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The Sweet/Hot Science
By: Derek Muller & Don Grissom
Dueling Bubbas Cook Team

The Sweet/Hot Science
By: Derek Muller & Don Grissom
Dueling Bubbas Cook Team

Although BBQ teams don't exactly beat the stuffing out of each other with animal skins, they do use the flesh of the critters to advance their victory over other teams that have also been developing and evolving their recipes and BBQ techniques for months,  years or even generations. 

Like The Sweet Science,  The Sweet/Hot Science also requires endurance (try stayin' up all night Friday with a 14 pound brisket and a couple of Bostons, and then skip rope with a bunch of ribs and chicken the next morning without some degree of endurance) and concentration (from a fortune cookie:  he/she who does not concentrate on their pit fire suffers at the award ceremonies).

If as teams and judges we were to actually be physically and mentally in top shape for our contests we would be better cooks and better judges.  Hard to do marathon cooking when you're not in good enough shape to even do a 10-K cook (just ask Derek's uncle) and it's equally difficult to do your best at the judging table when mentally you're still recovering from a killer work week.

Also, if we all started referring to BBQ as The Sweet/Hot Science, then just maybe we could get some big ole money sponsors for our contests with some fine lookin' ladies in swimsuits to prance around holding up cards so everyone will know if its Round #1 Chicken, Round #2 Ribs, Round #3 Pork or Round #4 Brisket.  Wouldn't it be hell if it was a 15 rounder bare knuckler (no heat gloves)???

Can already hear it,  "Ladies and Gentlemen, in this corner wearing their signature bib overalls, hailing from Riverside California, and cooking on the shinest cooker with the biggest RV we've ever seen is the Rib Doctor's Rare Breed.  And in the opposite corner grinning like they know what the judges want, hailing from the king's court we have the Barbecue  'N  Fools with their secret weapon, heavy duty foil garnishes!!


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