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CBBQA Members cook for Institute for Black Parenting Annual Picnic

Cookers and attendees Cookers and attendees Scott Williams & his Paella Rice dish

Twenty BBQers, most of them CBBQA members, cooked for the September 25, 2004, Institute for Black Parenting (IBP) picnic at Yorba Regional Park. The IBP is a 501(c)3 non-profit foster care and adoption agency that focuses on placing Black children, and children of other races, in supportive homes. The picnic was attended by about 200 foster and adoptive family members, with all the food being donated by the BBQers themselves. The great generosity demonstrated by the BBQers points the way to the kind of events were planning to do in the future.

The menu was brisket, pulled pork, sausage, chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, cole slaw, potato salad, paella, green salad, cornbread, and brownies for dessert. All this food was cooked up by the most awesome cooks in California, members of various BBQ competition teams that worked together to make this picnic cook happen.

Those participating were:

Brent Walton (Qn4U) - he covered the event with his own insurance, and took 2 days dealing with the requirements of the Orange County Permit Office and got it done!

Christie and Randy Gille (Burbank Bad Boys) - they cooked 10 briskets and a whole bunch of cornbread

Grant and Jeni Ford (BBQ'n Fools) - They donated all the sauce and rub, and really got things organized at the site.
Don Grissom (Dueling Bubbas) - he was there at 7:00 am with his Good-One trailer unit and worked non-stop cooking chicken and being a resource of BBQ knowledge for the rest of us

Dr. Don Iverson - another resource of BBQ knowledge, he brought out some things from his collection of culinary tools, including the Cambro ice tray that we put the cole slaw and potato salad in

Darrel Rohman, and his family (Uncle Ikes BBQ) - brought out his Klose pit (with the shiniest mag wheels I've ever seen), cooked chicken on his pit and also had his sons Damion and Devin running Scott Williams' pit (which takes a lot of fuel to get hot)

Del King (Taste of Texas BBQ) - brought out his USMC issue Klose pit, and was the man with the sausage - slow smoking them in his tower and then finishing them in the main cooker

Carol Cromwell, Judy Alex and Tiffany Paillet  (CeeCees BBQ) - this team of educators did hot dogs with all the fixings on a Weber kettle

Tom Chilton and family (Mojave Hot Stuff BBQ)  donated Mojave Hot Link sausage and coleslaw

Pam Gram and Pete Weaver (Pit Stop BBQ) - Made some delicious beans, and helped out with everything else

Scott Williams (Stealth BBQ) - With the unbelievable paella pan, and stock cooker made out of an old beer keg (he says Junkyard Wars is his favorite TV show) he cooked up some absolutely fabulous rice - think of a small hot tub and you'll be picturing his paella pan

Ed Bell and Gary Maines (Change Smokers) - Ed brought 4 delicious pork butts, flavored especially for kids (kind of sweet, not too spicy), and Gary brought the green salad and some potato salad.

Carl and Verna Kaun (Holy Smoke) - Carl made hamburgers with all the fixings on his Weber kettles, and Verna had home-made brownies for dessert. Carl also made potato salad.

Bentley and Kristin Meredith (LWNNA BBQ) - Bentley overcame another obstacle (the water sprinklers in Fairfield were the first one, this one was not being able to find an electrical outlet for his Traeger pellet cooker), and cooked up hot dogs with all the fixings. They also brought 50 lbs. of chicken, which Darrell Rohman and sons cooked up.

Also, we had contributions from Rick Jones, Dan Cannon, Two Trees Products (makers of Best of the West Mesquite lump charcoal available at Smart & Final), Brinkman Corporation, and Ramada Express.



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