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Here are the Arizona BnB Cook-Off results provided emailed by Lane Smith:
Grand: Oink County Cookers 659.4266 (Qualifies for Am. Royal & Jack)
CK: 172(2nd) RI:157(13th) PK:165(4th) BR:166(6th)
Reserve: Holy Smoke, It's Adam's Rib 658.8572
CK: 166(5th) RI:163(7th) PK:160(9th) BR:170(3rd) 
1. Jerry King Midland Texas 172.5714
2. Oink County Cookers 172.0000
3. Meatier Creator 168.5714
1. Hombre 172.5714
2. Meatier Creator 167.4286
3. Otis & The Bird 164.5712
1. Arizona Critter Cookers 167.4284
2. Hombre 166.8572
3. Otis & The Bird 165.1426
1. Gourmet Grills 174.8572
2. Asleep at the Grill 170.8572
3. Holy Smoke, It's Adam's Rib 169.7144
Sauce: (separate $10 entry, winner takes all, 15 teams participated)
1. QC Cookers


Media Contact:
Tim Matykiewicz
(480) 704-5140





Third B n’ B Festival Spices Up Arizona

WHAT:    Serious bragging rights and $10,000 in total cash prizes are at stake for grillers and chili masters. This three-day festival promises "grillin’ and thrillin’" with competitions that celebrate the art of putting meat to flame, contests to settle the age-old question about just who cooks up the best pot of chili in town, and hot air balloon desert glows to light up the night sky with spectacular colors.
BBQ:   ALL CONTESTANTS ARE EQUAL - with four (4) categories for chicken, pork ribs, pork shoulder or butt, and beef brisket. Prize money and trophies will be offered in each category. The B ‘n B Festival is an Arizona State BBQ Championship, which allows participants to advance to the national competition. (American Royal Qualifier)
CHILI:   This year, the B ‘n B will host The Arizona Men’s & Women’s Open Chili Championship. This red chili championship promises to bring out the best chili cooks in the Southwest. Some use exotic meats. Some roast the peppers on the grill first. It seems that there are as many types of chili as there are people in the region. And every last recipe has at least one secret ingredient. This showdown will determine which one is the hands-down best of the lot. $1,000 in cash prizes will be
awarded to the top 5 teams.
HOT AIR BALLOON GLOWS:   In addition to contests that promise to whet your appetite, the event will feature back-to-back nights of hot air balloon glows. Experienced balloonists will fill the Tempe Night air, putting on a spectacular light show set to music, leaving crowds below breathless.
WHEN:   Friday, April 30 – Sunday. May 2, 2004
WHERE:   Tempe Town Lake & Tempe Beach Park, Tempe, Arizona
ENTRY FEE:   $175.00 per BBQ team. Fee includes all four (4) meat categories, all ancillary events and a 20’ x 30’ exhibit space. The chili cookoff is a separate fund raising element of the B n’ B Festival. Exhibit space is complimentary including all chili categories and a 10’ x 20’ cooking area.
DEADLINE:    All fees and registrations must be in the EventsWest Phoenix office, no later than 5 p.m. (MST), Friday, April 16, 2004
CONTACT:   For more information or to register a team, visit or contact EventsWest at (480) 704-5140 or (480) 600-4743, (480) 288-9535 fax




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