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1st Tanks
Twentynine Palms Marine Base

< Recent and past Operation BBQ Activities >

Del King organized and coordinated another GREAT "BBQ for our Troops" Marine event.
Del planned everything, obtained and contributed all foods,
and directed the volunteers that contributed their time, equipment, and costs,
to help provide 1,000 Marines and their dependents with a
I am guessing at the below numbers, but am probably pretty close.
Del bought, brought, and provided all,  so he knows best.
Roughly about 250 pounds of Pork Shoulder Butt, over 120 pounds of Chicken,
a whole hog,  and over 225 pounds of Beef Brisket, were cooked, and served !!!
Not to mention the BBQ Beans & fixings, Macaroni & Cheese, Potato Salad provided for all !!!
< BBQbyDan Index of Past Military BBQ Events & Write-ups >
 < BBQbyDan Index of Past BBQ Events & Write-ups >

Tank recovery vehicle
WOW, they let us climb through Abrams M! tank, then they started it !!! 
OMG, that's me in tank !!!
Abrams M1Tank
Abrams M1Tank and crew
Frank & Del
Sarah, Lionel, & Steve Frank, Sarah,  and Lionel,
Frank slicing Brisket at serving line Lionel & Sarah Bateman prepped and cooked this whole hog, then served to Marines
The above was prepping Thursday night.
Del making Macaroni & cheese
Del King and Sarah Bateman making Macaroni and cheese
Lionel & Sarah Bateman prepped and cooked this whole hog
  Ouida & Dan serving Marines
Lionel serving Marines whole Hog     Gunny
Sarah, Dan, Lionel, Dan, Thom, Ouida, Steve, Del, Frank, and Rowdy
The core team.

I stayed overnight after the dinner was over. 
Everybody else left.  I did not want to try and cross the desert while so late & dark, or travel after such a full weekend.
The above Marines were Military Police visitors to my trailer doing their rounds and checking on me.
We had a good chats, I thanked them for their service, and wished them the best !!!

 < BBQbyDan Index of Past Military BBQ Events & Write-ups >
 < BBQbyDan Index of Past BBQ Events & Write-ups >

From Del King:

Let me tell you a little about the BBQ for 1st Tanks that happened yesterday. When we had planed it the entire Battalion was going to be there, but due to a change in the training schedule we were short one and a half (1 1/2) companies. They were in the field. We set up behind the Battalion in the parking lot for all the company office commanding officers and staff NCO's. Took a little while for everyone to clear their cars out. But we got it done. Got everything ready to start the cooking later that night. We fired up one pit and baked some potato's and threw on some steak that I provided for dinner. I made sure the two duties inside the building got some plus the FRO and her husband. After that we got the pig all rubbed in injected and put it away. Then we did the brisket and pork butt put them in bags and back into the ice chest to rest. We put everything on the pits around midnight and start cooking.
The next morning meat still cooking a Master Sergeant came out asking if we were the same people that did 4th Tanks in San Diego a few years back. He said he was there and remembered Gunny. (not me just Gunny). We he arranged for us to go down to the Tank ramp and for the guys to play around on and in the Tanks plus the recovery vehicle. When everyone got back we started to make the side dishes and such just getting everything ready for the party to start. We had guys opening cans of beans we had others boiling water and cooking the noddles for the mac and cheese. We had one pit ready to take the beans when we cooked them open in the pit so the could get some smoke into them. We used Dan's pit to cook the mac and cheese after we took off the brisket. Lionel and his wife were cooking the pig and getting him ready for the Marines. Then we took the pork off of Steve's pit and he cooked chicken we had for the kids. (just in case they wouldn't try the brisket and pork). I had to pull all the pork by myself. Steve pulled the bone the I used a devise you hook up to a drill to pull the pork. We did it in 20 mins. We started filling up Cambros and loading trucks getting things ready to head over to the site we would serve.
Yes it could have been easier if I had let them provide Marines to help but I have a policy of only asking for a place to set up and Hungry Troops to feed. We were there to thank these Marines for their Service they do it 365, 24, 7. We could take 48 hrs out of our life to do for them. I am not going to have the Marines working for us when we can do it. Yes it is more work for us it is harder but well worth it in the end. After the BBQ was served and we had sent cambros full of meat and sides to the field for the units that could not make the party we went back to the cooking site after everyone left I cleaned up what little mess was on the ground (the cooks were really good at keeping the area clean) and put everything in a pile for the trash to be picked up. Dan stayed the night again and everyone else left. All in all it came out great. We fed 500 Marines and family members at the party and sent 3 cambros full of meat out to the units in the field and other places where they could not attend the party. I had 100 to go container and everyone was used by members at the party to take some home so that should tell you how much they liked the food.


From Lionel Bateman III:
Was a wonderful past 36 hours. Was great to feed the Marines and their families. Still feels awkward for them thanking us, it's us thanking them. I'm glad to be able to be a pay off something giving back to those who give so much for us.

Also was able to meet some great people in the southern California BBQ community. Doesn't matter if it's the east coast or west coast, BBQ people are the best group of people.


From Sara Trippe Bateman:
Can you tell the desert is taking its toll on a girl? Its hot and I am tired. Whoever says the BBQ life is glamorous lied! Reward comes later when these marines and their families get to eat our labor! #givebacktothosewhogivesomuch with Lionel Bateman III at Twentynine Palms Marine Corps Base.

From Dan Cannon:
THANKS Del King  !!! It was a great event.  I am proud to have been a part of this, and to contribute something to make everything Del planned so successful at providing a perfect BBQ dinner for the Marines.
Everybody said it so well above, not too much more to add.



 < BBQbyDan Index of Past Military BBQ Events & Write-ups >
 < BBQbyDan Index of Past BBQ Events & Write-ups >

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