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BBQ Team Coyote Road Kill / BBQbyDan


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Dan Cannon
Karen Streiff
Rick Streiff

Gary Balbach, Dan Cannon, Rick Streiff, Bill Wight
BBQ Team Coyote Road Kill / BBQbyDan




 Coyote Road Kill (CRK) primarily came to exist due to Rick's family and mine attending campouts yearly.  Typically Blue Grass Festivals held at different locations in Southern California.  In fact we usually attended two Blue Grass festivals a year at Follows Camp from 1986 - 1994.  At every Blue Grass Festival one of the major events we would enjoy was cooking up a nice breakfast and dinner.  Of course Rick was the master of "taste" and I had my work cut out for me catching up with his skill set.  So, the natural evolution was for us to combine outdoor cooking with camping.


 In the later 90's there was only one BBQ contest a year in Southern California that I am aware of.  That was the "Go for the Gold" BBQ State Championship held at Follows Camp every August.  Thinking that we wanted to get involved in this newly discovered BBQ activity we (Rick, Barb & I) came out to Follows and camped along the river for the 1997 "Go for the Gold Cook-Off" to take a look-see at how everything was being done, what we would have to acquire reference to equipment, and how people were cooking.   

  The first teams I recall seeing, and being aware of, were Eva & Hayward Harris - the Rib Doctor, George Baroody - Pork Belly Bandits, Mike Moore and Mike Guinaugh - Texas Mike’s RoadKill, and BBQ Ray Wright - Rodeo Daddy.  There were 35 to 40 teams competing in the August events at that time.   I was in awe of the equipment being used and meats I saw being prepared.   The excitement of the awards ceremony was something to behold.  I remember thinking at that time what a proud and exciting moment it must be for those people to receive their awards. After that investigative visit I decided to try and set up a team and enter for the next years cook-off.   

  We were most disappointed that we could not taste the BBQ being cooked by the teams.  Now we understand what that was all about.  In fact I called the KCBS and mentioned that to them and they said it is about the competition amongst the teams and not about feeding the public.  Now I understand.


  The first BBQ event that CRK competed in was Shake, Rattle, and Smoke at Follows Camp, June 12-13 1998.   Frank Boyer (then President, CBBQA) and Kathy Murphy  (then Vice President, CBBQA) were the representatives managing the contest.  Melanie Jones (manager) and Joe Davis (owner) of Follows were promoting and hosting the BBQ Cook-Off. 

  During that first contest Rick and family had scheduling conflicts and were unable to attend.  Barbara and I entered only the Chicken and Ribs categories and I was very nervous (don't think Barb was). In fact I actually felt sick to my stomach during the turn-ins due to the stress.  To my complete surprise we got a 3rd place in Chicken.  What a big thrill!  Anyway, that was the way it all began and the rest is something most of you have experienced or been a part of in one-way or another.


Coyote Road Kill (CRK) then began its existence and started competing with the teams original members to include myself, Barbara, Rick, Karen, and Jessica.    

 Probably like all other BBQ teams that have competed in the BBQ circuit one can get a bit addicted and caught up in the competitions and the excitement of it all.  That is definitely what happened to CRK as we entered and traveled to all the BBQ competitions in California from that moment forward.  We then began an uninterrupted string of twenty straight BBQ Competitions that lasted from June of 1998 through July of 2001.  What a thrill that was!  Getting to meet all the BBQ teams and people from all over the country, learning how to cook and compete, and making new life-long family-type acquaintances and close friends.  I think some of the most rewarding parts of it all were:

·         Getting to see an evolution in not only the BBQ activities and people here in California over the last 5 years, but to also see the entry and growth of so many new and different people in this BBQ environment.

·         Getting to be a part of new BBQ contests that had not existed prior. Such as the 1st annual BBQ Cook-Offs for Surf  & Turf, Swine  & Wine, Fry's Pigskin Classic, Happy Trails, Beachfront, Blues Brew & Q, and West Coast in Tres Pinos.  These pioneer BBQ events to me are the most exciting in terms of meeting new people, seeing new places, and having everybody come together to make something very special and unique happen.


After competing in so many consecutive BBQ events and activities I think that CRK is now evolving to a place where some teams eventually arrive.    This year we might slow down a bit and do about 2/3rds of the BBQ Contests available (heck, there are so many more now than before).    

And we have learned how to do BBQ so well that our friends, work associates, and neighbors are asking us to do BBQ for them.  So, weekend catering is something we will do as opportunities occur.  After all, catering events help pay for this GREAT BBQ hobby and CRK takes Grand Champion and all the prize money EVERY time.

To help preserve CRK and California BBQ history, and promote our BBQ business, we have began the on-going construction of a website.  On this web site we will attempt to maintain valuable BBQ information.  This will include a documented and pictorial history of past, present, and future BBQ activities.   We will post unique BBQ recipes, current BBQ Cook-Off and Event scheduling information, and up-to-date CRK Catering information for all our friends and potential customers to peruse. 

The future holds much excitement for CRK.    We all look forward to enjoying many future BBQ competitions, events, and activities with all our friends and families.

The BBQbyDan / CRK Team





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