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Twentynine Palms Marine Base
Many volunteers, the California BBQ Association, and many corporate and private individuals, contribute their money, time, resources, and sweat to help provide the Marines and their dependents with a FANTASTIC BBQ DINNER
4,662 pounds of full Brisket (333 +/- roasts), 3,000 pounds of Chicken quarters (3000 +/- pieces) were processed and cooked by the volunteers listed and pictured below.  Along with hamburgers and hot dogs.
Pictures and comments by attendees below...
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 < BBQbyDan Index of Past BBQ Events & Write-ups > = Link to Rick Streiff's picture album from this event

Bill Wight, managing the BBQbyDan Ole Hickory Smoker with 45, fifteen pound, briskets just loaded. The 2nd sister smoker holds another 30. They just went in at 20:00 to  be pulled by 09:00
Same 45 briskets the next morning at 09:00.  All done and ready to pull.  Cooked to 195 degrees.  Will be put in a cooler to continue cooking and then be chopped for serving
Randy Gille handling the 76 briskets in his cooker.  He beat me by 1 brisket. 
Both my Ole Hickory's hold 75 briskets  in total.  Randy almost got disqualified for removing some briskets early but still squeaked by the scoring committee !!!!  He did beat me!!!
Randy's pit with 76 briskets in it.  Well, does neatness and brisket organization give me any points???
Del King and Monty Preston, participants that helped make this event happen and successful
John Scott and Bill Wight loading prepped and seasoned briskets for insertion to Papa John's Smoker
Del and Monty again, different angle Sharon Scott, in front of their Papa John's Smoker.  Waiting to load briskets
Brent Walton waiting to load his pit
John and Sharon Scott, Papa John's BBQ
Randy Gille trying to handle his large load of Briskets Brent STILL lighting his pit??? 
Brent Walton and John Scott's pits BBQbyDan's work area with my two trailered Ole Hickory's
BBQbyDan's work area with my two trailered Ole Hickory's Brent Walton and Rick Streiff
The Meredith's & friend Dan Daniels, Dan Cannon,
and Bill Keys.  1st Dan and Bill are BBQ Team Tropical Heat
Brent Walton, QN4U Fantastic helpers and volunteers from 5 years back and all these big events,
Dan Drogichen & Ann Hoeppner

 Volunteers prepping meats
Volunteers prepping meats Volunteers prepping meats Volunteers prepping meats
Neil Strawder & volunteers prepping meats
Del managing the loading and unloading of the refrigerated meat pallets while directing strategic preperation operations
Pallet rows of brisket & Chicken The guys doing hamburgers & hot dogs
Folks that volunteered to bring
their pits out, prep, and help. 
Bill Saddler, Joe Miles, and Patty  Monty, Bill, and Monty, volunteers taking a break
Myself Buffalo Chopping

Kyle & Glen Stanly with Thom Emery sitting on water and drinks donated by Sparketts for all the helpers and participants Volunteer helpers Leonard and Monty Dell King talking BBQ with some visiting Marines Myself Buffalo Chopping the briskets for easy serving.  Usually I don't like my brisket served like this.  But, Hey, with 4,662 pounds of brisket how else are we going to get it on the plates!
The "Young Marines" helped to serve and handle the serving duties The "Young Marines" helped to serve and handle the serving duties
Volunteers helped to serve and handle the serving duties Volunteers helped to serve and handle the serving duties  
  Marine Police coming later in the evening, after the concert, to check things out.  I always have some BBQ and sauce set aside for such visits!
A visiting, BBQ hungry Marine, visiting with Brent Walton 
No, that is not a BEER, it is a bottle of BBQ Sauce!!!
Big Kenny and John Rich (Big $ Rich), Cowboy Troy Coleman, & 2 foot Fred (Freddie Gill). The Concert  Band of the evening, has their equipment arriving in two semi trailer trucks
  Big & Rich on stage  
    Big & Rich on stage with an enthusiastic participant from the audience  Big & Rich on stage with a Marine escort
Freddie Gill (2 foot Fred) (Deuce) tours with Big Kenny and John Rich
  Cowboy Troy (Troy Coleman) makes his appearance

Cowboy Troy

 < BBQbyDan Index of Past Military BBQ Events & Write-ups >
 < BBQbyDan Index of Past BBQ Events & Write-ups >
All concert pictures and many of the others were taken by Rick Streiff = Link to Rick Streiff's picture album from this event

From Tony McDowell, CBBQA Forum comment:
Fellow BBQ’ers
I want to personally THANK You for your effort and support this past weekend for Salute 07. I met with personnel from the base yesterday and they said the whole event was a success. They were overwhelmed with your BBQ skills the brisket and chicken were excellent they said the crowd was between 10,000 to 12,000 and 67 Kegs of beer were served. Big & Rich called the base to say this was their favorite performance of the year. Montgomery Gentry heard about the event and contacted the base to try to get them to lock him in for next year.
Thank you Young Marines from Tustin I was told there was no wait in the lines and that you going the extra mile helped to make this event a success.
Again thank you all for all you did and do.
Tony McDowell
29 Palms CBBQA rep
Local Rep CBBQA

 From Del King, CBBQA Forum comment:

I want to thank everyone that showed up and made this happen, If you were there it couldn't have been pulled off without you. We had more meat than expected. both in brisket and chicken. Shoot we had double the amount of chicken than I was told there was going to be. Randy Gill was the winner in pit stuffing contest putting briskets in his pit at one time he beat Dan Cannon by one (1) brisket. Everyone was great in accepting more and more work. There were less pits and people there this year to work but the ones that were there put in ever effort plus and the job got done.
THANK YOU for coming and ALL the hard work.
Del King, Once a Marine, always a Marine

From John & Sharon Scott, CBBQA Forum comment:
Sharen and I really had a great time at the Salute '07 for the troops at the 29 Palms Marine Base this past weekend. Sharen was wondering how Del's back was holding up, as he was lifting case after case of brisket off of the pallets to the people at the prep table on Friday night, and then there he was again on Saturday morning, with chicken, chicken and more chicken! I enjoyed the smokin' always. Bring it on!! Everyone was as eager as I was to put more meat on just as soon as some came off their cooker. We had a great time visiting with great friends we've met this past year, and meeting new people too! It was for a great cause...we can never do enough to thank the men and women who serve our country....! This was our first time for this event....and we'll be back again next year!
John and Sharen Scott
Papa's Smokehouse BBQ

From Glen Stanley, CBBQA Forum comment:
My son Kyle and I had a great time helping out with this event......
Being a 14 year old boy with lots of other things he could have been doing this weekend, I was happy that he wanted to come out with me to help feed the Marines. A couple of his friends kept calling him and teasing him about all the fun he was missing out on. I overheard him tell one of the kids that feeding the Marines was way more important than hanging out with them. He worked a full day, and never once complained. On the drive home, he asked me when were we going to do it again. I am a proud papa!!!
It was great to see everyone, and to visit a bit around all the work we put in. What a great BBQ family we have......
It was also great to have some of the Marines stop by and thank us for feeding them. Man, that makes it all worth while for me.
This event is listed on the calendar as a CBBQA training & service event, BBQ 101. It seems as though we have a number of newbie's who occasionally ask what they can do to gain more knowledge and experience. Well, fellow newbie's, this was your chance!!! We had a handful of our best cooks at this event, and it was the perfect environment to get some questions answered and to observe up close what they do and how they do it.
And you just never know when one of them might take you under their wing for a day :)
I know that Brian Kreisler and I (the only two newbie's I'm aware of that attended) walked away from this event with a lot more knowledge than we went in with, and all it cost us was a little hard work.
I know people can't make every event, but it sure would have been nice to see a better turn out for this one........
Proud Member of P.E.T.A. (People Eating Tasty Animals)

From Bentley Meredith, CBBQA Forum comment:

You are welcome, it is always a pleasure to give back to those who serve our country, and thank you for your service!

From Kristen Meredith, CBBQA Forum comment:

Once again a great effort by all who turned out with pits both big and small!! Also a huge thanks once again to the "prep/slepp" team of folks who didn't cook but did all the other work -- prepping meats, delivering uncooked meats, picking up cooked meats, saucing and "packing " cooked meats in holding containers, running meats to the serving areas, cleaning up. They worked non-stop in the heat and sun, I don't know how they did it, cooking looked easy in comparison. Thanks to Dan Cannon and Randy Gille who ran those buffalo choppers for what looked like hours on end to get the brisket chopped and prepared. Thanks to Glen Stanley and the folks he knows at Coke for the welcomed donation of PowerAde and bottled water to keep us all well hydrated. Thanks to Del for stepping in to direct the " CBBQA troops" in what we were to cook and when and where.
Looked like a good time was had by the troops and their families. It was very touching to drive into the base and see all the "welcome home" signs and banners for the Marines who had just recently returned spread out for several hundred yards on the fence line leading up to the entrance. It was a sobering reminder that these men and women risk a lot every day and it was nice to give back in a tiny way.
"Never try to teach a pig to sing,
it just frustrates you and irritates the pig"

From Brian Kreisler, CBBQA Forum comment:

I could not agree with you more. What a great experience, I learned so much. You can read and go on forums but nothing beats being there and learning from the veterans. I also met new people that I had not met at Q-fest. Everybody was willing to answer your questions.
The hard work of cooking for the marines was well worth it when you saw the smiles on there faces. At the end of the evening some of the Military police were not able to participate but there was more than enough food to give them. You should have seen how happy they were. One told me he was going back to the barracks to share with the others.
Even the ladies at the front desk of the Sleepy Tortoise were thankful we brought them some BBQ. They even thanked me the next morning at checkout. (Dan thanks for the tray of Brisket).
All in all it was a wonderful time and I can't wait to do it again.
Brian Kreisler

From Dan Cannon, comment:
I whole-heartedly agree with everybody above.  It was a great event.  Rick and I are proud to have been able to contribute to make everybody so successful at pulling off a perfect event.  Hey, that is exactly what I said in 2006!!!  But it is true.
I really want to point out that I and Rick were just a very, very, small part of this very big thing.  Many cookers, pits, helpers/prepper's, volunteers, servers, and organizers made this happen.  Many hands make little work.  Every single person and volunteer did an equally great and fantastic job.  Without every single persons participation this could not happen.
We arrived to great weather, great company, and a great environment.  We were sandwiched between Randy Gille and Brent Walton.  No place I would rather be, unless of course, I was between two other participants!  All the amenities were in place, grease dumps, electricity, water & refreshments (thanks to Glen Stanley and Sparkletts), and good friends to work hard with.
As an fyi I heard from a reliable source that 4,662 pounds of Brisket were delivered to Twentynine Palms Marine Base for our group to work with.  Those briskets had to average 15 pounds +/- so that would mean there were roughly 310 - 320 individual Briskets to be seasoned, cooked, and prepared for serving.  The coolers they were put into after cooking held typically 25, thus we had to process for serving close to 14 of those containers.  That was a lot of work overall for sure.  Del told me we were supposed to get 1500 pounds of Chicken but actually got 3000.  That made a bit of extra activity on our parts as well! But as always it was a lot of effort but just as much enjoyment.  Especially getting together with old friends and meeting new friends.
The volunteer helpers did an exceptional job of prepping ALL the meats. As they do every year.  That included removing from packages and prepping/seasoning all the brisket and chicken. 
The base provided the sides, hot dogs, hamburgers, and serving equipment.  The "Young Marines" (the kids in red t-shirts) did the serving and very professionally at that.
After the event many of the folks finally got a chance to relax, listen to Foreigner, chit-chat, reflect on how the event went as a whole, and enjoy each others company till about midnight sitting around the cook site.
I enjoy the group Big & Rich however could not see or hear them too well.  Thus missed that part.  Yes, I know, some folks thought they were loud and obnoxious,  but, that is why hey have menu's in restaurants.  Rick my partner took some good pictures which I included above. 
As usual there were some Marine police and stragglers coming by later in the evening.  I always keep sauce and pans of meat to individually provide them with something special.  This year was no different and they all enjoyed the treat a bunch. 
I hung out till about midnight relaxing after the day.  The last to leave were Brent Walton, Rick and Karen Streiff, and Bill Keys.  I was up by 06:45 and saw that Bill was pulling out.  A few minutes afterwards John and Sharon Scott also left.  Rick and I were pulling both pits back to Santa Clarita so I waited for him to arrive from the hotel.  We ended up pulling out about 08:15 and were the last ones to leave. 
Another great event for our troops and country.  Thanks Tony McDowell, Kelley Coe, Thom Emery, all the volunteers, and others that contributed and made it so special.
Dan Cannon

 < BBQbyDan Index of Past Military BBQ Events & Write-ups >
 < BBQbyDan Index of Past BBQ Events & Write-ups >

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