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To the membership of the SCBBQA,

Have you ever noticed that when the subject of BBQ comes up in
conversation with people their eyes and personality seem to light up
much more than normal. They seem to have a curiosity and intrigue that
dramatically exceeds normal interest. In fact they in many cases
actually want to somehow see if they can "get some BBQ" by getting
involved or attending a BBQ event. I actually see them start to
salivate involuntarily sometimes just from my descriptions and their
imaginations of our type of "Q". Finally, most will just disappear
into the obscurity from which they came, but some, just a few, don't. 

Since I have been flying out of town every week I seem to get drawn
into conversations by shuttle drivers, flight attendants, and other
passengers. I typically am not outgoing or talkative when I travel,
but many others are and I seem to get into discussions that somehow end
up on the subject of BBQ. The big revelation to me is that real BBQ
quite literally does not exist in California except at the hands of a
few people like us, and that people want it REAL, REAL, bad. All of us
have experienced the reactions and surprise that our friends and others
have displayed when trying our type of "Q" for the first time, then
they always want more. It is quite exhilarating be able to do that for
people or show them how to do it themselves.

To date just by my BBQ activities and discussions I can probably count
close to 10 people that are now members, come to events, or already
have plans to attend future events with the SCBBQA. The friendships
that BBQ creates seem to be long lasting and sincere. Almost as if the
act of eating is such a basic primal human activity, and enjoyed by
everybody, that permanent bonds are created surpassing all social and
economic boundaries. I think that Steve Clark is probably the best
I've seen at meeting and getting people involved and active in BBQ. 

So, what all the above means, in my opinion, is that a REAL vacuum for
BBQ exist in California. That we are at the ground floor of creating
and promoting it, and that the fulfillment and rewards are going to be
great for all of us. We are going to see it grow and be a part of
shaping and creating its evolution. We will all become the trainers,
promoters, advisors, and experts in the field of "Q". SO, sit back,
buckle your seat belt, and enjoy the ride!

Dan Cannon
President, SCBBQA

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