BBQ People & Event Pictures

Scott Williams,
Stealth BBQ

Jerry Sylvester

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 George Baroody, the Preacher, Pork Belly Bandits  Tim Champness, Dan & Barb Cannon, at my house Martin & Robert,  West Coast BBQ / Pork Assassins Chef Paul Kirk Eva & Hayward Harris, The Rib Doctor Dan Cannon  
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 Perry White, does great 1900's Buffalo BBQ 

 Dan & Rick helping Lakeside Catering in Duarte

 Roger Cole, Pork Belly Bandit Team member

 Mike, from Rutherford's BBQ, Nevada

 Ralph, of Ralph Rutherford's of Nevada

 Scott Williams, Head Chef of Stealth BBQ

 Steve Clark, of the SCBBQA  / CBBQA. has  a BIG heart!

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 Smokin' John Burke & Linda (wife), Our Mentor!

 Carrie Champness, Tim's wife, of Champness BBQ

 Dueling Bubbas' getting 1st placing Team of the Year

 BBQ Dundee, Rick, Karen, & Jessica's BBQ dog!

 Gary Tackett, Out of this World BBQ, on is bike, 1999

 Gary & Rene Tackett at Surf & Turff

 John White & Barb Cannon at Cook-Off

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Smoke USA, Lola & Jamie Rice & Carl & Jennifer Stump Melanie & Amy standing in front of their BIG Klose Pit  John Ross giving awards at the World BBQ, I.B., 2002

 Rick get 1st in Pork Butt

 3-Men, Scott, Kevin, & Grant

 Andy Rea;fp. pir resodemt BBQ expert!

 Barb, my wife, the BOSS!

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Robert Santoro takes 1st at Surf & Turf, I.B., 2002 DTodd Eves & the Laker Girls at I.B., 2002 Rolf Zubler, President of the World BBQ Assoc.
Imperial Beach, California 2002
Carolyn Wells & Friends, Rick Streiff, & Roland Cook at World 2002  Dan Howard at the May 2002 Q-Fest presenting his excellent BBQ!  Di Wilson from L.A.   With Macaroni & Cheese at the Q-fest June 2002 Ed Bell & son,  Gary Maines & daugher, and Frank Boyer  
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Dean & Gina Hayes, Q-Fest, 061502 Dean & Gina Hayes, Q-Fest, 061502 Gary, Joe, Bill, Neils, Q-Fest, 061502 Todd & Joe, Q-Fest, 061502 Dr. Don & Barb, Q-Fest, 061502 Barbara Cannon , Q-Fest, 061502 Gary, Bill, Todd, Q-Fest, 061502
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Frank Boyer at Swine & Wine Steve Clark & Jay at Swine & Wine Roland Cook at Swine & Wine Dan & Rick at Swine & Wine Dan & Melanie at Swine & Wine Rob Kelso at Swine & Wine James Schofield & Partner at Swine & Wine

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Barbara Cannon & Doggies, Q-Fest, San Dimas

Mel, Gene, Dan, Barb, Kathy, Gary, Steve at one of 1st SCBBQA meetings

SCBBQA Q-Fest, Lake Silverwood


Melanie talks at BBQ Q-Fest, San Dimas, 2000

Dan, Rick, & Karen, 

at Fiesta Bowl,

Texas Mike Moore at Follows Camp, State Cook-Off

Billy Brugeama, Lakeside BBQ, San Dimas Q-Fest

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Dan Cannon, CRK Specialty

Melanie at 2nd SCBBQA Meeting

Hayward Harris at BBQ Cook-Off, Follows Camp

SCBBQA meeting, Charger members, at Ranch Hands

Gene Goycohea, Follows Camp BBQ Cook-Off

Smokin' John, Linda, Barb, Rick, Melanie

Three Men  with nothing Better to Do

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Dan cutting meat  at BBQ Q-Fest

Guess who this is? Gary Maines!

Texas Mike in his big JR Catering rig

Gary  & Steve take Grand Champs, Follows 

Melanie, Jay, and Joelle

Rick after a Cook-Off

Dan Cannon, Melanie Jones, Frank Boyer

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Barb at Q-fest, San Dimas

Dan Cannon & Steve Clark

Bob Pierce, Follows Camp

Tom Chilton, Mojave Hot Stuff

Melanie, Tom,  Joe. Tom, gets award

Rick & Karen relax at Cook-Off

Dave Klose at San Dimas Q-Fest

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Dan preparing Brisket for serving

Rick displays CRK Trophies

Steve, John, Dan, & Rick, Follows State Championship 

Dan displays CRK Triphies

Joe & Rick Streiff at Follows

Rick relaxing after a BBQ Cook-Off

Mel, Judy, and Joe at BBQ dinner

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Dan Howard

Dean Hayes & 

BBQ Ray Wright

Gary Balbach

Tom Brohamer, 

BBQ'n Fools

Joe O'Connel judges at Niles  BBQ

Gary Maines

Klose BBQ Team

BBQ Ray Wight at San Dimas Q-Fest

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Billy, Melanie, & Mel's kids

Jerry, Grant, & Scott, 3 Men w/ NBTD

Don Grissom, Duelling Bubbas

Derick Meuler

Dueling Bubbas

Barb, Karen, & Doggies, Santa Cruz

Dean Hayes, Lakeside BBQ

Gina Hayes,

Lakeside BBQ

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Gary Tackett,

Out of this World BBQ

Eva Harris, Q-Fest San Dimas

Gary, Barb, and Karen at Surf & Turf, IB

Gene Goycochea, Out of This World BBQ

Rick & Dan, Coyote Road Kill, Airizona

Rick & Dan, Coyote Road Kill, Airizona

Eva Harris, Rib Doctor, San Dimas

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Grant, 3-Men, with w/ a whole sheep on spit

Smokin' Joe O'Connel, CBBQA Preident

Dr. Don, Bill Wight, & Mike Guinaugh

Gary, Dan, Rick, & Bill at Shake, Rattle, & Smoke, 2002

Gary, Rick, & Bill at Shake, Rattle & SMoke 2002

Gene Goycochea & Danny Goulden at American Royal

Dean & Gina Hayes, Lakeside BBQ, Q-Fest 2001

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Copy of joedondon_ar.jpg (31861 bytes)

Claran Romanchuk, from KC MO

Dean, Rick, Gary, and Dr. Don

Derick, Dan, and Jerry King

Derick, Don, & Jerry King

Derick Mueler of Dueling Bubbas

Don Grissom of Dueling Bubbas

Joe, Don, & Dr. Don at American Royal

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Melanie and Danny at American Roya

Rick at Shake, Rattle, & Smoke 2002

Tom Brohamer & Gary Balbach, Shake, Rattle, & Smoke 2002

?, Donna & George Baroody at the 3-Men Party







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