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The last "Letter from the Pres..."

I put this article together 12-October-2000 for the last "Letter from the Pres..." article I was writing for the current SCBBQA (Southern California BBQ Association) newsletter,
"The Smokin' Times".  It did not get published due to scheduling conflicts.  Anyway, for the historical archives here it is.



SCBBQA members,


Well, this particular article is a bit unique.  This will be my last "Message from the Prez..." article to submit.  That takes the stress off meeting a monthly publication deadline to create new, interesting, and beneficial messages to the members.    But, the downside is of course being out of the mainstream of activities and projects related to BBQ and the SCBBQA as a whole.   I will certainly miss the responsibilities and involvement, but can now enjoy our activities from a different perspective and with a different type of involvement.


I look back on the history of the SCBBQA and feel a lot of pride in what we have accomplished since our inception.   Just so new and existing members understand our history I will briefly describe, one last time, how it all started.   


On January 23rd, 1999, the following teams and BBQ enthusiasts met at Follows Camp to grow BBQ activities in Southern California.  Those true founding members are:



Rib Doctor

Pork Belly Bandits

Texas Road Kill

Riverside BBQ Society

Tackett's Portable Cajun

Follows Camp BBQ, Promoter

Out of this World BBQ

Ranch Hands BBQ Catering

Coyote Road Kill


Hayward & Eva Harris

George Baroody (Killer George)

Mike Moore (Texas Mike) and Mike Guinagh

Steve Clark & Gary Maines

Gary Tackett

Melanie Jones

Gene Goycochea

Kathy Murphy

Dan Cannon (me)



Twelve people in all just arranged to get together to try and kick BBQ up a notch in California.   Then BAM, there it was.  While eating lunch at the Fort restaurant at Follows it was decided to start the SCBBQA.  We all tossed in our charter membership dues  (credit cards and checks), Kathy Murphy was tasked with identifying and obtaining liability insurance, and off we all went to create and grow the SCBBQA.


I think that the SCBBQA is now a recognized BBQ organization throughout the BBQ world.   We have teams competing in national events.  We have made inroads in growing BBQ events and activities throughout the state, especially Southern California.  We have provided the members and other BBQ enthusiasts with BBQ communication vehicles such as the SCBBQA list, Smokin' Times, and Q-Fests.  At our Q-Fest everybody can gather in a social and relaxed atmosphere with BBQ related seminars scheduled throughout the event to share the experiences and techniques that those more experienced members have to share.


I congratulate the, soon-to-be, newly installed board and appreciate the contribution they have dedicated themselves to for the upcoming year.  As the old saying goes  "many hands make little work".  Well, this is a more experienced and larger board.  I believe we will all be amazed at how well that experience will benefit the SCBBQA.


I think that everybody has a unique energy and creativity they can contribute to their passions.  I have given by best to the SCBBQA with honor.  I have also felt that if I want something to be there for me, I have to be there for it.  Thusly I considered it my duty to "do my part" in being a part of creating the entity I wanted so much to be a part of.


I believe that a new president will bring new inspiration, originality, and resourcefulness to the SCBBQA.  That in turn will translate into BBQ growth and benefits for the SCBBQA members and everything, or anybody, they make contact with.


I have made lifelong friends that I can truly call family.  I will not be leaving or departing those friendships or our organization.    I will be there to help and assist anybody, and the future board, with projects and provide any of my experiences or capabilities that they would desire to draw upon.


So, in parting, it has been a great 2-year ride in the front seat.  I am now looking forward to a bit of snoozing in the back seat tending to my low and slow burning pits. 


Thanks to everybody that made it so special!


Dan Cannon,

President, SCBBQA (Southern BBQ Association)





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