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Go for the Gold, State BBQ Championship, 2005
East Shore RV Park, Lake Puddingstone, San Dimas California


GRAND CHAMPION:  The Change Smoker

RESERVE CHAMPION:  Smokin Steve's Pitt BBQ

    (pictures below captured from various sites, locations, and contributors)

  • Overall Rankings
    1st Place: The Change Smoker
    2nd Place: Smokin' Steve's Pit BBQ
    3rd Place: Simple Green BBQ Team
    4th Place: QN4U
    5th Place: Team Firetruck
    6th Place: Sug's Shack
    7th Place: Burbank's Bad Boys
    8th Place: Cee Cee's Bar-B-Q
    9th Place: The Rib Doctor
    10th Place: Big Mama's Rib Shack
  • Sausage (Back Yard)

    1st Place:  BBQbyDan
    2nd Place:  Rodeo Daddy BBQ
    3rd Place:  Burbank's Bad Boy's
    4th Place: Simple Green BBQ Team
    5th Place: QN4U
    6th Place: Smokin' Steve's Pit BBQ
    7th Place: Thompson's Texas BBQ
    8th Place: Gourmeet Grills


  • Chicken:
    1st Place: Burbank's Bad Boys
    2nd Place: QN4U
    3rd Place: The Change Smoker
    4th Place The Rib Doctor
    5th Place Smokin' Steve's Pit BBQ
    6th Place Rodeo Daddy BBQ
    7th Place Sug's Shack
    8th Place
    Simple Green BBQ Team
    9th Place Cee Cee's Bar-B-Q
    10th Place Big Mama's Rib Shack
  • Pork Ribs:

    1st Place: Team Firetruck
    2nd Place: The Change Smoker
    3rd Place: QN4U
    4th Place Rodeo Daddy BBQ
    5th Place Gourmet Grills
    6th Place Thompson's Texas BBQ
    7th Place BBQbyDan
    8th Place The Rib Doctor
    9th Place Smokin' Steve's Pit BBQ
    10th Place Burbank's Bad Boys
  • Pork:
    1st Place: Sug's Shack
    2nd Place: The Change Smoker
    3rd Place: Big Mamas Rib Shack
    4th Place: Smokin' Steve's Pit BBQ
    5th Place: Burbank's Bad Boys
    6th Place: Gourmet Grills
    7th Place: Rodeo Daddy BBQ
    8th Place: Team Firetruck
    9th Place: Simple Green BBQ Team
    10th Place: Cee Cee's Bar-B-Q
  • Brisket:
    1st Place: The Change Smoker
    2nd Place: Team Firetruck
    3rd Place: Simple Green BBQ Team
    4th Place Smokin' Steve's Pit BBQ
    5th Place Cee Cee's Bar-B-Q
    6th Place BBQbyDan
    7th Place QN4U
    8th Place Big Mama's Rib Shack
    9th Place Sug's Shack
    10th Place The Rib Doctor
The Change Smoker, Ed Bell, family, & team.  The GRAND CHAMPIONS!!!
Captured also 2nd in Pork, 2nd in Ribs, 1st in Brisket, and 3rd in Chicken.  Congrats for hitting the jackpot guys!
Team BBQbyDan receiving 1st for Sausage from Grant Ford and Gene Goycochea
Team Firetruck.  Steve Lyons, first time out.  1st for Ribs! Team Simple Green, Todd Eves, 3rd for Brisket
Joe (BBQ) Myles cooking he cooks dinner Friday evening.  Joe is renown for his Tritip and Beans Pam Gram and Linda Burke helping with the cooks dinner fixings and preparation
Gene giving the Judging class to 35+ participants.  BBQbyDan prepared the meats for the class.  Started cooking the 4 categories at 17:00 Thursday evening for the 10:00 Friday class
Gene Goycochea and Grant Ford doing the administrative side of the BBQ Cook-Off and KCBS Judging Class
BBQRay (Wright) captured a 3rd in Sausage
The Burbank Bad Boys, Bentley Meredith, ?, Randy Gillette.  Captured 1st in Chicken
Team QN4U, Brent Walton and Kim (not in picture) capture 2nd in Chicken and 3rd in Ribs Eva and Hayward Harris, Team Rib Doctor
Sugs BBQ, Charles Miles and team captures 1st in Pork Steve Lyons, Team Firetruck.  1st competition and hits it big.  Gets 1st in Ribs and 2nd in Brisket
The Star Spangled Banner, National Anthem, being played prior to the awards A view of BBQ Pit row

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