanks
> Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2004 10:07:12 -0800
> From: "Baker Maj Matt"
> Ladies and Gentlemen,
> The Combat Center Challenge was a great success.
> Over 4500 Marines and sailors participated throughout
> the day from all units aboard the base
> except for 3/4 (that battalion was at RCAX) and many
> unsolicited compliments came from the troops. Its
> fairly unheard of to have 2-3 lance corporals walk
> up to a uniformed Major they don't even know and
> allow that they've had a great time, great chow,
> etc.
> Emails don't cut it when you're saying thanks for
> such a fantastic job, but they are good for getting
> word out quickly to a lot of people. As you can see
> by the addressees, this was a big undertaking and
> where there is one addressee, there usually is a
> whole group in support. Hopefully this event will
> continue to grow and become a fixture at the Combat
> Center. I will follow up with something more
> formal, but in the meantime:
> -- Command and Control, SPECIAL thanks to Skip Best,
> MCCS Sports for coordinating the event and Gy
> Mitchell, MCCS Ops for backstopping for the
> greenside.
> -- Donations, SPECIAL thanks to Del King and the
> California BBQ Assoc, Jeff Sharp and AMVETS, Kelley
> Coe from MCCS Sponsorship, and General Motors
> -- Support Coordination thanks to MSgt Fix (I and L)
> and Gy Reese (2/7 Food Services)
> -- Competition and Events thanks to Semper Fit
> personnel, Outdoor Adventures, SMP for activities,
> Gy Mitchell and Gy Coughlin, HqBn and CMA (CWO
> Lidell) for Biathlon
> -- Transportation thanks to 3/11
> -- Vehicle Support and Corpsman thanks to Tank
> Battalion
> -- Biathlon Support thanks to HqBn (Gy Coughlin),
> MTU and CMA (CWO Liddel)
> -- Preparation and setup thanks to MCCS Marketing,
> MCCS Maintenance, 2/7 Working Party, CSSB working
> party, 3/7 Working party, MWSS working party,
> Outdoor Adventures, FMD
> -- CHOW!!! Thanks to Del King (AMVETS and
> California BBQ association), Base Food Services (Gy
> Reese, Capt Rogers, Gy Lowing, SSgt Anderson), MCCS
> Food and Hospitallity (Bob Crosier, Mobile Canteens)
> for outstanding support, maximum flexibility and
> super chow
> -- PAO Coverage and advertising thanks to PAO and
> MCCS Marketing
> -- Prevention Program thanks to Dave Roman and crew
> from Counseling Services, Elaine and Martha from the
> Naval Hospital and PMO
> -- Clean up and break down thanks to MCCES working
> party, MCCS Fields and Grounds, MCCS Janitorial
> Thanks for the hard work! Please pass this along.
> VR
> Maj Matt Baker
> Deputy MCCS
> Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center
> 29 Palms, CA 92278
> 760-830-7132
> DSN 230-7132
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: Best Mr Skip L
> > Sent: Monday, December 06, 2004 9:11
> > To: Mitchell GySgt Mark E; Fiske Ms Heather L;
> Roman GS09 David; Stahl SSgt Michael J; Patterson
> GySgt Arnold F; Solomon Ms Sara B; Crosier Jr Mr
> Robert; Fix MSgt Timothy; Barrena Ms Mary E; Richter
> Mr Bob; Solomon Mr Andrew
> > Cc: Baker Maj Matt; Dougwillo Mr Charles R
> > Subject: Combat Center Challenge
> >
> > To All,
> >
> > My personal gratitude for your support,
> cooperation and execution of the Combat Center
> Challenge for 2004. Please attend an after action
> discussuion on Tuesday, 14 Dec in the MCCS
> Conference Room at 1400.
> >
> > S/F
> > Skip


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