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New Dave Klose Pit, Nice! New Dave Klose Pit, Nice!

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One of two CRK Specialty BBQ pits Dan at Cook-Off at Follows w/ WSM's Dan & Rick with Cook-Off Awards Rick & Dan at Niles Cook-Off Dan at Follows Cook-Off, 2000 Rick & Dan, Q-Fest, 2002
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Dean Hayes at

East Shore Q Fest, 01

Gina Hayes at East Shore Q Fest, 01 Melanie Jones at East Shore, 01 Bob P., Dan C., Steve C. , Bill W., 1999

Bill Wight, 99, Follows Camp,

Dean & Gina Hayes, Q-Fest, 2002
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1st Q-Fest, Follows, 1999 1st Q-Fest, Follows, 1999 Dan & Dean, Christmas 2001

CRK BBQ  Contest & Event Awards

:Paul Kirk, the Baron of BBQ

Barb & doggies at Santa Cruz, 1998

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Ribs going in BBQ Smoking Pit, 7 hours

Dan, doing Sausage seminar, 1999

Tritip turn-in tray at BBQ Contest

Tritip turn-in tray at BBQ Contest

Brisket turn-in tray at BBQ contest

Chicken turn-in tray


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