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The "Old Tucson Arizona State Championship Barbeque Cook-Off

reported "Team Mojave Hot Stuff", Tom Chilton

Thomas Chilton []
Sent: Mon 04/07/2003 10:21 AM
Just got back from Tucson - it was fun and windy. California teams kicked booty again - Raymond won Grand Champion. We were next to Jerry King, who is not only a great cook, but a really good guy also - he has a converted horse trailer, and is very entertaining with stories about adventures on the BBQ circuit. (he was reserve grand champion.)
Here are some of the highlights -
They had a water truck spraying water in the morning to keep the dust down. He sprayed Hayward Harris' firebox and charcoal - Hayward was ready to "whoop his ass."
Raymond getting a well deserved Grand Championship.
Vic Sessions has a new cooker - a Backwoods Competitor with 4 shelves. He still had one kettle, but apparently has retired the other one.
J&R Smokers from New Mexico - Jim told me he had had a heart attack 2 months ago, and bought himself a new truck as a present for surviving it.
Outlaw BBQ is involved in a new printing process (can't remember what  it's called) and is making fantastic coasters, hats, etc.
Michael Saklad may be moving to Southern California and promoting BBQ competitions here
It gets really cold in the Arizona desert at night, and you can see a lot of stars.
Another team from New Mexico (Q) was next to us, and they have a really cool Klose pit, 24'x8' with an upright section and a separate grill. Very nice.
California teams took 3 of 4 first places, and the Grand Championship -

1st Chicken     - Mojave Hot Stuff,
1st Ribs           - Big Moose, 
1st Pork           - Mad Momma,
1st Brisket       - Out of This World, 
Grand Championship - Everybody Loves Raymond's BBQ
This Tucson event is my favorite cook-off, and I hope they have it again next year.
As far as I know, teams were from Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, California, Utah, Washington, Missouri.  It was interesting to see the different pits - Kingfish Kooker, Klose, Traeger, WSM, Backwoods Smoker, Weber kettle, several homemade jobs, including the Sweet Meat one that looked like a giant armadillo with brass balls, Ole Hickory, Lifetyme, Rib Doctor's (I forget the brand of that one), others I didn't get around to see.  Also, several California teams have enclosed trailers that help protect them from the elements.  Seems like a really good idea after sitting out in the desert wind for 2 days. 

Grand Champion - Everybody Loves Raymond BBQ

Reserve Champion - Jerry King


1. Mojave
2. Outlaw BBQ
3. Jerry King
4. Out of this World BBQ
5. Everybody Loves Raymonds BBQ (Formerly from Lynchburg TN)
1. Big Moose BBQ
2. Jerry King
3. Everybody Loves Raymonds BBQ
4. Brews Blue & BBQ
5. Outlaw BBQ
1. Mad Mama and the Kids
2. Gourmet Grills
3. Q
4. Everybody Loves Raymonds BBQ
5. AZ Critter Cookers
1. Out of this World BBQ
2. Jerry King
3. Mad Mama and the Kids
4. Asleep at the Grill
5. J & R Cookers
There were 20 teams.  Here's the Overall Rankings

1. Everybody Loves Raymond
2. Jerry King, Midland, TX
3. Asleep at the Grill
4. Mad Momma and the Kids
5. Out of this World
6. J&R Cookers
7. Gourmet Grills
8. Mojave Hot Stuff BBQ
9. The Rib Doctors
10. Q
11. Riteway
12. Big Moose BBQ
13. Brews, Blues, & BBQ
14. Sweet Meat
15. Outlaw BBQ'ers
16. AZ Critter Cookers
17. Fat Tommy's Q'ers
18. The Arizona Kid
19. Todd's OTW BBQ Products
20. BS Grilling

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