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Digital Equipment Corporation ( DEC )
Southern California Employee Reunion Party - 09/15/12
Next DEC Reunion Party Scheduled for 09/13/14 !!!  Mark your Calendar TODAY !!!

The Mill Invitation sent out via email to all known addresses
click to enlarge and make readable
Ken Olsen at the Mill
the original DEC board PDP - 1

Dave Moore, Mark & Karen Heisler,
Vern Osting

Robin & Maer Karen, Mark, & Barbara
Dave, Barb, Vern Judy, Sarah, Jan, & Ezie
    Mark, Karen, Marvin, Dave, Maer, Barbara, Vern
    Robin & Maer

Jan & Jerry
    Ken Olson
Mark, Karen, Marvin, Dave, Barb, Vern Barb, Marvin, Jill, Dave, & Sharron
Judy, Jerry, Barb, Marvin, Jill, Dave, & Sharron
  Jan, Jerry, Judy Herrmann
Sarah, Jerry, Jan, & Ezie
Jerry & Karen could not make it but sent the below email from after the reunion.  I also included pictures they have sent me so we can see how well they are doing !!!
Hi Dan.................
Man would I like to have shown up!!!  I miss all my friends.
Because of the epilepsy I have acquired, I can't fly, drive, etc, etc. That's because of the seizures.
The Docs and Hospitals have eaten up all my money, so now I am just your average pauper.
Could you send me some pics of the get together, if you could, I would like that, and say Hi to everybody for me.
Your Friend... Jerry
Digital Equipment Corporation ( DEC )
Southern California Employee Reunion Party - 09/22/07

Next DEC Reunion Party Scheduled for 09/13/14 !!!  Mark your Calendar TODAY !!!
Digital Equipment Corporation ( DEC )
Southern California Employee
Baseball Game
A Park at 190th & Hawthorne in the city of Redondo Beach
Approximately 1982
Next DEC Reunion Party Scheduled for 09/13/14 !!!  Mark your Calendar TODAY !!!
The Pictures below are from the Digital Field Service Branch 7AP, 831 S. Douglas, El Segundo,
 when we had a baseball team call the L.A. Sluggers / Loony Tunes. 
Me, left, BBQbyDan, Dan Cannon, 1981.
Our branch baseball games was at a park, 190th & Hawthorne Blvd, Redondo Beach California, with the DEC Field Service / 7AP Field Service Branch Baseball Team, the L.A. South Sluggers / Looney Tunes...
Those were reallllllly GREAT & EXCITING times... computers were just in their infancy and EVERYBODY was so young (in their 20's) and DEC was such a young & evolving company that treated us soooo well.  I was truly in LOVE with Digital Equipment Corporation / DEC !!!
Everybody in logistics called me
"The Company Man".
Vern Osting & Barb Englander (Cannon) 1981
Barb was my wife to be... we married in 1992
Vern is still our very good friend and we still make occasional contact (like last weekend) !!!
Cornell Mattox & Mark Heisler (top)
Top/right... Mark Heisler (I am his son's Godfather)
Bottom/right...Mike Schultz
  Charles Smith
Dave Moore
Mike Schultz (top)
Frank Johnson
Frank, Lota, Mikey, Cornell
Barb & Dan
Barbra Englander & Dwanda Johnson
Steve, Barb, & Dan (me)
Jerry & Karen Keeter, Steve Kirschner, Barb
Vern & Barb

Tom McCoy
Valerie & Andy Szabo wedding
Vern Osting, Lota & Mike Schultz
The Esmeralda Resort, Indian Wells, Opening Weekend, Awards Presentation Dinner, think about 1988-1989 ???
Steve Kirschner, Jerry Keeter, Barb Englander, Karen Keeter, George Underdahl
My original DEC Badge issued in 1980
My Nickel Plated DEC Belt Buckle, issued to me for 5 years of service in 1985... yes, I still use it !!!
I was employed in Digital Equipment Field Service (El Segundo) for 5 years, 1980-1985...  then went to
Maxicare Health Care, for 5 years, 1985-1990... then came back to Digital Equipment Corporation in Software Services (Culver City) for 5 more years, 1990-1995... then went to Health Net for 5 years, 1995-2000... then went to Network Telephone Services (NTS)  (Woodland Hills)  for 13 years, and still there (part time) !!! 
Still to this day, 2012, I am working on VMS, VAX, ALPHA, Storageworks Controllers & Disk Drives,
and enjoying every minute !!! 
AND, do my passion, BBQ, (full time) as BBQbyDan Inc. as well !!!  Life is GREAT !!!

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