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 Team "Everybody Loves Raymond" takes GRAND Champion
Reserve taken by team "Mojave Hot Stuff",
Third Place grabbed by Captain BBQ


raymond_pam_steelman-eblr10.jpg (27632 bytes)

BBQ Team "Everybody Loves Raymond", getting their perfect 180 award for Pork at the American Royal Open BBQ contest.  Since that was just two weeks ago the picture will work here also for this contest also!
Congratulations  Raymond and Pam Steelman, GRAND CHAMPIONS!!!

By Carl Kaun, 10/19/03,
Wow! I had a GREAT time. Beautiful weather, beautiful surroundings, beautiful food, beautiful people. Thanks to the Gold Coast people for organizing it, and to John Hopkins (as I understand it) for making it into a KCBS event.

I hope someone will post a complete list of winners. Usually I take notes of them at the awards ceremony, but I didn't do that this time. I do have pictures of the winners I'll provide as soon as I download them.

Congrats to that damned Raymond (oops, I mean everybody loves Raymond) for his grand champ finish. Tom and I cooked a Zeke's Smokehouse butt into the absolute best tasting pork I have ever eaten, and it took
second to Raymond's. I was trying to figure out his secrets but I
passed out beside his EZ-up before I got any. And now he's moving back
to Tennessee before I have a chance to try it again.

It was a small event, as such things go, but really special. Thanks
again to all the participants.


1st  Chicken MaxQ
1st  Pork Ribs Prospectors
1st  Pork Everybody Loves Raymond
1st  Brisket Everybody Loves Raymond

1--Max Q 176.5716
2--Captain BBQ 175.4288
3--QN4U 174.8574
4--Big John's Bar-B-Que 174.8572
5--Mojave Hot Stuff 173.7142
6--We Don't Know Jack About 173.1430
7--Everbody Loves Raymond's BBQ 171.9998
8--Big Doug's Smokin Pit 170.8572
9--Prospectors 170.2858
10-Acton Bar-B-Que 170.2856

1--Everybody Loves Raymond's BBQ 177.1430
2--Mojave Hot Stuff 175.4288
3--Captain BBQ 170.8570
4--Big Doug's Smokin Pit 170.8570
5--Acton Bar-B-Que 170.2856
6--Prospectors 169.1430
7--Big John's Bar-B-Que 166.8568
8--Max Q 164.5714
9--We Don't Know Jack About 164.5712
10-QN4U 162.2854

1--Prospectors 175.4288
2--Captain BBQ 172.5714
3--Big Doug's Smokin Pit 171.9998
4--Mojave Hot Sturr 171.9998
5--Everybody Loves Raymond's BBQ 171.9998
6--We Don't Know Jack About 167.9998
7--Big John's Bar-B-Que 164.5716
8--Max Q 164.5714
9--QN4U 164.0000
10-Acton Bar-B-Que 154.2856

1--Everybody Loves Raymon's BBQ 174.8572
2--Big John's Bar-B-Que 173.7144
3--Captain BBQ 173.7142
4--Mojave Hot Stuff 173.1426
5--QN4U 172.5714
6--Acton Bar-B-Que 169.7144
7--Max Q 169.7140
8--Prospectors 168.0002
9--Big Doug's Smokin Pit 166.2856
10-We Don't Know Jack About 158.8570 
Sauce---did not count in over championship--judged only on appearance and taste
1--Everybody Loves Raymond's BBQ 129.7164 
2--Big Doug's Smokin Pit 129.1450
3--Prospectors 128.5736
4--Max Q 125.7164
5--QN4U 125.1448
6--Mojave Hot Stuff 117.7162
7--Captain BBQ 114.8590
8--We Don't Know Jact About 112.0018
9--Acton Bar-B-Que 111.4302
1--Everybody Loves Raymond's BBQ 695.9998
2--Mojave Hot Stuff 694.2854
3--Captain BBQ 692.5714
4--Prospectors 682.8578
5--Big John's Bar-B-Que 680.0000
6--Big Doug's Smokin Pit 679.9996
7--Max Q 675.4284
8--QN4U 673.7142
9--Acton Bar-B-Que 664.5712
10-We Don't Know Jack About 664.5710
 As an adjunct, to Carl's above description of the events of the weekend  I might also point out that Team Mojave Hot Stuff, the Reserve Champions, was made up of Tom Chilton and Carl Kaun.

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