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Twentynine Palms Marine Base
Many volunteers, the California BBQ Association, and many corporate and private individuals, contribute their money, time, resources, and sweat to help provide the Marines and their dependents with a FANTASTIC BBQ DINNER
Pictures and comments by attendees below...

650 lbs of Brisket, 40 pieces of meat, just put in one of my Ole Hickory's
Same view as to the left, but just 12 hours later and sitting at 200 degrees
400 pieces of Chicken just finishing up.  Will be panned and kept in the pit to stay crispy Randy Gille is doing a lot of Butts and Briskets is his pit above
Sausages getting cooked Ron Bax doing Sausages on Randy's grill side
Randy adjusting and checking Briskets & Butts for temperature
Del King managing his pit
Walt Norwood checking his pit
Hard to see, a picture from the side of both Ole Hickory's
  Me (Dan Cannon) checking the pit
Both Ole Hickory's side-by-side cooking 24 hours straight.  3 loads, 1150 pounds per load, 1st Brisket, 2nd Ribs, 3rd Chicken
Mike Guinaugh cooking on 4 WSM's Rick Streiff & Randy Gille Delbert King
Dan Cannon (me) and Rick Streiff Curly (Vince) and Laurie Walt & Gene Norwood relaxing in the heat of the day watching their pit
Team Tropical Heat, Dan, Bill & Wife
Volunteer Helpers & Prepper's Volunteer Helpers & Prepper's Volunteer Helpers & Prepper's Me doing the Brisket through the Hobart Buffalo Chopper.  !
Like previous picture.  Buffalo Chopping...
   Chill, it's messy because 2500 lbs of Brisket has passed through it.  Like sawdust below a saw!!
Dan Drogichen after prepping and chopping meat all day CBBQA headquarters and prepping center  
  The "Young Marines" helped to serve and handle the serving duties
The "Young Marines" helped to serve and handle the serving duties Marines & civilians at attention while the Star Spangled Banner is being played
Marines in front of the stage where all the activities of the evening occurred
Picture by Tom Chilton
Volunteer runners and staff eating prior to the opening the serving lines    
  Del King and Grant Ford receiving a plaque for their parts in putting this event together
Picture by Tom Chilton
The large stage put up for the event.  As an fyi, this stage was totally gone 2 hours after Foreigner completed their show
Jeni Ford & BBQ Joe Miles
Walt & Gene Norwood hanging out after everything was over and everybody was able to get together and relax
Randy Gille, Ron Bax, & Rick Streiff.  All relaxing late into the evening
Grant & Jeni Ford Grant & Jeni Ford

From Tony McDowell, CBBQA Forum comment:
To all
Sorry I had to leave early and didn’t get a chance to THANK each and everyone one of you personally for helping out with the salute 06 with your help it was a great success. I know the weather was hot yet when asked you without fail worked to make this year the best ever. Grant, Jeni, Del, Walt thanks for letting me be on the committee to spear head this event and thanks for all your time and efforts before the event started.
The Marines and their families are blessed to have such a great organization care so much to take care of them. I guess I’m the lucky one however, living in 29 Palms and going to the base so often I get to constantly hear what great people you all are and what a great meal they had.
Again THANK ALL of you for your donations, time and efforts believe me when I say your Marines and families really appreciate your efforts.
Local Rep CBBQA

 From Grant & Jeni Ford, CBBQA Forum comment:
Jeni and I are in Apply Valley staying with friends, a nice stop on our way home to Anaheim. I (We) do love our BBQ Family, you folks are wonderful! We are very tired, worn-out, as I know many of you are. But as stated earlier, it was an honor to serve our Troops and their families. I don't know if many of you noted all the children out there in the field playing during the day. It is good that we remember that our Troops also have families, children and spouses, that understand the commitment they have made. The CBBQA and fellow helpers that join us in serving our Troops are special folks, this event was a success not only because of Del, Tony, Walt and Jeni and I, but it was because of "YOU" who came and did what had to be done. Everyone's contribution was wonderful and no one hesitated when asked to do a need task. Oh, my God, Thank You, ALL!
Grant and Jeni Ford

From Tom Chilton, CBBQA Forum comment:
Another great event - the deputy director of the base came by and personally thanked everybody that was cooking. Everything was very organized this year and went extremely smoothly. Dan Cannon was the main man, brought out two Ole Hickory pits along with Rick Streiff - lots of other pits all doing their part. FE100's were me, Walt, Jim Gold, John Richardson is soon to be assimilated (Resistance is futile!) as he has ordered an FE. Got a lot of good tips from Walt on preventing fires, and I didn't burn any chicken. Next time I'll bring my knife sharpening stuff - lots of dull knives out there. As Kristen said, the food was very good, better than most of the food I judged at Modesto. Del and Grant were recognized on stage, lot of Oorah's from the audience as they were announced. Overall, a very tiring but very rewarding event. I didn't take any pictures, but several people were, hope they can post some on here.
Tom Chilton

From Bill Evans, CBBQA Forum comment:
I agree with everything above. The Marines were very appreciative, and Hats off to Tony for the great relationship he has developed with the base. If we needed something all we had to do was ask, and it was there often before we could turn around. They kept the Canteen truck full of ice and bottled water, (CBBQA was even given one of our own to use) It was HOT! Hats off to Kelly Coe, from the base, as well (for those of you who don't know The Lynyrd Skynyrd band singer Johnnie Van Zant underwent an emergency operation for appendicitis. Two days before the event!, and Kelly spent the night on the phone and managed to book FOREIGNER who just happened to be in Australia at the time. They made it! Good show too.
Everyone worked the rear ends off to make this event happen. I'm proud to know all of you. The shear logistics of keeping on top of everything was amazing,
Grant and Jeni. Two thumbs up!

From Bentley Meredith, CBBQA Forum comment:

Having been one of the prep people at previous 29 Palms events, lets me also say, the members of the CBBQA that did that work did an Outstanding Job!
P.S. Yes Del, I got my fill of cooking yesterday! I will not ever complain of not getting to cook enough at a 29 Palms event again...

From Kristen Meredith, CBBQA Forum comment:

This was an extremely well run event! Many thanks and congratulations to Tony McDowell, Del King and Grant and Jeni Ford for their time, effort and skills. I know that I am a bit prejudiced towards the members of my own sex, but it seemed to me that Jeni Ford was everywhere at once. I think the only time I saw her "rest" was when she changed her shoes!!
Also thanks to all those CBBQA members who came and volunteered to cook. Like Thom, we also ran our smokers 24 hours -- they were a bit short of cookers so all space on any pit was at a premium and needed for every minute. Even then, every bit of meat was cooked and prepped before the lines opened at 4. I was lucky enough to get tastes of the various product and folks , it was better than a lot of competition meats I've eaten. Obviously the cookers were giving 110% so the Marines could have some outstanding Q.
Finally, what a lot of people don't know or appreciate unless they have been to the event is the contribution of the CBBQA members who don't cook, but instead do all the other work involved. They prep meat, they delivery meat to cookers, they clean up prep spaces, they chop and sauce finished meats and clean up after that. In short, they do all the "un" glamorous but extremely important work needed for the event to come of. And they did it in 100 degree heat. a BIG THANKS to these volunteers!!
All in all, a tremendous effort across the board by all segments of the organization. All of us can take a great deal of pride in the CBBQA name and what we give back to our communities!

From Dan Cannon, comment:
I whole-heartedly agree with everybody above.  It was a great event.  Rick and I are proud to have been able to contribute to make everybody so successful at pulling off a perfect event.

The temperature to me was great.  I don't think it got above 100 degrees and probably was between 90 - 100 most of the day.  Could have been a lot worse.  However, if we ask Gene Norwood I think she would say it was VERY hot.  The location and provisions provided were perfect.  We had grease barrels, plenty of AC power, water, and all the assistance to get everything done we needed to do.
I understand from Del that 2500 pounds of Brisket was cooked, must be close  to that in Butt, many racks of Ribs, lots of Chicken (which went fast), and boxes of tasty Sausage links (hot and sweet).  
The volunteer helpers did an exceptional job of prepping ALL the meats.  That included removing from packages and prepping/seasoning all the brisket, pork, chicken, and ribs. The ribs were St Louis cut and the helpers cross-hatched the membrane.  Chicken was cut into legs and thighs and seasoned.  Brisket and butt was presented to the cookers seasoned and ready to cook.  Also, a gigantic effort was put into chopping the brisket, pulling the pork, cutting the ribs.  Most of the brisket and butt went into warming pits.  The chicken stayed in most part in the cookers it cooked in till ready to serve.  Grant and Jeni were everywhere organizing all the product inventory and pointing the military staff volunteers to the right places to satisfy the requests for refills on the serving lines. 
The base provided the sides and serving equipment.  The "Young Marines" (the kids in red t-shirts) did the serving and very professionally at that.
After the event many of the folks finally got a chance to relax, listen to Foreigner, chit-chat, reflect on how the event went as a whole, and enjoy each others company till about midnight sitting around the cook site.
As in the past the Marines and other helpers had pretty much everything disassembled on the sports field by midnight and much stored away.  By 06:00 in the morning most of the equipment was removed from the field, it was policed, and one might not have known that an event had occurred there the night before.  Like ants the Marines are so efficient, fast, and great at all they do.

Rick, I, and many of the teams that stayed over night left around 07:30 Sunday morning.  There was still a lot of BBQ equipment set up and many were still to arrive from the hotel to pack up and leave.  But, why not take advantage of relaxing in a nice room after such an effort and get a relaxed start back home or wherever.
Grant and Jeni, Tony McDowell, and Del King did a perfect job organizing the event.  The definition of "perfect" to me means it went off with-out-a-hitch!  Thanks for everybody's effort and I hope to be a part of this great event again next year. 
Dan Cannon  

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