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Clovis BBQ,
Red, Hot, & Real

A California State BBQ Championship
September 18-20, 2009
Downtown Clovis
KCBS Sanctioned

 Special Congratulations to:

Grand Champion - Smitty's Smoke Patrol

Reserve Champion - All Hogs go to Heaven

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Another GREAT  BBQ Event in CLOVIS.  Organized and put together by California BBQ Hall of Fame members, Brent & Kim Walton, from the fantastic Clovis QN4U BBQ House, 1414 Clovis, Clovis, CA.
Brent & Kim being all time Grand Champions while traveling the BBQ circuit a couple of year past realize what it takes to put on a fantastic event.  AND they did it !!!  Great venue, great facilitation, great hospitality, and above all, a fantastic contest overall.  Every year getting better than the last!
I pulled into my spot Friday morning at 08:00 and met all the other teams already there.  Brent and Kim were putting the finishing touches on the venue (placing the porta potties, generators (2)),   judging tent, tables & chairs, & helping everybody find their way to their spots.  Could not have been nicer.

Well, maybe it could have been 95 degrees versus 105-110.  That might have been nice but of course they cannot control that.
The cooks meeting was at 18:00, goodie bags were given out, and instructions were provided to everybody.  Then a great dinner was offered to all teams and members (pasta, salad, & garlic bread).  Everything was perfect.
KCBS Representative, Kathleen & Kelly were as usual spot-on for all their duties.  They really do run the best BBQ Contests I have every attended.  Everything is perfect.  Thanks guys!!!
Sunday we stayed for a Save Mart sponsored Steak Cook-Off.  All remaining teams at 09:00 were provided 4 rib eye steaks to cook.  Two were turned in, two were for the teams.  Team Pit Stop took 1st in that event (as they do most years)!

Most teams were pulling out  by noon.  What a great event, great time, and great people.  It was sure nice seeing all my BBQ family again.
Thanks Brent & Kim Walton for organizing the event again this year, Save Mart and their Representatives for again sponsoring, KCBS Representatives Kathleen & Kelly, and everybody else that made it so nice and special.  I will definitely be back next year!

Andy & Daughter
Team Master of Disaster
Ted, Ardith, and Rebekah Vincent Don Bean (Save Mart), Ben, & Brent
California BBQ Hall of Fame Members
 Brent & Kim Walton (left)
& Steve Madaule
Bill Keyes & Dan Daniels,
Team Tropical Heat
Teddy, Larry, & Ardith  representatives
Team All Hogs go to Heaven having
dinner & Chris and I got an invite (rear left)!
Ardith makes the BEST
 Breakfast & Dinner!!!
Team Smitty's Smoke Patrol
Ardith & Kathleen Carla & Justin (son) Gonzales,  representatives,
 proud sponsors of BBQbyDan
Team Smokin Yankees
?, Chris & Rebekah Juencke
 & Pete  (Pit Stop, right)
Ric, Brent, &
Team Too Ashamed to Name
Ric Gilbert (California BBQ Hall of Fame Member)
 & Rick Streiff
Steve Madaule, Reserve Champion,
Darry Smith, Grand Champion
Awards Awards Reserve Champs,
All Hogs go to Heaven
Pam & Pete, Team The Pit Stop
They won the bottle of Gentlemen's Jack being auctioned off for a cancer charity
Pete opening the Gentlemen Jacks he purchased at auction with proceeds going to fight cancer, over $1100 was raised !!!
Toasts from the auctioned Gentleman Jacks for the cancer fundraiser.  Brent mentioned over $1100 was raised.  
Cecil's BBQ Team get-together Toasts from the auctioned Gentleman Jacks for the cancer fundraiser.  Brent mentioned over $1100 was raised.

Toasts from the auctioned Gentleman Jacks for the cancer fundraiser.  Brent mentioned over $1100 was raised. Steve, Brent, Pete, & Kim
Rhythm' & Que & Steve   Kim, Darry, Steve, & Brent Dan Daniel's & Kim Walton
    Fireworks at party Team BBQbyDan  sponsor representatives
Justin & Carla Gonzales (left),
Dan, Rick, and Karen

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